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The Amazing Race – Speed Bump Ahead

So what’s going to happen next time on The Amazing Race? Margie and Luke are ending up to be more cutthroat than anyone would have thought, U-Turning teams to take out a strong competitor, and now being the first team to win two legs of a race this season.

In the clip below I have to say it’s truly touching watching Luke get emotional. The poverty in other countries always seems to get people choked up, just the thought of people living in such conditions, but Luke gets very emotional, and it’s even more striking, as he tries to explain to his mom what is bothering him, and of course has to do so with sign language. Somehow it makes it that much more poignant.

Other than that, I have my doubts on if Christie and Jodi can make it past their speed bump. They won one leg of the Race so far, then came in last place this last leg, and all other legs they seemed to be barely hanging in there. Their supposed skills as flight attendants so far haven’t shown themselves, and if ever there was a time for it to come in handy, it would be now. They’ll need all the help they can get this week.