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Andy Gets Sick

It seems that due to the burning bushes at the botched tribal elimination ceremony fom the end of the last episode that Andy has come down with some strange illness that keeps him from doing things he doesn’t want to do. He gives his Assistants those jobs.

Stefani and Melissa must take his volunteer “little brother”, or shall I say, BRAT, to the bowling alley. Mark has to pretend to be Andy for an interview for Japanese television. Colin must break up with Andy’s current flame. Anna has to meet up with Jack Osborne and do research at the library and Mykell and Tanika have to try and get Andy his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yeah, that’s gonna be an easy sell.

I don’t know who has it the worst. Before the kids get to leave the mansion, they must clean up buckets upon buckets of Andy’s vomit. Lovely.

Anna greets Jack Osbourne at the door. Andy says they’re doing a buddy movie together. Sounds really likely. Anyway, the library is closed on Sunday, but no one figures this out until they get there. Interesting. Very. Anna freaks a bit and says she can’t blow off this assignment because she takes this very seriously. She and Jack go ice skating for some reason and call it research.

Colin meets up with Andy’s paramour at a restaurant. The young lady doesn’t believe him when he tried to break up with her. Can’t imagine why she’d want to hold onto Andy Dick, but hey, there is someone for everyone, right? 😎

She makes Colin call Andy. Andy tells him to ‘snip, snip’ (hey, that’s just what Lorena Bobbitt said…ouch…that was bad even for me). She gets all psycho and Colin runs away.

Stefani and Melissa take “Damien” to the bowling alley. He makes rude comments about the girls’ bowling ability and keeps telling them that Andy promised him expensive gifts, trying to get them to give him a scooter and a cell phone.

These tasks have to be scripted, right?

Mykell and Tanika can NOT get Andy a star on the Walk of Fame. (That’s a big shocker.) They try, but not terribly hard.

Mark gets training from Andy on how to be Andy Dick. Unfortunately, Mark improvises a little too much. He gets eliminated this episode in an “Apprentice”-style boardroom scene.


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