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American Idol – Handicapping the Final 7


There’s some Idols that need to be worried next week, and others that don’t. As Simon told us, not only does the Save being used mean two people are going to be voted out next week, but it’s also disco week. That’ll be helpful for some and really hurtful to others. Basically, if you’ve been in the bottom three before, you better bring your A game next Tuesday.

Adam Lambert. This guy has enough going for him now he is definitely sailing to the final three, if not the final two. However, I hesitate to say that, as we all thought that about Chris Daughtry. As much as he loves the whole glam thing and loves to dress up and be outlandish, that has disco written all over it. He likes to do techno-pop, and that’ll work well with that genre. The judges always love him, and he has the fan support. He only needs to watch out for people to stop voting for him in order to save other people, but I don’t think he needs to worry about that until what should be renamed Christ Daughtry and Tamyra Gray week.

Allison Iraheta. She has a lot of fans and a lot of talent to back it up, able to sing songs at 16 that sound like she’s 35. However, she lacks a little depth not in voice or performance but in emotions. That’s a knock against all the teenagers ever on the show, though. They haven’t lived through the life experiences yet to understand some of the songs they’re singing as fully as they should. Danny Gokey, a widower, is obviously going to sing songs wracked with more emotion. The problem is she’s already been in the bottom a couple times. If she has a bad week, or a bad outfit, she could go at any time. Yet, good weeks could carry her to a final 2. She was born 15-20 years after the disco era. She might not understand what the genre needs.

Anoop Desai. Sometimes I think this guy must feel like he can’t catch a break, yet in the end, he always does. He’s one of two people left in the competition that we didn’t vote in, that were put there by the judges after wild card. Even more so, it was him that turned the competition from a final 12 to a final 13. Yet, he’s been in the bottom a few times now, and he’s beginning to get a rap for only being able to do ballads. He needs to break out of the ballad zone, and disco is not the week for him to do that. If he’s successful next week, I don’t think he will be for much longer than that. I don’t see him getting to final 4.

Danny Gokey. His back story helped propel him into the top 13, along with some really soulful performances. Yet, he’s not growing at all. He’s the same performer he was in the beginning and isn’t showing a lot of depth. While I thought he was a lock at one time for final 2, and the male judges and Ryan Seacrest even went on Jay Leno claiming they thought Danny would eventually win, I think the chances of that disappear more and more each week that he comes out with a similar performance to the week before. I can see disco going either way, good or bad, for him, yet I don’t think he’ll go home just yet. I don’t think that star will die until final 5 at the earliest, and probably not until final three or final four.

Kris Allen. When this guy first sang Man In the MIrror in final 36, I saw a guy that had no depth and didn’t understand the scope of the competition. When he was voted into the finals, I figured he was an easy out. Then he was stuck with a Michael Jackson week for the first week of final 13. After got rid of the MJ tunes, he seemed to come out of his shell and is growing each week. Every week I see more and more depth, and more and more emotion. He reminds me a little at this point of Jason Castro. I look forward to hearing him sing, as I know he’s going to make me feel something. If he keeps gaining, instead of getting buried like Jason, he could make it to final two. I have faith that he’ll pick an appropriate disco tune and somehow make it soulful. I don’t think he has a thing to worry about until final five.

Lil Rounds. Once thought of as a frontrunner, she’s done nothing but struggle in the finals. She was a favorite since the auditions, but struggles with song choice. She doesn’t understand how to showcase her own voice. Here’s what will happen disco week. The judges will tell her she should have done Donna Summer. She’ll tell them she was trying to show versatility and bring her own thing into something else. It’ll be a disco song that is totally non-fitting, too overdone, or doesn’t showcase her voice, like something by ABBA. She should sing <b.If I Can’t Have You</b>. If she makes it another week, the following will be her last.

Matt Giraud. Like Anoop, he dodged another bullet and bought himself another week in the competition. It could be his last, or he could make it to final three. I used to see him as a possibility for final two, but as Kris’ stock has risen, Matt’s has fallen. He has really good weeks, and some that are so-so. If he can find a disco song he can put some soul into like <b>Brick House</b>, and just belt it with every soul muscle he he can stay in next week. Actually a male version of <b>Love to Love You Baby</b> wouldn’t be that bad either. He needs to prove to the judges they did the right thing in saving him, and if he does, they’ll be much more supportive.

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  1. I generally agree with your insightful analysis.I have been an Idol fan since its inception,but I think the show has nosedived this year in terms of its integrity.The final straw was the limiting of the judges critiques to just two in order to save time.After hearing the comments of the judges about those they did not critique Tuesday night,one has to wonder if the voting would have been different.I think both Kris Allen and Anoop Desai sufferd as a result of having only two of the judges critique them-in both cases the other two had good things to say about them Wednesday night.And I wonder if Lil Rounds actually got a break by only having one negative comment instead of a potential three if Randy and Kara had their say.It could have completely changed the outcome.Lil would have gone home,and the save could be used next week.Also-Simon’s ridiculous comment to Matt about not having a chance to win-then saving him was grossly unfair.I mean-why save him at all if that’s how you feel.Kind of like the kiss of death-no?As for “singing for your salvation-I don’t think the judges heard a single note Matt sang last night.You can’t listen and consult at the same time.The show has lost its way because of its fears of growing stale.Unfairness to the contestants is the last straw!

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