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Survivor – Clear as Mud


Wow, that was a close one, in more ways than one. Of course it was a close one for Joe. Whenever injuries like that happen, and the Survivors are told that if they choose to stay in the competition, they could lose their lives or limbs, it makes an impact. It was also a close one for that person that was going to be voted out. The problem is, I have no idea who that is.

After the merger of the tribes there were so many separate alliances going on that I have no idea who the plan was to vote out. And I’m not totally sure any of them knew either. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two tribes so anxious to create cross-tribal alliances before.

Not only do we have the Exile alliance of four, five if you count JT, but now we have an additional alliance of Coach/Tyson/JT/Stephen/Debbie, and they think they’re the only cross-tribal alliance, but Stephen knows better. And separate factions of these alliances and old tribes all discussed different people. Coach and Tyson immediately pegged Brendan, a nemesis. JT could get on board with that, glad it’s not someone on old Jalapao, and not knowing Brendan is part of an alliance with his tribemates Taj and Stephen. Stephen wants to go along with it, and Taj considers it as well, since Brendan hasn’t done anything to make her think their alliance is still in tact.

I had no idea how this one was really going to play out. I knew they really wanted to get rid of Brendan, but would they get the others to stick behind that plan to split the votes between him and Sierra, or would they abandon that and vote for JtT? I couldn’t wait for that tribal council. It would either be one where everyone sits there refusing to say anything negative about anyone else, or they were all going to totally turn on each other.

Yet, watching the clock, I figured Joe wasn’t coming back. It was getting too late to have time for a tribal council. Normally, people are elated not to have to vote someone out, but these people were all pissed off after having so many elaborate plans and not being able to carry them out. Now they kind of have to start over, not knowing how things will change in the next three days.

Yet, even though old Jalapao, or Jala without the Pao as they renamed themselves, is now down to just three people, making them just Jal, it seems from the previews for next week that they aren’t being targeted, and instead Coach and Brendan are after each other. It’s interesting that instead of easily getting rid of the other tribe, they’re concentrating on building newer alliances first to take out their own.

If Stephen and Taj rejoin in with the Exile alliance, that’s an easy four votes right there to get Coach out, but they’ll need more than that. It’ll make it hard for Coach though, knowing Brendan could have the Idol, and they can’t split the votes between Brendan and Sierra, as then Coach would probably have more votes for him.

There’s something interesting about this season that just seems to make it more interesting each week. Last week I thought there were so many possibilities of how this thing was going to go after the merger, and one week later, it doesn’t seem to be any more clear.

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