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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Bewitched

bewitched_bigearly.jpg.jpeg I grew up in that age where we watched daily reruns of Bewitched, and it became part of our life. On ABC tonight is Nicole Kidman’s and Will Ferrell’s take on the series, although with a twist. They’re remaking Bewitched in this modern age, but what others don’t know is that Kidman really is a witch, somewhat oddly emulating the basic storyline from the original series. it’s like someone looking in a mirror at someone looking in a mirror, etc. Like most of his films, Ferrell makes the movie.

1. Karate Kid. I never even thought about being a martial artist until nearly twenty years after this movie came out, yet I liked it just the same. Find out why at Sazze. 9:00 AM CT ABC Family

2. The Sixth Sense. A classic psychological thriller by Mn Night Shyamalan and starring Bruce Willis, introducing us to Haley Joel Osment as a little boy who “sees dead people.” 1:00 PM CT WGN

3. The Blue Lagoon. Have you been watching Christopher Atkins on Confessions of a Teen Idol? Remember how he attained that status watching this, finding out why it was a classic then, but probably cheesy not at Sazze.. 2:00 PM CT WE

4. Cops. Officers nab a suspective diriving a stolen vehicle, yet he claims he didn’t know it was, Police answer a suspicious person call in an alley, and deputies arrest a woman admitting she is smoking pot and lying about who she is. 7:00PM CT Fox

5. 48 Hours Mystery. The 2007 disapperance of single mom Paige Birgfield in Colorado is investigated. Her card had been torched when it was found, and later it came out she ran an escort se rvice out of her home. 8:00 PM CT CBS

6. Bewitched. Will Ferrell and Nicole Kdiman star in what isn’t exactly of a remake of the series, but is about a woman starring in a remake who is a real witch. 8:00 PM CT ABC

7. America’s Most Wanted. The parents of a 14 year old nurdered in 2002 are interviewed, as the killer has never been caught. Also featured is the trafficking of young Mexican women for sex slavery her ein the U.S., missing children alerts, a suspect on the lam believed to be the Arleta rapist. 8:00 PM CT Fox

8. Finding Neverland. This is truly a fascinating movie with Johnny Depp starring as thewriter of Peter Pan, showing his inspiration for “Neverland.” 7:00 PM CT Oxygen

9. 48 Hours Mystery. A famiy that had been shipwrecked after their boat crashed into a reef “lives to tell” the tale. 9:00 PM CT CBS

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