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Big Brother Live Feeds 08/09/08, Catching Up

You’ll have to pardon us for being a little unexcited about following the show since Michelle won. It felt so good to get Jessie out, but that excitement sure faded quickly a few minutes later when Michelle won the HOH. So here’s what has happened since.

As soon as the live show kicked off on Thursday night, a huge fight ensued as Michelle screamed “traitors” in the back yard. This had everyone at Libra’s throat who tried to explain she was the only one that said she did want Jessie out. Why does that make her a traitor? Jerry and Michelle are both screaming, but this time not at each other. Jerry calls Libra a dumb bitch, but she’s quick to explain she graduated magna cum laude from “fucking Rice.” It’s one of those things that just doesn’t even need a comment from me.

As everyone settles down, Jerry tells Michelle that Dan isn’t even worth his sweat, obviously pissed off at how the vote went, and since Dan looked into the Bible and promised his vote. Libra goes to Dan and tells him it’s okay, as she’s the one that’s the target, and at least she’ll get to the sequester house. Michelle leaves Jerry and goes to do a happy dance, then tells Jessie, via the camera “that bitch is going down.” Assumably she means Libra.

Michelle’s group starts to get a little nerd herd-ish. While Libra worries about Dan’s mental health, April, Ollie, and Michelle bash Libra, calling her a bad mom and saying America hates her. I love how people in the house always think they know what we like. April calls Dan a disgrace to her religion. So now she decides what all Catholics think. Jerry wants to mock him all week by making crosses with his fingers. They think Keesha is dumb and goes along with everything Libra wants. Little do they know Keesha was the one that set it all up to flip the vote. Ollie calls Libra a Dumb Ho.

And here we go … Michelle hopes Dan loses his job. Two words. Nerd Herd!

Memphis the Bartender can be an okay guy sometimes. His old alliance is even going too far for him. He doesn’t like what they’re saying and says $500,000 isn’t enough for that kind of talk, as it’s stuff you can’t take back. He talks to Michelle and they whisper out a deal. He seems to be playing both sides. She asks if he has a deal with the other side, and he says only that he wouldn’t put them up himself. He reminds her that April put her and Jessie up, and tries to make her think it’s just him and her now against the two factions of the rest.

Dan is ultra mopey, then smiles at the camera when he’s alone, so maybe that’s part of his act. Michelle comes in to talk to him, and asks why, to which he doesn’t have an answer. She wants to know if he really is a teacher and if there really is a Monica. Yes and yes. She wants to know if he promised on a cross to Jerry, and Dan says no.

Dan continues to be a better guy than we thought he’d be. We don’t get to see Michelle get her HoH room on the feeds, but we come back as Michelle is reading her letter and Renny leaves the room in tears. Dan follows her out and finds her downstairs, still in tears. He rubs her back and asks if she misses her family. She says yes, and he tells her they’re proud of her and gives her a kiss on her cheek.

Keesha talks to Jerry who spills to her the secret alliance he had with April, Ollie, Michelle, and Jessie. He tells them Dan was also part of it. She runs and tells Libra this info and it just fuels the fire that she’s feeling for April more and more. This kills the hopes Keesha had of getting Michelle to put April on the block.

Memphis heads up to the HoH room, talking to Michelle, April, and Ollie. They ask when the vote switched in his favor and he tells them four days before. He tells April it’s her fault that Jessie was evicted, as her alliance kept wondering why she wanted to keep Jessie around so badly.

Memphis then gets together with Dan and they assess what would be good for them in the game. Memphis wants Jerry and April out and thinks Libra leaving isn’t going to affect the game at all, so he sees it as a waste. He thinks they need Keesha in the game to help them. If he wins PoV and Keesha’s on the block, he can’t take her down, but he can insure that she has the votes to stay. I’m beginning to like this guy’s game play.

Just in case we needed further proof Michelle’s group is the new Nerd Herd, Michelle calls Keesha a fucking cunt and says she doesn’t have a boyfriend and sleeps with guys to get acting roles. Didn’t the nerd herd say the same crap about Janelle? Michelle and Keesha then have a personal chat and Keesha explains she has nothing personal against Michelle. She very slyly tries to put everything back on April by putting all blame there. She tells Michelle she didn’t necessarily want Jessie out, but wanted to go against April. She thought Ollie, April, Michelle,and Jessie had an alliance, but now she knows it’s Jerry, April, and Ollie.

Libra also goes up to talk to Michelle and tells her she had no problem with her at all until the day of the banner. Libra says she knows she’s going up, and Michelle asks who told her that. She replies she knows about the alliance with her, Jessie, April, and Ollie, but Michelle claims to have never gotten that memo.

The next day, after a very lengthy food comp, no one seems very talkative. Libra and Keesha finally start it saying Janelle was so pretty, and that she told them she liked the drama and to keep the fight going, so it must have been the comp with all the houseguests from past seasons. Keesha wishes Daniele would have been back as well. Renny notes that Jen likes her and that Jun is pretty smart. April thinks Matt and Jace are hot. Everyone liked Boogie and they wonder why Evel Dick wasn’t there, since he lives in Hollywood.

Brian was the host, and they all enjoyed seeing him again. He dropped a few messages to Dan, who says he’ll share them later with Keesha and Renny. Janelle made a comment about Jessie that “he way ugly anyway,” and Michelle says they’re a tough crowd. He apparently left his Oakleys behind, so Michelle is going to wear them so that he knows she’s thinking of him, even though it was wrong for Angie to wear Brian’s hat, right?

As far as the comp, Keesha won lobster, and the house gets a feast. Everyone but Michelle is on slop until Sunday. They also won a grill. The comp had something to do with recent news, as they know the earthquake was real, now, and not just part of a setup. At least the aliens in the mirrors weren’t real. Renny was allowed to ask a question and asked if gas went up to $6 yet. They all joke they’ll need the stipend just to pay for gas, especially Michelle who has a Durango that gets 10 mpg. Something was said during the comp that led Michelle and April to believe that America hates Libra.

Jerry is tired of being on slop again and is talking of wanting to leave in a couple of weeks, saying at least he can eat in the jury house. April and Ollie are really upset with him about that saying they won’t work to save him then, and they plan on sharing this with him.

Michelle wants to take $1000 from Libra to not put her up, then wants to nominate her anyway. Ollie says he’d kiss her if she did that. Wow, that’s some encouragement. She wants to do it for her parents’ anniversary. What kind of a whacked out gift is that? April figures out that the plan to keep Memphis and get rid of Jessie was in place for quite awhile, as she realizes the reason why Libra didn’t take the veto from Jerry is because she knew they were going to get rid of Jerry. I don’t think it necessarily means that, but whatever. Michelle says that’s not what Dan said, but April argues that’s not what Memphis said. Jerry explains about them asking if he was going to use the veto.

The nomination ceremony finally takes place, and as assumed, Keesha and Libra are up, although Dan’s key was the last key pulled. If there is one good thing to come of it, it’s that Michelle is breaking with this season’s tradition in not telling anyone who to vote for. She wants everyone to make up their own mind … or so she says.

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