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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Survivor's Heating Up


Survivor is certainly heating up after the merge. Last week who knew who was really aligned with who and who really would have been voted out had Joe not had to leave with that nasty looking leg infection. Normally after a merge there is one crossover alliance, but this one is featuring at least two, and maybe even smaller factions within those alliances. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on, making it much more interesting for us views.

1. The View. Tom Bergeron of DWTS and Kristin Chenoweth are the guests. 10:00 AM CT ABC

2. Jaws. Is it just me or does what seemed to be really scary before seem a little hokey now? 10:20 AM CT OutMax

3. Six Degrees of Separation. The acting in this by Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland as the pretentious wealthy couple is worth a watch. Will Smith isn’t so bad either. 2:15 PM CT The Movie Channel West

4. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Melissa Rycroft makes a return to Ellen’s show, this time accompanied by Tony Dovolani from DWTS. Jessica Lange, Ludacris, and Jesse McCartney appear as well. Syndicated, check local listings.

5. Survivor: Tocantins – The Brazilian Highlands. An unusual group of three Survivors win the off-site reward, while the others are afraid they’ll bond while they’re gone. Yep. That’s what happens. I wonder if it’s part of the Exile Alliance, and that’s why the others see it as unusual. 7:00 PM CT CBS

6. My Name Is Earl. Earl remembers an old classmate of his that was the target of his abuse, thanks to Joy’s bullying. Earl wants to now make amends, yet the guy has grown into a huge weightlifter. Randy takes extreme measures to avoid Joy’s bullying. 7:00 PM CT NBC

7. In the Motherhood. In order to teach Annie a lesson about sticking through it when she wants to quit karate, Jane rejoins a kickball league. Emily and Jason worry about their son’s imaginary friend’s temperament, and Rosemary shows some skill at a parenting seminar. 7:00 PM CT ABC

8. Bones. The team’s musical preferences come to light when Brennan and Booth have to investigate the death metal scene after a human skeleton is found being used on stage by a band. Sweet’s colleague shares insight on the pairing of Brennan and Booth. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. Parks and Recreation. Leslie goes on a door-to-door campaign, looking to find support for the park project, as Tom has much more questionable tactics. 7:300 PM CT NBC

10. Samantha Who? Sam loses big in Vegas and goes into debt, then hopes her old boss, a billionaire will help her out. Dena and Andrea asks favors of each other. 7:30 PM CT ABC

11. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Hodges and Wendy investigate a beloved actor’s murder and run into each other at a sci-fi convention. 8:00 PM CT NBC

12. The Office. Dwight and Michael’s unique bond faces a challenge when Dwight regards Charles as his newest hero. 8:00 PM CT NBC

13. Hell’s Kitchen. After the contestants return home from a trip to the Atlantic City restaurant where the winner of the competition will set up shop, they have to prepare a signature dish they want to serve in their new restaurant. 8:00 PM CT Fox

14. 30 Rock. After a suspension, Liz feels lost and misses work as she tries to find a way to utilize her time. The head honchos for a film company consider dropping Jenna’s Janis Joplin movie, so she and Jack try to get a buzz going for it. 8:31 PM CT NBC

15. Harper’s Island. The third victim is found as the wedding party goes on a scavenger hunt. 9:01 PM CT CBS

16. Southland. Some issues from Lydia’s past are stirred up as an abandoned baby girl is found in a busy intersection, prompting a search for the mom. Bryant and Moretta want to protect a juvenile, so place her in a student police program. 9:00 PM CT NBC

17. Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. It’s on to Spain’s Mediterranean coastline for Bridget Marquardt tonight. 9:00 PM CT Travel Channel

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  1. Thrilled for Thursday! The theme of Survivor & Harper’s Island “Who gets kicked/killed off” makes it a great night for tv!

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