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What's Hot On TV Tonight – March Madness Continues


The NCAA BAsketball Tournament continues, moving on to the regional semi-finals, tonight, and we have all the usual Friday night fare as well. I’m having my son watch tonight’s Everybody Hates Chris, thinking he can relate, since he just got his learner’s permit. Let’s hope he doesn’t relate to the subject on SuperNanny.

1. Get Shorty. Yet another movie of John Travolta’s where he shows he’s not just a leading man, but a great character actor, as I think he can play just about any role there is. He’s not one of those that gets stuck in the same role. 2:30 PM CT Bravo

2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen’s guests are Reese Witherspoon and Bobby Flay of The Foot Network. Syndicated, check local listings.

3. Hot Fuzz. It’s kind of a strange, out there story, but if you like British humor, you’ll like this one. 3:55 PM CT HBO Comedy East.

4. NCAA Basketball Tournament: Regional Semi-finals. Matchups include Arizona vs. Louisville, Kansas vs. Michigan State, Oklahoma vs. Syracuse, and Gonzaga vs. North Carolina. 6:00 PM CT CBS

5. Howie Do It. Holding auditions for a new assistant is Criss Angel, a man makes a makes while helping out on a pet infomercial, a man gets trapped with fifteen sick people in a small room (maybe that’s how I caught this illness I have), and Howie asks serious questions then laughs at the responses he gets. 7:00 PM CT NBC

6. Wife Swap. The mother to a family that enjoys the demolition derby and fried food swatch the the mom of a family that is into fitness. 7:00 PM CT ABC

7. Everybody Hates Chris. Chris buys a car after he gets his driver’s license, but the car is then stolen. Rochelle finds a hidden racing form of Julius’ when searching for her secret stash of cigarettes. 7:00 PM CT CW

8. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. When Sarah believes her life is in danger, John hides with Charley Dixon in a safe house. Derek tries working with Cameron after she reveals a secret, and after John Henry is compromised, Weaver’s efforts are in jeopardy. 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. The Game. Tasha gets revenge by introducing Jason and a beautiful TV personality after Kelly betrays her. 7:30 PM CT CW

10. Friday Night Lights. Matt’s grandmother is in an accident, Tyra searches out support from Landry, Time recognizes changes in Lyla, J.D. and Joe continue to clash, and a new development is endangering the team. 8:00 PM CT NBC

11. Supernanny. A family with four kids has trouble with bedtime and suppertime difficulties, not leaving time for chores. Jo makes a discovery leading her to believe the dad needs to find time with his teenage son. 8:00 PM CT ABC

12. Dollhouse. A college campus is threatened by a deadly virus outbreak when Echo goes back to school. During this, some of her previous life comes more into focus. 8:01 PM CT Fox

13. Dateline NBC. Yea! It’s more economic crisis talk! This time families that are on the edge of bankruptcy are profiled, as well as shady practices that might be used by some collection agencies. 9:00 PM CT NBC

14. 20/20. Candy Spelling, mother of Tori and widow of Aaron, is interviewed. Also shown tonight is to judges in Pennsylvania who took kickbacks to send teens to private youth detention centers, a woman who spent eighteen years in prison for killer her father, then was released after maintaining that her father had been sexually abusing her. 9:00 PM CT ABC

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