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For Love or Money 4 – How Will it End?

by aurora

For Love or Money is a show based on twists. Of course the main twist involves deception – the woman at the helm of it all, Rachel, knows what’s going on. She knows the whole shebang, since she’s been in the same position as the guys who are left. But the men think she’s unaware that the game involves money.

Rachel also has a bit of an upper hand in that she knows the value of the check that Mike holds. But this bit of information has proven problematic for her – she’s not sure if Mike is into her or into puffing up his bank account with his hefty $250,000 check. The other two guys, David and Caleb, hold checks worth one measly buck. But Rachel doesn’t know this. She even commented that David was saying all the right things on their last date, which made her wonder if he was trying to get her to fall for him because of the money.

So far Rachel has made excellent decisions regarding which guys to send home. She got rid of money-hungry Josh, wimpy Chris, and most recently the arrogant Morgan. All three of these guys had trouble parting with the money, and two of them had trouble keeping their egos in check.

The men that are left, Caleb, Mike, and David, all seem to be great guys. These are men that can offer Rachel some kind of substantiality in a relationship. They’re sweet, they’re romantic, they’re fun, and they seem to be genuine. Mike has stated several times that he’s there for Rachel, and since the other two guys only have a dollar, the chances that they’d take their check over the girl are minimal.

Of course, this is For Love or Money. Would the producers of the show give us three men who would obviously choose love in the finale on a silver platter? Of course not – which brings us back to the subject of twists.

The finale next week is two hours long – plenty of time for final dates, a final elimination to get us down to two men, the ultimate choices of Rachel and her chosen man, and…wait for it…twists. There could be another check swap, but that would be lame since two guys only have a dollar. I’m thinking that the guys will have the option to choose new checks, much like their predecessors in FLOM3. That would throw everything off kilter – maybe Caleb or David would have a change of heart if they ended up with a possible million. Maybe Rachel would feel differently about one of the guys if she knew the value of their check. Maybe even Mike would have second thoughts if he faced the possibility of earning a million bucks for rejecting Rachel.

This is all conjecture at this point – my hunch that the final two guys would be Morgan and Mike was obviously wrong, so I may be way off base here. Anything could happen! I’m sure at some point the men will find out that Rachel knows this is FLOM, and that she was in the final two with Preston choosing PJ over her on the previous series. Will that change their opinions of her?

For now though, let’s take a look at the remaining men, and how they might end up as Rachel’s final choice.

Mike was willing to blow the entire bank in bidding on the first private date with Rachel. He lost his bid, but continued to insist he was there for the right reasons – to find love.

Mike is a sentimental favourite among viewers. He’s quirky enough to be different, romantic enough to seem worthy of the show, and cute enough to be the guy that Rachel has the strongest physical attraction to. The only thing holding Rachel back is the amount of money Mike stands to gain if she chooses him and he rejects her. Mike stands an excellent chance at being in the final two, and a good chance of being the last bachelor standing.

Caleb has kept his game fresh in his pursuit of Rachel. He steps things up every time he sees her, opening up to her and making her feel that he’s interested. Caleb started out with a million dollar check, which he lost to Morgan in the check swap two weeks ago. It must have really burned him to see Morgan get cut, and his check toasted on the open fire this week.

He’s also confident enough to know that he has what it takes to woo a woman, but he’s not so over-confident that he’s completely delusional. Morgan could learn a few lessons from this guy.

Rachel is constantly impressed by Caleb, and let’s face it, she should be. He’s adorable, in a boy-next-door kind of way. If I weren’t married, I’d be sending him letters that start out with, “I’ve never done this before, but I felt the need to contact you…” Okay, that’s a lie. I did send a letter like that once, to John Taylor of Duran Duran, back in the 80’s. My poor young heart was crushed when he didn’t reply. But let’s get back to Caleb, shall we?

Caleb has said many times that he trusts no one, including Rachel. But with a $1 check waiting for him, why would he ever refuse her if she chose him in the end? Rachel is clearly falling for the guy – she gushes about him every time they’re together. I’d say he’s a shoo-in for final two, and has a better-than-average chance at being ‘the one’. If Rachel lets this guy go, she needs her head examined.

Finally, David. David is too cute to be true. He has that little-boy, wide-eyed look about him that most women find irresistible. Personally I wouldn’t know whether to kiss him or feed him cookies and milk, but Rachel seems to like him. He’s fun, he has a relaxed manner about him that puts people at ease, and he’s not afraid to show affection. Rachel is certainly attracted to him, but it seems to be a crush rather than something deeper. My guess is that David will be the first guy eliminated on finale night.

Rachel herself is no idiot. Remember Rob Campos, from the original series? No personality, made completely wrong choices, and walked away with nothing – twice. Rachel is as far removed from that as she could possibly be. She’s smart, she constantly reminds herself that this is a game, and has kept her options as open as she could throughout the whole thing. She speaks her mind, and isn’t afraid to ask questions when she needs to. She’ll do alright no matter the outcome of the show.

So now we sit and wait. What will the FLOM4 finale bring? The summer is still young – could there possibly be another installment coming up? FLOM5, starring Caleb or Morgan or David or Mike or…who knows? Expect twists, surprises, and hopefully a couple who can walk away happy with the choices they’ve made.

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