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Interview With Dave Kerpen of Paradise Hotel

by aurora

Dave Kerpen is a busy guy! He’s always been in the news in one way or another, but his role in the FOX summer hit show ‘Paradise Hotel’ has made him a household name. He graciously agreed to take some time out of his hectic schedule to answer some questions for us. I must say that he seemed much more laid back outside of the petri-dish that was PH! It was a pleasure to speak with him, and he gave some very honest answers.

[b]What made you decide to try out for the show?[/b]

Well, I’ve always enjoyed being in the spotlight, and I thought that being on a reality show would combine that with my desire to work on my interpersonal and relationship skills. I believe I did accomplish that goal.

[b]After you were chosen to join the hotel guests, what were you thinking on your way there? Had you been watching the show?[/b]

I was excited! I couldn’t wait to meet everyone. The show hadn’t actually aired yet, so I didn’t know what to expect.

[b]What was host Amanda Byram like?[/b]

She was great! We didn’t really spend a lot of time with her, but she was really sweet.

[b]Was your strategy planned out in advance, or did you just make it up as you went along?[/b]

Both, really. I planned for the long term situations, but the rules changed so much that I had to think on my feet an awful lot. The concept of the show was a bit different, in that it was meant to be a reality soap-opera. So the rules and twists were put in place accordingly.

[b]A number of people blame editing for the way they are shown on television. In your case, do you feel that you were edited fairly? Was that the real you that we saw?[/b]

It was me in the context of playing a game to the best of my ability. Obviously it wasn’t me in my day to day life, because the situation was so different. They really did develop my character though. In real life I’m honest and a good person! But I’d never blame editing for what was shown on television.

[b]Besides some new friends, what else are you taking away from your experience on Paradise Hotel?[/b]

I learned a lot about the way people relate to one another, and I learned quite a bit about how the reality tv industry works! I also learned a lot about who I am as a person, and who my true friends are.

[b]If there is a Paradise Hotel 2, would you participate if asked?[/b]

I’m sorry, I can’t comment on that.

[b]What was your gut reaction when you learned that Charla had the option of splitting her winnings with you? Did you think, like the rest of us, that it would be a no-brainer, or did you have a feeling she’d keep the money to herself?[/b]

I wasn’t confident that she would split the money. I really got to know Charla very well during our time there, but I just wasn’t sure.

[b]Watching your reaction to Charla’s decision, I got the impression you were simply confused by it. Was that the case?[/b]

Yes, I was mostly confused and hurt, but I tried to keep my game face on. I was also angry that she had challenged my loyalty to her.

[b]How did you manage to survive the constant insults and negativity that came your way?[/b]

That was truly one of the greatest challenges of my life. What got me through it was knowing who I was, and knowing that I wasn’t the person they were making me out to be. It was hard not to retaliate, but I just didn’t want to sink to their level of hostility.

[b]You landed in positions of power on more than one occasion – was that a result of manoeuvring, or was it luck?[/b]

It was both. The King and Queen thing was a result of manoeuvring and campaigning, but the others were basically luck.

[b]Looking back now, is there anything you would have done differently?[/b]

As far as the overall experience, the only thing I would have changed is the amount of vulnerability I showed in my feelings for Charla. It was such a strange situation to be in, but I would have kept my feelings to myself a lot more.

As far as my game plan, I’m not sure if there is much I could have done differently. Maybe I would have tried to put Keith and Charla in more positions of power and decision-making.

[b]Okay Dave, what the heck happened near the end of the game with Scott & Holly and Keith & Tara? Was that strategy, or did you just make too many promises and ended up getting caught?[/b]

Ahhhhh. I was trying to use strategy to put me and Charla in the best position to stay in the game. If Scott and Holly ended up with the power to choose who stayed, I wanted them to choose us. Did I overplay it? Absolutely. Keith and Scott were definitely smart to call me out on it. It had been a rough day, and I was ultimately put in a position where whatever I said would have been the wrong thing anyway.

If things had turned out differently, the four of us (me, Charla, Keith and Tara) would have split the prize anyway. But I really was shocked and upset that Keith felt betrayed by what I had done.

[b]Before you learned of the booted hotel guests returning to vote, how did you think the game would end?[/b]

I never once thought it would end the way it did. I thought it might have been a challenge or competition, like who knew their roommate best or something.

[b]Speaking of the bootees, do you think they were encouraged to act like bullies when they returned, or was that real bitterness? Beau has suggested that there was some creative editing going on there.[/b]

What you saw was real bitterness. I trust Beau though, so I do believe that in his case things were taken out of context. I wasn’t there, so I can’t confirm or deny it. But I was there for much of it. For example, that situation with Zack and Andon coming down on me about Charla was much harsher than it was portrayed on television.

[b]Let’s talk about you outside of the show now! You mentioned that you enjoy being in the spotlight, and you have been for much of your life. You were the Crunch ‘N Munch guy, you did the Disney gig, and most recently Paradise Hotel. What’s in your future? Will you continue to be in the spotlight?[/b]

Good question! Well, I’m hard at work on my book now, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with Paradise Hotel fans and non-fans alike. I’ve also caught the entertainment bug, so we’ll see where that takes me. If it’s not in the cards, I’ll gladly go back to marketing and consulting, and public speaking as well.

[b]Will you continue touring with other PH personalities?[/b]

Sure! Touring is a great way to get out and meet the fans of the show.

[b]What’s your book about?[/b]

It’s about me! It’s basically made up of stories about me and about my life, and the stories of people I have met. It has a motivational spin to it. I want the readers to learn from my life’s lessons.

[b]Finally Dave, is there anything about yourself that didn’t come out on the show that you’d like your fans to know about you?[/b]

I love mint-chocolate-chip ice cream!

[b]I want to thank Dave Kerpen for being so open and friendly, and for taking the time to talk to me! If you want to keep up with what Dave is doing, check out his website at DaveBoston.com. [/b]


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