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Big Brother Live Feeds 08/09/08, Cry Me a River

After Keesha and Libra were nominated, Dan went up to HoH to thank Michelle, prompting her to ask why he couldn’t thank her up front, and not in front of his alliance. He laughs it off. She tells him if he plays PoV, he better not win and take someone off the block.

Keesha is a little down about the whole thing and says she doesn’t even care if she leaves, but Renny says she cares. She tries to keep her spirits up, and they decide Libra will just have to go home this week, and that’s all there is to it. Keesha worries that she’ll be the one voted out, though, because Libra is too obvious of a threat. The thing is, though, they’re working with an obvious enemy who is going after the obvious threat.

After a walk in the backyard, Keesha talks to Michelle upstairs and is assured that Libra is the target not her. She asks if Michelle really saw a banner and and is told yes. She offers up the fact that Julie asked her about it as proof. When they talk about the noms, Michelle says the reason she didn’t put up April is because so many people asked her to; she was worried that she would go home instead of Libra.

In the shower by himself, Dan has a little conversation with us internet people, telling us we won’t get a show, that we don’t get to see the marbles. He also tells us he wants someone to set up savedansjob.com. Lo and behold, someone already has. Look for yourself.

Michelle is also taking a shower, except upstairs in the HoH. She keeps stopping because she hears something, and says she thinks she keeps hearing Jessie’s name. Just when we thought it was safe and we had seen and heard the last of him, his ghost appears, but to Michelle only, apparently. As further proof Michelle is going nuts, she holds a conversation with the stuffed sheep on her bed, talking about the really mean person that took a trip from her. Holly the sheep doesn’t want that mean girl Libra to ever touch her.

Along with Michelle, Keesha, and Libra, the other players in the PoV are Memphis, April, and of all the luck, Libra pulls Jerry’s name. And finally Michelle can shut up talking about BB not putting everyone’s name in the bag to be pulled for PoV. She looked through the bag and found everyone’s name, along with two HG choices.

Michelle and Keesha talk privately about Keesha’s chances at winning the PoV. Michelle tells her she thinks even if Libra wins PoV, she thinks she can still save Keesha. Either way, I’m thinking it’s in Keesha’s best interests just to lose and make sure Libra doesn’t win it either. As long as the noms stay the same, Keesha knows she’s safe. If Libra comes off, I’m not so sure she is. I think everyone else is feeling the same. No one is going to pull anyone else off the block.

The two seem like they’re bonding, but if I know Keesha, she’s working her. They both talk about winning prizes and Michelle says she wanted that vacation so her parents could go away. Her mom works hard for just $300 a week, so she doesn’t want to hear the others talk about their Mercedes. Keesha is quick to potion out that Jerry has said flat out he doesn’t need the money. April comes in and tries to join in on the conversation, but struggles.

The PoV comp was called Cry Me a Veto, and certainly we’ve had enough people to do that. It had something to do with chopping onions. Memphis has to wear an onion garland because of something that happened in the comp. I”m sure he’ll be even more popular than usual.

Jerry wins, but while Michelle wants the noms to remain unchanged, Jerry wants to remove Keesha and have her replaced with Dan so that he can be punished. He tries to tell her he fought his ass off to save Jessie, and don’t let anyone else tell her differently. He explains he’s like her; he has balls. Interesting analogy. He wants to at least tell Keesha she’s safe, and Michelle approves this.

Jerry goes to Keesha and tells her she’s safe and he ought to be glad he fought hard to win it for her. Right, like she was in so much danger if anyone other than Libra won. Even though he told both Keesha and Michelle that they were the only ones that would know that he was keeping the noms the same and that Keesha was definitely safe, he tells April in the SR. Later, Libra mention that apparently Jerry thinks the SR is soundproof. She overheard everything he said.

I’m guessing that many people will try to change the noms or the vote this week one way or another, but I don’t think it’ll be successful. For one, too many people like Keesha, and too many people dislike Libra. For another, two weeks in a row for an upset is unlikely. This one is likely to go by the books.

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