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Survivor – The Real Beauty of This Blindside


I love a good blindside on Survivor. There’s just some sick part of me that enjoys some poor bastard grinning ear to ear thinking he has it all wrapped up, then has his eyes widened more and more with every single vote that Jeff shows. Of course it’s even more enjoyable when there’s an un-played immunity idol in the pocket of the person that’s blindsided or if they play a fake immunity idol only to be told by Jeff it’s a worthless piece of junk. But no matter what, the true joy is watching their face change throughout the reading of the votes.

With this blindside of Tyson, there’s an added benefit. Sure, he was an arrogant bastard that probably deserved everything he got. Hey, I laughed along with all his jokes, I admit it, but he liked to twist that knife just a bit too much. And they were completely right to get rid of him now. He had a two week streak winning immunity and he only stood to win more.

Yet, the added benefit of this blindside, the real beauty of it, iw that it will also affect Coach in a couple of different ways. Coach thought he had this whole thing figured out. He honestly thinks he’s B.M.O.C. He thinks he’s the strongest, most well-liked, smartest player in the game. And oh yes, he also thinks he was once kidnapped by dwarves that are indigenous to Peru. But above all, he’s The Dragon Slayer.

All of that alone has to give us pleasure watching him suffer through this, but even more than that, next week, we get to watch Coach scramble. After all the things he said last night, above all else was what a great southern gentleman JT was. He knew he would be honoring his word and knew that the moment he first looked in his eyes. Yet, JT double-crossed him the first chance he got. Coach sat there and gave us this story about feeling sorry for Sierra, yet he still wrote her name down.

So far, we’ve only watched the confident Coach. His choice to leave every week left. He definitely made an error thinking that if he just got rid of Brendan he had the game wrapped up. Sure, everyone followed him in getting rid of Brendan last week, but that’s because it benefited them. They weren’t going to follow him and get rid of Sierra this week. It wasn’t beneficial to them at this point. Getting rid of a very strong player was beneficial.

Even better would be if they don’t bother to try to vote Coach out for because they don’t really see him as a true threat in the game He’s be devastated. In fact, I see it that way. Since it’s supposed to be the the season for the blindside, I see Steven or JT having to worry and scramble at a point very soon. If Coach isn’t too devastated, he might be able to something rolling in that direction.

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