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American Idol – Will the Real Adam Lambert Please Stand Up


I go back and forth with my opinions of Adam Lambert. Sometimes I think I understand who he is, and sometimes I don’t think we’ll ever know who the real Adam really is. The more and more I see, I keep thinking it’ll clear it all up for me, but the more and more I become confused. I can’t just listen and enjoy. I have to “get” the performer. I have to know where they’re coming from.

I’ll admit, I was never jumping up and down and doing backflips when I first heard him, but I did enjoy his performances. I think he has a great voice, and yeah, we can all agree he’s easy on the eyes. I’ve been downloading his performances from iTunes (see the link in the sidebar on the right) since the beginning, starting with Satisfaction, then following it up with Black & White. Ring of Fire? No. That’s once I didn’t get.

And here’s where I started to form my opinion of Adam Lambert. After singing Satisfaction, we knew him as the rocker, but he’s a different type of rocker than Daughtry or David Cook. Some are calling him a glam rocker. Once he sang Ring of Fire, though, that persona seemed to take on a life of its own. Suddenly I didn’t see him as a rocker anymore, but an actor. He seemed to be playing a role. Like he was copying David Bowie or something. I even made a comment that he was beginning to seem like a poser.

I wanted to see the real Adam; I wanted to see some vulnerability out of him. I wanted to see the guy beneath the overpowering eyeliner and black nail polish. We saw that this week as he sang Tracks of My Tears. It was a very stripped down performance, I felt we were finally seeing the vulnerability, and he was showing us that he did have those feelings and emotions, and if we looked close enough, we’d even be able to see the tracks of his tears. He never did the unique Adam scream he inserts into every song. He kept it low key throughout, and earned praise from the songwriter himself, Smokey Robinson.

Now I’m introduced, thanks to my friend Kelly, to some of Adam’s earlier performances that are uploaded on YouTube. Some of them are out there just as much as Ring of Fire. Yet, once I saw one of him portraying Joshua in The Ten Commandments with Val Kilmer, I know one thing for sure – Adam is an amazing actor. He has an ability to emote a character so that we can look inside. However, when I watch someone sing, I want to look inside the singer, not a character. This led me to wonder if we were seeing Adam in Tracks of My Tears, or just another character.

It’s possible that Adam might not even know who the real him is. He’s been in musical theater since he was 10. He’s still only 26 years old. At 26 I had been married for a year, but was still many years away from figuring out who I was. And if I had the ability to portray someone else so easily and be believed and loved for it, I would have been doing it at every opportunity as well. I also would have been more confused than I already was. Maybe that’s the source of the tears that are forming tracks in his face.

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  1. Hi just figured i would let you know that i had a issue with this blog appearing blank also. Must be monkeys in the page.

  2. Ooh gosh i just typed a huge comment and as soon as i hit post it come up blank! Please please tell me it worked right? I do not want to write it again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am just stuipd, the second option doesnt surprise me lol.

  3. Has anyone got any idea what the young hollywood american artist. i head he is being honered. Happy there are people there to pick him up and take care of him/ his talent/acting and his life.

  4. Adam just knows he stirs people of both genders. That is powerful stuff. No one should be pushing for absolute answers right now.

  5. Over seas they would embrace their own and we act like hicks. If I were him I am not sure it would be worth it. We killed elvis with the same insults. was he gay/ he shook his hips to much/he wore make-up on his eyes and face/ He did dye his hair.
    Leave this boy alone and enjoy what it is he wants to give of himself.

  6. Everyone in the under ground theater new he was bi. He is hot and can choose what human he wants to spend time with, Kara is the whore. She sold out a contestants personal life. Like he would have sex with that skinny whiter than white chick?

  7. Kara G. is a pig .Making remarks about Adams sexuality. She can’t come out for him. He is a wonderful. person. If sexuality was the issue he wouldn’t have got to the final two. Adam may come out if Ryan does so. Everyone knows Ryan is gay. Simon’s been trying to out Ryan from the getgo. . Kara did this to help American idol show save face. nobody could ever sell us on the idea that Kris won. Kris knew when they called his name,we (Americans who paid to vote) would not buy him as our choice. No matter who you put on T V to sell him. Ryan said in the beginning of the show “It a narrow win”. then cheating is relavent.
    California – New York Times report AT&T influenced the votes. AT&T is one of the biggest sponsors of the singing contest, and they are now accused of providing phones and instructions on how to vote 10 times vs one vote per call.Officials of Fox Broadcasting declined any statement .

  8. “lanaezumo”
    I agree 100% with you.
    He may scare macho dudes that feel uncomfortable when they watch him.
    Every honest person under 40 years old has pic they would dread being dug up.
    why does girl on girl not freak people out?

  9. The issue of being gay maybe stupid. When I was in college My bff and I took some pics. If anyone got hold to those i would have hell proving I was not gay. I also have pic of me and my then boy frnd. Why are we digging into this boys sex life? Look into the cheating from the ARK fans. That isn’t a life style. It was a choice they made to openly cheat.

  10. Look all these people talking about
    Adam and if he is gay bi etc. Who cares the man is amazing. Every time i watch him i feel like he puts me in a trance. I am 27 and trust me there are pictures that could come back to haunt me. Even one of me kissing another girl but that is part of being young. Everyone needs to get over this sexuality shit and just give the man credit for what he is. The best thing since elvis. He has such a raw sex apeal that it is orgasmic to even watch him. As for all the people who say bad things about him you feel it too but you are too ashamed to admit it.

  11. I will take adam lambert anyway he want to come out.He was voted the winner and AT&T messed up the votes. Kris will never have the fan base outside ARK, that Adam does. Adam do some T V roles- some movies then some kick ass C D’s.
    I am really angy with Fox and Idol for the bad advice to down play a scam. The winner only won by a slight margin. There for it did matter. It mattered alot to the american people who thought their votes counted.

  12. He reaches inside you and pulls you into his world.He screams talent and polish. He isn’t hard on the eyes.He is a star…

  13. I think it’s great that you can emotionally connect with him. As far as me, I still struggle. This week wasn’t my favorite. I much prefer Tracks of My Tears. As far as his sexuality, that is unfair. I don’t care who he’s attracted to or who shares times with him in his bed. I’m currently dealing with sexual harassment of my daughter, so I definitely understand.

  14. So what do you think now? Mad World was brilliant!!! Adam is brilliant and I’m glad he is still in the competition and hope he wins. None of the other “boxed” in contestants that you mentioned had to deal with Bill O’reilly trying to passively-aggressively destroy their chances because their sexuality. I admire and get Adam and he emotionally connects to me all the time. Adam FTW!!!

  15. While I can appreciate that some struggle to wrap up Adam in a neat little contained box, that’s really not my gig. That’s not my particular problem with him. I’ve always been more or less a square peg myself, trying to fit into a round hole, so I can definitely appreciate it in others. I don’t have a problem with him not being definable. I have a problem with him not being himself and only portraying characters.

  16. I had that same problem with Celene Dion when I went to her concert. After all she sang blues – great, pop- great, country -great, soul – great, rock – great, folk -great, R&B – great… this was getting confusing for a person like me that likes to put a box/label around people. I just forgot about that fleeting thought for a moment and enjoyed the show from a real artist -who could litterally sing the phonebook. Its an interesting academic exercise but chill out and enjoy a true super-star.

  17. No, he doesn’t fit into any neat package…perhaps that is why he bowls me over. A touch of Bowie, Prince, Plant, even Elvis…and quite frankly, I think he is as good as any of them. I believe he will be the next AI and have a long lasting career. My only question about him is, why is he not already a mega star?

  18. I understand your delema. When I see Adam, I always see a character and not a singer or person.
    to some degree all singers have to be actors and convince you this is their experience they are singing about. But with Adam, it is as if he is not quite that good an actor. He has spent so much of his time deliberately singing OTT that he does not recognize when he goes over. A restrained performance is just that a restrained acting performance, where he pulls back the OTT a bit, but just not quite enough. Every move, every look is in his head and thought out – now I will move and tilt my head and look sad, now I will move and bend at the knees. I swear I see the wheels turning in his head.

  19. I think the issue you’re having with Adam is that he doesn’t fit neatly into a box. David Cook fit nicely into his rocker box; Carrie Underwood in her country box. Adam Lambert? He’s not quite so easily defined. I think that all his performances so far *are* showing parts of him. All those things you’ve named: the glam rocker, the alternative singer, the OTT performer, the musical theatre geek, the sensitive, vulnerable crooner–these are all parts of Adam. He’s not defined by one single genre, but rather a multitude. I think he knows exactly who he is. We are just not used to seeing someone so complex that we’re having trouble understanding him.

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