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Survivor – Mark Burnett's Losing His Touch


Normally on Survivor Mark Burnett plays such a good storyteller, never cluing us in to what’s going to happen until he wants us to know. I just always enjoy how he lays it all out for me, and I never read the spoilers for Survivor. I just enjoy his storytelling too much. However, last night Burnett’s editing told us way too soon who would be losing the immunity challenge, who’d be going to tribal council, and who the vote would be between.

We saw fairly early on in the episode the dislike between Sandy and Sydney on Jalapao. Sydney talked about how annoying Sandy was, and Sandy talked about how Sydney used her good looks to get the guys on her side. She talked about Sydney flirting with all the guys and taking her bra off before she cuddled with them at night. I have to say it’s not comfortable to sleep with a bra on, but I wouldn’t be taking it off if I was sleeping with guys I don’t know. So that’s obviously a move to get them in her favor, and an advantage Sandy didn’t have, being the oldest woman this season. I’m a decade younger and know my ta tas wouldn’t be impressing anyone, so I’m assuming it would be the same for Sandy.

Regardless, I knew then that Jalapao would lose the immunity challenge and that Sydney and Sandy would be the two vote-getters. I wasn’t surprised when Jalapao lost their early lead, and certainly wasn’t surprised it was Sydney. Also not surprising was Timbira solving the puzzle when they didn’t do well with puzzles in the past. I knew all that just based on what we’d seen between Sandy and Sydney.

Sure enough, once the tribe was back at camp after their loss, the talk was all around eliminating Sandy. It wasn’t surprising at all to hear Sydney come up as a choice, with it being pointed out that she was worse in the challenge than Sandy. However, they knew they’d face scrutiny from JT and Joe over that decision. Everyone seemed to be on board, though, and it seemed there’d only be three votes for Sandy, while the rest would be for Sydney.

Come tribal council, Sandy was a little too assured of herself and her position, and we heard the music, editing’s version of “Uh-oh,” so I knew it might not be going her way. Sure enough, when the votes were read, Sandy was voted out. I give her credit, though, for lasting past the first week when she was initially going to be out in the first few minutes of the game.

What does puzzle me, though, is Taj’s vote for Joe. Sandy voted for Sydney, and everyone else voted for Sandy, except Taj. It can’t be that she wasn’t in the know. What obviously happened is that the vote was switched, but Taj just didn’t have it in her to put a vote in for Sandy, yet she didn’t vote for Sydney either, so she knew Sandy was being voted out. The vote for Joe tells me Taj was sending him a message. It seems he must have been the one to throw down the gauntlet and refused to let anyone else vote out his girl. Then it was Stephen fueling the fire, saying the bigger flirting is between Joe and Sydney, not JT and Sydney at tribal council.

It seems Stephen and Taj were sending Joe a big message. Okay, you can keep your eye candy, Joe, but it’s going to hurt you in the game. It might be where she stays, and Joe leaves.

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