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GUG – Episode 2

Carmine, Frank and John are certainly strong-willed like their mother. That makes for some serious clashes. Well, in this episode, you sure won’t see “Brady Bunch-esque” problem solving techniques.

It’s Friday and it’s been a really long week. Victoria can’t wait to go home to relax, but she has a sneaking suspicion that that ain’t gonna happen. (Wise woman!)

She pulls into the drive and notices that her youngest son, Frankie, is tooling around the property in an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Lovely! It seems that daddy (that’s Carmine Agnello) gave it to him for his birthday.

How nice, right! Victoria, who lost a sibling to a car accident over 20 years ago, is afraid that Frankie will do something stupid and get himself hurt or killed. She’s a bit overprotective, but not completely out of line. She and Frankie argue a bit. Victoria lets him ride the ATV but on the property.

Crisis over, right? Nah. That was just the warm-up. Carmine has decided that he doesn’t want to go to his prom. Yup! It seems that he broke up with his girlfriend. (Hmmmm…does that mean he’s available? I hope you’re reading this if you’re between the ages of 13 -21. Just kidding, but hey maybe I could be a celebrity matchmaker too –see my GUG Episode 1 review for my thoughts on that!)

Anyway, Carmine just wants to go to the 2-day long after-party in the Hamptons. Who wouldn’t? He wants to drive up there in his BMW and skip out on the limo mama got for him. Victoria says no prom, no after-party. (Hey, I wish my mom were that strict, really!)

There’s a lot of yelling and door-slamming. Carmine ends up being grounded. He can’t go anywhere. Victoria starts crying. Sometimes, single parenthood can be overwhelming. She wishes her dad, John “Teflon Don” Gotti, were still around ‘cuz the boys would listen to him and not disrespect her so much.

The next morning it’s Mother’s Day. Victoria awakens to a breakfast which is catered and taken care of by her sons. She is pleasantly surprised and peace reigns over the Gotti – Agnello household for oh, about 3 minutes, until the boys start arguing and fistfighting again.

Those silly scamps. Can’t wait to see what happens next week when Frankie uses all of Carmine’s hair gel!

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