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American Idol – So-Called Stalker's Day In the Life of a Pap


Do you ever watch TMZ or read the supermarket tabloids and wonder how the paparazzi does it? I know I do. How are they always right there? With all the millions of clubs and restaurants in Los Angeles, how do these paps do it? How do they find the right clubs and restaurants? With the hundreds of nice cars that pull up to these establishments, how do they know which cars to zoom into to get a provocative picture as the stars step out? How and where do you start? Is there a pap school out there somewhere? TMZ U?

I report celebrity news sometimes on my blog at Troubled Hollywood, though right now during American Idol season, it’s hard to find the time. Yet, I’ve wondered this before, as not living close to Hollywood, I have to depend on others to dig up the dirt. I don’t just want the dirt, though. I want the story behind it. No matter how many times I rolled the story around in my head about Miranda Tozier-Robbins, Britney Spears’ so-called stalker, I just couldn’t make sense of it. At one time I knew this person, but the menacing looking picture I was seeing on the entertainment news sites, and the story they were telling, just didn’t jive with what I knew.

Forget calling her Miranda or Tozier-Robbins. Her friends call her Shorty, and so do I. The story goes that Shorty was caught peeking into Britney Spears’ windows, clad in army fatigues, and carrying a backpack with video equipment. Every news story out there is calling her a peeper or stalker. If it was TMZ peeking in her windows, would they get called a peeper or stalker? How do they get cart blanche to do this? If I walked up there with my writing tool of a laptop, would I be called a peeper or stalker? Maybe the paps don’t get on people’s personal property, but it sure seems like they do, or at least they want us to think that they do.

I met Shorty through her desire to break out into the entertainment business. At the time, she was trying to get on American Idol. When that dream fell through after three unsuccessful tries, it seems she branched out into other areas of entertainment. She moved to Los Angeles and started thinking about working as a paparazzi, but she had no idea where to start. TMZ U seems to be hidden even more than the celebrity homes, and it’s not on the maps that are sold on the corners in Hollywood.

Shorty decided to start with Britney Spears, not because she was obsessed with her, but because she’s a fan. And let’s be real, who’s one of the stars most covered by the paps? Wouldn’t it seem then she’d be the easiest to find? The downfall to this is that because Shorty is such a fan, she also sang a Britney Spears tune in her American Idol audition. Paula Godspeed was obsessed with Paula Abdul and then committed suicide in front of her house after her failed audition, so the assumption is that Shorty is also obsessed.

Let me clear something up here to say I follow Britney on Twitter, but I’m not a fan or obsessed. I just thought it would be interesting, as this is my business and what I do. I’m also not obsessed with Ashton Kutcher, Larry King, MC Hammer, or Rainn Wilson. I just find their tweets interesting and/or I’m looking for information.

Shorty researched online where to find Britney’s house. It’s not hard. We all know how to Google. It’s not like she went through extreme measures. Britney moved from the place originally listed, yet further searching dug up the pictures on TMZ of her new place. They didn’t take the pictures, but they were posting them, and I guess that excuses them from being looked at as a stalker or peeper or obsessed.

Needing a little help, Shorty went to her friends and told them about wanting to go to Britney’s house and that she was serious. Somehow it turned into a joke about all of them going there and what they would do once on the property. According to her, there was nothing more than just that. What started serious turned into a big joke. Yet when the time came to do it, everyone else backed out.

While it might seem far-fetched to some, it does make more sense to me, as ultimately Shorty is a very motivated person who doesn’t let things stand in her way. She walked two miles down a highway to get to her Idol audition, just as she walked and rode her bike seven hours to get back home after she was released after her arrest.

That scenario works out better with the person I knew before, rather than her turning suddenly into some rabidly obsessed Brit fan, wanting to videotape her in her home. That’s the dirt, and the story behind it.

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