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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Chevy Chase Back On NBC


Chevy Chase is back on NBC currently, but sadly not with Saturday Night Live. He’s back in a three episode installment of Chuck. Discussing his appearance on the show while on Regis and Kelly, even he wasn’t sure exactly what the show is about. If you can’t figure it out either, check out Dancing WIth the Stars instead, as with all of the obviously lesser talents now gone, it should be heating up tonight. Or, just wait and read Mali’s recap when it’s posted tomorrow.

1. The Bonnie Hunt Show. Bruno Tonioli guests, and I think his humor and Bonnie’s ought to be an interesting mix. Also on are Olivia Newton-John and her husband talking about rain forest preservation. 2:00 PM CT NBC

2. Billy Madison. It’s classic Adam Sandler as he is forced to repeat grades 1 through 12 in order to inherit a hotel business. 6:30 PM CT Starz East

3. Chuck. In order to rescue Chuck’s father, Chuck and Sarah go on the lam and continue to get closer to each other while not under constant surveillance, while Casey tries to find their location. Morgan becomes an outcast at Buy More after he gets Emmett promoted unwittingly. Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase guest star. 7:00 PM NBC

4. Dancing With the Stars. Along with their individual dances, the stars and their professional partners will also participate in a 60s-themed group dance. 7:00 PM CT ABC


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