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American Idol – Not So Surprising Bottom 3, Considering


Some American Idol fans may have been shocked by tonight’s final three results, but once you consider the talent that was standing up there on that stage looking over the top five, and the kind of night everyone had, it really wasn’t that surprising. It was definitely a wakeup call for many fans with Chris Daughtry on many minds.

Everyone expected Matt to be in the bottom three, except Simon Cowell and me, it seems. Well, I knew he had a good chance for being there, but I also thought he had a good week. Unfortunately, everyone had a good week. The judges were split over Matt in his critiques, so it really wasn’t too shocking.

Kris Allen being in the bottom three was a surprise. Despite the fact that Simon took crap from Ryan Seacrest, and himself for that matter, he didn’t call it all wrong this week. He didn’t think Kris had the confidence with his performance, and it seems the fans didn’t either, as they put him in the bottom three. Last week, I was thinking we’d see Kris in the final two because of his steady rise in momentum.


All four judges praised Adam Lambert. Adam was the one Idol everyone was figuring was safe, yet there he was not just in the bottom three, but the bottom two. We all had flashes of Chris Daughtry standing in that spot in final four and going home. He did well this week, just like everyone did, but he allowed much more of his theatrics into his performance than he usually does, and perhaps standards/Rat Pack week wasn’t the week to do that. Additionally, while he was good this week, he’s good every week. He’ll have a hard time topping all of what he has done so far in the competition.

Momentum can do a lot for you in this competition. Kris is on the rise and still has more he can do, not reaching that pinnacle yet, but Adam doesn’t have that far to go. He’s already shown us his trump card and thrown it out weeks ago. For Danny Gokey, he did that the first few weeks then leveled out and started falling out of favor with his fans. He picked up that momentum this week and ran with it, securing one of the top two spots of the week.

The one wild card here week to week is Allison Iraheta. She’s been in the bottom three more often than anyone left. Matter of fact, three times as many. Yet she still sticks around. She can have great weeks, then be in the bottom three, can have questionable weeks, and doesn’t show up there at all. She’s a hard one to predict what will happen, but she has to realize with all that that each week is borrowed time for her.


Moving forward, let’s look at it this way. The last person to win this show after having been in the bottom three is Fantasia Barrino. That’s right five seasons ago. Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook never were in the bottom. For that matter, David Archuleta was never in the bottom either. Our final four now consists of one person to never be in the bottom, one person that has been there three times, and two people who have now made one appearance each.

Will Adam Lambert be the first American Idol crowned since Fantasia to appear in the bottom, yet triumph over it? If anyone could, he could, yet I think we saw tonight that it’s way too early to stick that crown on his head. I thought he wouldn’t be in danger until final three, but when you have the skill level of performers that we have this season, anything is possible. Unlike last year when we knew it would be the two Davids practically all season long, this one is going to be unpredictable probably up until final two.

One final though, or actually a request. Is it too early to ask if Jamie Foxx can be the permanent guest mentor all next season?

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  1. for me, american idol this year is much better than the previous one.

  2. Okay, then no winner since Fantasia was ever in the bottom two. That makes it even more stunning, actually.

  3. We don’t actually know if Carrie, Jordan, the Davids, Taylor were ever in the bottom 3, because in past years, they’ve only had the bottom 2 beginning with 5 and 6 idols remaining.

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