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LCS – The Final Finalists Are Chosen

LCS has had its share of finalists this season, haven’t they. It’s like get over it already. I am enjoying the comedy, don’t get me wrong, but can’t they find a new name for these comedians other than finalists. They were finalists when they got in the house. They were finalists before they made the final six and now there’s the final three. My goodness, is nothing ever final on LCS?

Well, Jay Mohr’s hair has certainly made a departure. Ouch! Even I know when I’ve gone too far for a mediocre joke.

Each of the final six were placed in three pairs to determine the final three. Each pair consisted of one grand finalists and one finalist who wouldn’t be going to the finales. (Geez this is tough to follow. My head’s spinning like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist – where’s my medication?)

The first pair was Gary Gulman and Tammy Pescatelli. Gary was so cutans and a red t-shirt. It’s rare that we get an attractive male comedian, so let me ruminate on Gary for just a minute longer. Ah. Okay, I’m done now.

He was funny but not as funny as he was Tuesday night, which is fine. He got in. Tammy had a great set. She should have done it WHEN IT COUNTED! Tammy, you are one of the three weakest links, good-bye. (I still love you, though. Smooches!)

John Heffron and Kathleen Madigan were the next pair. John is so cute, but he’s married. He’s just likable. He talked about snowsuits and elementary school. He’s always pretty good, so it’s not a surprise when Jay announced that John was the second grand finalist.

Kathleen Madigan is an amazing talent who has had moderate success as a comedian. She is a comedian’s comedian and will continue to be a trailblazer. I would have liked to have seen a woman in the grand finale, but that’s just me.

Finally, the final pair to determine the grand finalists out of thex finalists was up. Jay London went before Alonzo Bodden. Jay is probably going to benefit more than anyone else from his appearances on this show. He is popular and kind and deserves all good things that come his way. He didn’t get a slot in the finale, however.

Alonzo was just too good. Alonzo is really the sleeper, here. He’s silent and you don’t know what to think of him sometimes, but man, he could take this title.

Good luck, John Heffron, Gary Gulman and Alonzo Bodden. Y’all deserve to be where you’re at!

The finales will be held on Tuesday night starting at 8pm EST/7 pm CST and they’ll be on for 2 hours instead of one. Look for some of last year’s finalists and surprise performances.

Hasta la Tuesday, babies.


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