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American Idol – Another One-Time Auditioner In Trouble


The news came out last night that Britney Spears had a stalker at her house, peeping in the windows, wearing army fatigues and equipped with a backpack that carried a video camera. She was a also a prior auditioner on American Idol. This connects it back to the prior auditioner who committed suicide in front Paula Abdul’s home last fall.

I see them as different, and this is why. For one, I know Miranda Tozier-Robbins, the woman accused of peeping in Brit’s windows. In fact I interviewed her for Reality Shack’s main site. I would have never thought at the time she was a stalker or obsessed. From the way her audition ended up, she may have been a little misguided, but I didn’t think she was crazy or anything.

I had met Miranda in an American Idol message group I’ve belonged to for years. She talked in the group about her audition, and I asked if I could interview her about the process. Even though she didn’t make it, I thought it would be interesting to read first hand knowledge of what goes on in an audition and that total process. She wrote it all down for me, and I edited it and made it the basis for a behind-the-scenes type of thing.

Miranda’s audition didn’t go well at all. She was encouraged by al the people in the beginning stages and was even interviewed back in her hometown, she thought this was all good news. Yet, once she appeared before the big three, Paula, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell, she was made fun of. Her feelings were very hurt, but she appeared to take it well. Well enough to audition for at least three years in a row for the show.

A news outlet found my interview and asked my opinion of Miranda, looking to call her crazy or obsessed, but she never seemed so much that way to me. She wasn’t obsessed, or didn’t seem to be, with Brit, but to audition for three years in a row and never make it, and be made fun of on top of it, there has to be some obsession somewhere with either the show or making it. She walked two hours down a highway to get to one of the auditions. It’s not crazy or obsessive, but it’s definitely odd.

I didn’t know MIranda very well, so I’m obviously not equipped to judge her status, but I was surprised to learn she had done this. She was so intent on auditioning and making it, that I don’t think she was looking to disturb or observe Britney and her family, as much as I think she was probably hoping for some type of an audition.

MIranda, if you’re reading this, and you want to set the record straight, email me at LauraBelle@realityshack.com. I’ll give you the time and space that you need to get your story out there.

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  1. i met her she slept on my couch for a few weeks till i kicked her out because she is crazy. like had stalked past girlfriends -yes she is gay. and had a few restraining orders on her in her day definatly glad she has been seen for the weirdo she is

  2. I like this article. You only had the info from the initial news sources and “knew” the media hypes things up more than it is. Laurabelle I want to thank you on your informational article to the public. This article is very differnt than the other news sites or blogs. You actually put thought and perception into this. Very impressive. I wish I would’ve stumbled upon this sooner.

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