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The Bachelor – Families Make the Difference


For my money, watching the “at home visits” on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are always among the most entertaining episodes of each season. Everyone tries really hard to hide those skeletons in their family closets, but there’s only so much each closet can hold before it all comes tumbling out. Last night there seemed to be more skeletons than usual.

Jason got to see just why Jillian has been holding back. She has a lot of pain hiding in her closet. Her mom went through a fifteen year depression and wasn’t there for her. Depending on exactly when that fifteen year period was, she’s only 29, so much of that must have been a good chunk of her formative years. Yet, today, her mom was as warm and welcoming than ever, and her dad was very much the type of guy you would expect to be the dad of someone who judges men by their hot dog condiment choices.

Molly’s parents were pretty much the same, although Molly seemed like she wanted to die when the hat box came out. Jason seemed to get into it, though, and didn’t seem to mind that at all, or even that he was asked to draw a portrait of Molly.

Naomi’s parents were as different as you can imagine from each other, and the other parents. Her mother first whipped out hula hoops for everyone to play with, and that was different, but fun. Then, she talked about a dove flying into her windshield and dying, so she brought it home and stuck it in the refrigerator for Jason to give a eulogy to as they all gave it a proper burial. She then told Jason privately she thought he was a truth seeker and a mom in a previous life. Naomi’s dad was ultra religious, to the point of grilling Jason about his own beliefs, enough so that it made me uncomfortable, and I wasn’t even there.

Melissa’s parents will remain a mystery. They are ultra private and don’t believe in airing their business on TV. This is really very understandable; however, we later found out they dont’ believe in airing their business ever. Even Melissa’s best friends haven’t met them. One of her friends met them once in college. Melissa told also told Jason her parents never went to any of her games. In addition, she never introduced her boyfriends to her friends before, and Jason pretty much found out that the one guy she had a long term relatinoship with was a louse.

I knew without questtion Molly and Jillian were safe. I figured Naomi was on her way out, but I did question if maybe it could be Melissa. The family thing is usually a dealbreaker, and for Jason it carries much more weight. He has a chld to think of. The people he met today are Ty’s potential grandparents and aunts and uncles. It carries a lot of weight. You’d want them to be warm and friendly and fun. Not kooky, and not absent.

Apparently, even though Jason made the decision to eliminate Naomi, Melissa’s parents aren’t out the water yet, as Chris Harison explains on his blog. Also, find out which family Jason played beer pong with, why he took his pants off on the golf course, and read the eulogy Chris would have given to Rosie the dove.

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