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Big Brother Live Feeds 8/4/08, The Realigning of Alliances

Finally we have a chance to flip the vote and alliances this week after seven forming the super alliance last week. With some of the arguments that had gone down, it seemed lines had been drawn and there was no going back, but all that is changing, somewhat because of us and America’s Player.

Much of this seemed to start with Keesha. We know she’s her own woman. This gal doesn’t take crap. Last week, she was able to get everyone to vote the way she wanted to get out Angie, even though they all wanted Jessie out, and now she’s the one that’s starting the switcheroo. She started working up an alliance with Memphis, mostly borne out of her hatred of April. She hates the fact that April doesn’t like it when she talks to other people not in her alliance. She claims she can talk to whomever she wants, and you know, I have to support her on that one.

This was beginning to break down the interior alliance of Libra/Keesha/April/Ollie, and Libra and Keesha were figuring out that Jessie and Michelle had a side alliance with April and Ollie, and they knew that was why April wanted them to vote out Memphis. They know, though, that that would help April, not them, and even though they have an aggreement that this alliance always votes for the HoH’s wishes, Keesha started talking about flipping this thing.

Keesha first worked on Renny, and that one was easy. She heard from Memphis that Dan would be willing to vote on his side. That gave them three votes, and she needed another. She just needed to convince Libra to go against April and go with her. Libra then talked to Memphis and wanted an agreement that if she kept him this week, he wouldn’t target her, and he agreed.

Here’s the rub. April and Ollie, over a bubble bath last night, started to figure all this out. They talked about having Jerry use the PoV to pull Jessie off so that April could replace him with someone that no one would want to vote out so that Memphis would have to leave. But, Jerry still thinks he has a tight alliance with Dan and that Dan will vote whichever way he wants. Jerry is going around telling Jessie, April, and Ollie that Dan will vote out Memphis.

Jessie went to talk to Dan and try and secure his vote, but Dan was a little busy at the the moment fulfilling his America’s Player chore. Dan used this opportunity to do our dirty work and hug Jessie for ten seconds. Instead of letting Jessie talk to him about the vote, he acted depressed, talking about his girlfriend, and got Jessie to console him, and yes hug him, for ten seconds. Chalk up some more cash for him.

The veto ceremony happened fairly early this morning and Jerry chose to not use the veto. He tells April afterward he thinks they’re good. With the votes of himself, Michelle, Ollie, and Dan, that will keep the vote 4-3 in favor of keeping Jessie and getting rid of Memphis. He knows Dan wouldn’t lie to him. Well, the problem is, Jerry, he’s no longer aligned with you, he’s aligned with us. You can pretty much bet on the show asking us tomorrow night who we want Dan to vote for, and for us to force Dan to vote for Jessie. He’s assumably banking on that one as well.

I’m not sure why April thinks this is going to work on Libra and Keesha, but April has decided to call an alliance meeting of the seven, to make them all feel guilty for voting against her wishes. She plans to call out Renny, Libra and Keesha for not supporting her. I’m just guessing they won’t really give a shit.

Dan seems to be sitting much prettier than he was a few weeks back, and I think he’s realizing that. While he was once a man without an island, a floater with nowhere to float to, he latched on to Jerry, as he was better than no one. This got him into the large alliance, and now he’s safer in there than Jerry. Not only that, he also knows we’re pulling for him, naming him America’s Player.

Dan’s vote will decide it all this week, which means the rest of us all know what we have to do!

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