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Big Brother Live Feeds, 08/15/08, L-O-Double L-I

According to Memphis, the HoH couldn’t have ended more perfectly. He and Keesha state the obvious that after April, Ollie, and Jerry were out, they didn’t care who won. April and Ollie retreat to the bed to figure out their woes and decide if they can get one of them and Jerry up, they can save each other. Well, that can only happen if the odd man out gets to play in the PoV. With eight people left in the house, that leaves one to host and one person to not go anywhere near the comp at all.

April starts to work her magic that won’t work this week, suggesting to Michelle that Renny should put up Dan and Jerry, because Jerry put up Jessie and Renny for fighting, and now Dan and Jerry are fighting. Ummm, yeah. Michelle leaves, and April tells Ollie she wishes Michelle wouldn’t fake it, as it’s so obvious she made a deal with the others.

April’s next big plan is to tell Renny all the bad stuff that Jerry has done. Right, because Jerry hasn’t been very obvious about it. Then, she’ll tell Renny how she hates Keesha because she spinky swore to go to the end with her. And when Renny knows she’s the closest person to Keesha that’s in the house, she’ll care because … She claims the DR loves her and said they can’t wait to see what she does. Believe it or not, that statement did not come with supplied barf bags. Ollie’s big plan is to call everyone out, but we all know he’ll continue to hide behind tiny April.

Keesha and Renny get a chance to talk, and Keesha tells her ally she thinks the strongest people in the house are Michelle, Memphis, and April. She thinks Memphis is the only person aside from Renny that wouldn’t vote her out, and Renny tells her she thinks he would use the two of them to get ahead. Keesha advises her to make a deal with Memphis that she won’t put him up if he won’t put her up if he wins HoH.

April gets the five designer outfits she won and seems to have never heard of the designers. Memphis is appalled, thinking April doesn’t appreciate them enough, especially being that she wears Hollister jeans every day.

Renny talks to Michelle to see where she stands, saying looking at the pictures of her mother and father, she knew Michelle was a “play-ah.” She tells Michelle she would take her to the end if she doesn’t put her up, as she knows Keesha has the guys. She makes a promise to Michelle that if she is sells her out, she won’t forget it. She asks Michelle’s opinion of Memphis, which is favorable, then points out the Colonel put her up in the first week, but April needs to go, as she’s unstoppable.

A drunk Michelle runs back to April and Ollie to complain about Jerry. April is obviously working to earn Michelle’s vote when she gets on the block, telling her she can wear some of the earrings she won at the finale. A crafty way to say don’t vote me out, as I’ll take you to the end. April then gives her a pair of the earrings, prompting Michelle to start crying, Maybe it’s because April is so light-skinned that she’s so transparent.

The next morning everyone is worried about the food comp, after hearing the songs Monster Mash, Thriller, and Eat It. Dan oddly says he’ll eat anything other than Chicken Cordon Bleu. Michelle promises to take one for the team, April doesn’t know if she can handle it, and Keesha warns she won’t go to the hospital for the others. April hates sour cream, and will gag if it’s anything like cottage cheese. Ollie won’t eat seafood, and April can’t because she’s allergic. If you were Keesha, wouldn’t you be finding some creative things to do with April and shellfish?

Renny tells Keesha she doesn’t know what she wants to do. She knows she wants April to go home, as it knocks down that three person alliance. She does not want Ollie to go home, but if the Colonel went home, it would still leave Ollie and April together. Keesha tells her Ollie isn’t a threat in competitions, yet April does. While Jerry is a floater, he’s not after either of them, and is after Memphis and Dan. Michelle is also very strong. Keesha leaves, then finds Memphis telling him Renny scares her, because she can’t decide what to do.

After the food comp, it’s apparent what America voted for as the kitchen table is filled with giant lollipops. It seems like Dan, Memphis, and Jerry are on slop. In true Dan fashion, he walks around with a lollipop, pretending it’s a guitar, and jokes he wants to make a lollipop band. Everyone wonders if Memphis is going to use his slop pass. With Jerry being on his fourth week of slop, Dan jokes he’s making a run for Chicken George.

I figured at the beginning of the season Jerry would be another Chicken George, but I figured it would be in lasting a long time, sliding through alliances, not with the amount of slop he’s forced to eat.

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