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Bowling For Kisses – For Love or Money 4, Episode 4

by aurora

First, let me say that I’m enjoying this season of FLOM more than any of the ones before it. But I have to ask – what is up with the intro? Is it necessary to recap the entire premise of the show (and the previous season), THEN play the theme song and THEN get us up to date with what’s happened so far? Yes, the new theme song is pretty good, and yes, a short recap is inevitable, but maybe they ought to keep it to under ten minutes. I’m just saying…

So this week the guys get together with Jordan to find out about the next session of single dates. Jordan is saying something about alone time, but I’m distracted by his sweater. It’s a beige and black striped knit number, but the collar is either stretched out so it hangs in a bit of a scoop right under his neck, or it was designed to do that. I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Anyway, there are four single dates today. The catch is that Rachel will be deciding which man she spends each date with by choosing their picture on her cell phone. The guys will gather in the event room every three hours to find out who’s going on the next date. Rachel can date each one of them, or she can choose the same guy more than once.

Caleb and Morgan are both very enthused about the idea of taking time away from one of the other guys. David just wants to get at least one of the dates since he’s had relatively little alone time with Rachel thus far. Mike really wants to be the first guy Rachel picks, since that will show him that she’s thinking about him first thing in the morning.

The men go to the event room where a large-screen television is set up with a countdown clock. At precisely 9am, Rachel will select the picture of the guy she wants to start her day off with. The screen shows a picture of Mike, and he goes out to meet Rachel in the limo.

Rachel picked Mike because she wants to get to the bottom of his motives. As soon as he gets in the car, she starts in with questions. She wants to have a serious discussion, but Mike just wants to relax and have a good time. Is this Mike’s strategy to get more than one date out of Rachel? We’ll see!

The two of them head out for some lawn bowling. They don white outfits provided to them, and each thinks the other looks smashing. Rachel asks what they’re playing for, and Mike says ‘kisses’. Sounds good to Rachel! Mike throws his first ball, and Rachel then knocks it out of the way with hers. He calls her a hustler, and this catches Rachel off guard. I’m not sure if she’s concerned because he might think she’s really a hustler, or if the term made her think that he might be a hustler. Either way, she’s back to worrying that Mike has a $250,000 check and she’s not sure if he’d choose her over that much money.

The game ends and Rachel and Mike head off for some cuddle time. While they’re sitting together, Rachel reaches for her cell phone. It’s time to pick the guy she wants to spend the next three hours with. Caleb, David, and Morgan are all huddled together in front of the TV when David’s face comes flashing across the screen. He’s excited, and heads for the limo.

David arrives at a park, where Rachel is waiting for him. They go rollerblading, and Rachel is charmed by how much fun David is. They end up at a little picnic which has been set up just for them, complete with luxurious blankets and pillows, and of course a bottle of wine. They talk and laugh and drink, and they’re both really impressed with each other. Even I have to admit that they look adorable together.

While the lovebirds are boozing and flirting, Mike has arrived back at the mansion. Caleb confronts him, asking about the last group date they went on with Rachel. Apparently Mike bragged to Morgan that he and Rachel “made out for like ten minutes” on that date. Caleb had no idea, and questions Mike about it. Mike responds that he “wouldn’t exactly call it ‘making out’”, while clips are shown of him and Rachel in a tight liplock. Caleb is nervous – he realizes that if he gets a chance to have a date with Rachel today he’s going to have to step up his game.

Back at the park, Rachel tells David she has to do her cell phone thing. David tries to gently convince her to pick him again. Back at the house, the three men are waiting once again on the couch for the picture of the next lucky guy. Caleb admits privately that this is the first time he’s been truly nervous, and he really wants that date. Morgan, meanwhile, is starting to stress that he might not get a date. He can’t figure it out – he’s the champ here, and the other guys should be trying to knock him out of the running. How is he not getting a date here? He then rationalizes that Rachel must have had SUCH a good time last week with him, that she doesn’t need to see him again to know she’s keeping him around.

The television countdown hits 3pm, and Caleb’s mug comes up. He’s off to the waiting limo, which takes him out to Malibu for a little wine-tasting with Rachel. Seems that half a bottle of red with lunch didn’t quite hit the spot for our bachelorette.

They sit together and taste some wine, and Caleb makes the most of an opportunity to give Rachel a small, quick kiss on the lips. Rachel is impressed with how much he’s continuing to open up to her. As the date progresses they get closer and ‘cuddlier’, holding hands and talking. They come across a couple of chairs chaped like giant hands, and since the chairs are so far apart from each other Caleb suggests she sit on his lap.

Rachel really wants a deep, passionate kiss from Caleb, but he’s holding out. He knows she’s kissed the other guys, and tells her he doesn’t want to kiss her like that when she’s going to eventually be kissing his roommate. They go to the limo, and Rachel makes it her mission to seduce Caleb into giving her what she wants. After a bit more protesting, Caleb gives in and they kiss passionately. Rachel is blown away by the kiss, and Caleb is glad he relented. Rachel is definitely falling hard for Caleb, but he still has his guard up. He doesn’t trust anyone, including her.

It’s time for the final date, and Morgan is beside himself. He can’t fathom that he won’t be the one. Mike and David are also sure that Rachel is wanting to spend time with each of them, and will choose Morgan for the last date. They’re all surprised, however, when Mike’s face appears on the screen.

Rachel doesn’t feel that her questions were answered on her first date with Mike, so she wants to spend some more time with him. Looks like his plan, if it was indeed a plan, worked! Morgan is totally dejected. It doesn’t make sense to him that Rachel would ‘make out’ with him on one date, then leave him out in the cold the next time. And he certainly can’t get his head around the possibility that he might be eliminated.

Mike goes out to meet Rachel in front of the mansion. They go ‘round back and find a nice dinner set up for them. During the meal, Mike notices that Rachel’s demeanour has changed and she’s acting guarded with him. He asks her, and she says that she felt he was being guarded with her earlier in the day. He asks her if verbal confirmation is what she’s looking for, and then says that he’s very attracted to her. She’s all smiles again, having heard exactly what she wanted to hear from Mike. Privately she says that on a physical level Mike is exactly her type, but that scares her because she doesn’t want to let herself go with him only to have him choose the money in the end.

After dinner, Rachel invites Mike to join her in the hot tub. Mike has to go back up to the bedroom to change, and the other guys get a few jabs in while he’s there. Mike thinks they’re jealous, and he’d be correct. When he leaves, Morgan figures it’s game over for the rest of them. David is more optimistic, saying that there’s a possibility that Rachel picked Mike a second time because she’s unsure of him.

In the jacuzzi, Rachel and Mike get very physical. Seems that Rachel is much more comfortable with him now that he’s cleared the air about his feelings for her.

The next night is Elimination Night. The men once again don their tuxedos and stand out on the balcony waiting to go downstairs. Morgan says there’s a 25% chance he’s leaving, and David responds with “but there’s a 75% chance you’re staying”.

The guys head outside to resume their spots on the stairs. As Rachel comes out, Caleb, David, and Mike all seem captivated by her and smile broadly. Morgan, however, looks like he has roaches crawling under his tux. Rachel says that she had a wonderful time on the dates yesterday, and thanks them for taking the time to get to know her better, since she really enjoyed getting to know all of them.

David is called down first, and Rachel wants him to stay. She had so much fun with him on their date, and wants to explore things further. He smiles like someone just gave him a lifetime supply of candy and heads up the stairs. Next is Caleb, who Rachel is even more impressed with than she was last week. She wants him to stay too.

Mike and Morgan are still waiting to find out who’s staying and who’s going. Mike is starting to look a bit uncomfortable, but Morgan looks like his socks are on fire. Rachel ends the misery and calls Morgan down first. She says she had a wonderful time with him on their last date, and Mike winces in the background. However…since Rachel has had the chance to go on single dates with the others, she realizes that the chemistry she shared with Morgan just wasn’t as strong as she thought it was. Unfortunately, with that, she has to ask for the ring back.

Mike is the last one called down, and of course Rachel wants him to stay. He’s very happy and relieved as he joins David and Caleb on the landing. Rachel thanks them, and says goodnight.

Morgan goes to burn his check, and tells the camera that he’s disgusted with Rachel. If she’s going to make out with him like that then send him packing because there’s no chemistry, then she’s not the kind of girl he’d want to date anyway.

Next week is the two-hour finale of FLOM4. I’m sure there will be a few more twists before the final decisions are made.

The three guys that remain, Caleb, Mike, and David, are all quality guys. Since two of them have only a dollar, I have no doubt they’d choose Rachel over the money. Mike still seems genuine, although he did hint a few times last night about his check and how he can’t even think about it when he’s with Rachel. My hunch last week, that Mike and Morgan would be the last two standing, was obviously wrong! Rachel has made excellent decisions thus far, and is now left with men that can truly offer her something substantial in a relationship. This is rare and refreshing!

I’ll leave you with two final words this week: GO CALEB!!

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