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Endurance HOH Competition and Nominations for July 31

br Jade

This weeks HOH competition, called ‘I have a secret’, revealed many changes in strategy in the Big Brother house. Cowboy told everyone he was going to win this one. Jase was letting everyone know how upset he was that they voted out ‘his girlfriend’, especially Scott. The house guests, minus Drew who couldn’t win as outgoing HOH, had to stand on a lit platform facing a life-sized cut out of themselves. (I thought Jase would last forever since looking at himself seems to be his favorite pastime!) They had to hold down a button and if they let go, they were out of the competition.

Jen was the first to let go, followed by Karen. Drew was tempting the players when he entered the backyard with beer and pizza. Noone could eat, drink or use the bathroom until they were out of the competition. About the four hour mark, Michael slips off his button and is very disappointed in himself. He went inside the house, broke down and was comforted by Drew and Jen. It was a nice moment between the newly acquainted brother and sister. Jen gave Michael a hug and told him that she wanted to win HOH so that she can show him a picture of their father.

After four hours, the players were no longer able to switch hands nor could they put their free hand on their cut out. Scott forgot this little rule and was the next to go, aided by Diane’s eagle eyes! She spotted his slip up and made sure Big Brother did too. Adria was the next to go when she was unsuccessful with a finger change. Then after getting promises from both Jase and Diane, Will steps off, after 5.5 hrs, leaving Diane and Jase to fight it out to the end. After 7 hrs, they were told they could no longer lift their feet off the platform or they were eliminated.

After about 9.5 hrs, Jase started acting crazy to try and psyche Diane out. His clowning around was his undoing. He was acting like a chicken when he took his foot off the box for a second. Diane never flinched and she looked like she could have stood in that spot forever! She later said that her thumb had many hours left. 😆

Jase revealed that he doesn’t feel the Four Horsemen are going to stay strong when he suggested Scott was the reason Holly was voted off due to his personal feelings for her. Will this be the end of the Four Horsemen? Jase eludes to the fact that he would put Scott on the block given the chance when he was talking to Will, and told Will that they were on the ‘same page’.

Diane doesn’t waste any time putting Jase and Scott both up on the block, stating that Jase is the strongest player in the house and therefore a threat to her. She said that Scott was strong too and she was sure that he would start winning challenges soon so that’s why he was up too.

So, who will win the power of veto? Will the Four Horsemen split up? Will Natalie and Adria finally both enter the Big Brother house to compete individually? This should be a great week so stay tuned!


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