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Big Brother Casting News – Wave Your Freak Flag!


So where do you go if you’ve always dreamed of being on a reality show yet can’t sing or dance worth a lick, are afraid to eat bugs, and can’t drive a stick shift? Big Brother, that’s where. Every time everyone sits around talking about what reality show they’d go on, Big Brother always comes up as it’s regarded as one that doesn’t really require special skills, living in bad environments, or a fast pace.

Good news for you, then. Big Brother is casting again for this summer’s Big Brother 11. Think you could do it? I think I could. I think I could do the challenges, and I could stand to make a few more friends, but if I did that, who would be here telling you all what’s going on every day at the Big Brother house?

Robyn Kass was on The Early Show this morning with Julie Chen. She brought along with her Mike “Boogie” Malin who won All-Stars, and really I could have gone without seeing him again, especially early in the morning. She also brought Brian Hart, the guy voted out first last summer. They apparently pulled through the experience okay, and you can too!

Do you think you could be the next Boogie (and if you do, I personally would appreciate you staying off my TV screen), or do you think you could be the next Evel Dick? In that case, apply to be on the show, as one can never have enough Evel Dicks. As Chen pointed out, then they’re looking for different types of people, so “Wave your freak flag!”

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