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What's Hot On TV Tonight – Two Races Back On Schedule


We’ve got two long-awaited races starting again today. NASCAR opens today with the Daytona 500, and The Amazing Race starts up again tonight with a brand new season. Phil Keoghan and his racers probably won’t travel to Daytona tonight, but it’s quite likely someone will call the Daytona 500 amazing at some point.

1. NHL Hocky: Flyers at Rangers. It’s a clash of the Atlantic Division. New York took a quick lead giving them the eventual win the first time the teams met this season on October 11. 11:30 AM CT NBC

2. Road to Daytona. Go behind the scenes with the teams while they prepare for the Daytona 500. 12:00 PM CT Fox

3. Daytona 500: The 51st Annual Race. Floria Governor Charlie Crist will be the grand marshal for the first race of the Sprint Cup this season. 1:00 PM CT Fox

4. Grace Is Gone. John Cusack plays a dad whose wife dies while fighting in Iraq, and he must find a way to explain it to his two young daughters. Read more about this emotional journey at Sazze. 3:50 PM CT WMax

5. 60 Minutes. Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari is interviewed, as well as Paul Bishop discussing mortgages granted by World Savings. President Obama’s economic-stimulus package is examined. 6:00 PM CT CBS

6. Dateline NBC. Featured are ten death-defying moments caught on camera, including a daredevil crashing and skier getting hit with an avalanche. Also, a camping trip in Virginia turns into a frightening test of survival. 6:00 PM CT CBS

7. The Amazing Race. The eleven teams leave from the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, California, then fly to Switzerland where they’ll bungee jump of the Verzasca Dam, and transport 200 pounds of cheese down a steep hill. Check out Reality Shack later for a recap. 7:00 PM CT CBS

8. The Simpsons. Homer wonders how different his life could have turned out after he finds out there was eletion fraud in the serior class president race back in high school 7:00 PM CT Fox

9. College Road Trip: This one’s perfect for me today as my son, a high school sophomore, is beginning to get college information in the mail. I promise to not act like Martin Lawrence here. Find out more at Sazze. 7:00 PM CT Starz 4

10. King of the Hill. Hank is asked by Buck Strickland to accompany him to the Propane Hall of Fame Convention to keep him out of trouble. Buck meets his illegitimate son while at the convention 7:30 PM CT Fox

11. Cold Case. As Lily searches for a missing teen in the witness protection program, she looks into the murder of his father five months earlier, which was just before he was to testify against a a mob boss. 8:00 PM CT CBS

12. XIII. Conclusion of a two-parter. Investigating the assassination and terror attacks, Amos believes the killers are working to manipulate votes to put their own candidate in office. XIII is getting closer to discovering his identity, which is making the conspirators squirm. 8:00 PM CT NBC

13. Desperate Housewives. In order to provide for MJ, Susan starts a job, becoming angry and jealous when Mike allows Katherine to babysit MJ. Lynette wants Tom to sell the troubled pizzeria, Carlos gets a bonus after Gaby learns his boss’s dirty little secret, Bree gives Andrew a raise, alarming Orson, and Dave is getting more and more tired of his neighbors’ suspicions. 8:00 PM CT ABC

14. Family Guy. Joe has to come up with $20,000 to pay the medical bills after Bonnie has a baby, and it soon becomes desperate. Stewie falls for baby Susie, and tries to write a song for her. 8:00 PM CT Fox

15. American Dad. The Smiths find Roger spending time with another family, and it seems he’s been a family “cheater” for many years. 8:30 PM CT Fox

16. Untamed & Uncut. At an Australian sanctuary, a crocodile protects its nest. A pilot whale tows a diver underwater, and a horse and rider are injured falling into a deep crevice. Get more detail about this series at Animal Planet’s Newest Reality Shows. 8:00 PM CT Animal Planet

17. Rock of Love Bus With Bret Michaels. I thin, they’re a little late being topical, but the pink bus battles the blue bus in the Mudbowl, and Bret takes the MVP on a romantic overnight trip. On contestant deals with the death of her father, as Bret also deals with bad news. Read Christina’s commentary in the form of letters to Bret. 8:00 PM CT VH1

18. The Unit. The team is ordered by the President to capture a nazi war criminal and bring him to The Hague in the Netherlands. Back in D.C., as Tom is offered a promotion to general, he confronts his past. 9:00 PM CT CBS

19. Brothers & Sisters. Rebecca heads to New York to find her father, Nora thinks it’s the right time to contact Ryan Lefferty, and Tommy’s scheme to rid Holly from Ojai hits a significant obstacle. 9:01 PM CT ABC

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