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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds, August 1st – Veto Results and More Tantrums

The feeds went to trivia quite late – or should I say quite early in the morning of August 2nd – and didn’t come back until a little after 2:30am Big Brother time. And it seems that Jerry won the veto! He’s on slop though, thanks to Memphis the bartender. Michelle is stuck wearing the red unitard, Libra won a vacation, Memphis the bartender has a slop pass, Jessie gets a letter from home, and a few of them have gold bricks worth $1000 each. Jerry has $5000, April has $4000, and Libra has $1000. Apparently they can use them during the game to buy votes or safety.

April and Ollie still want Memphis the bartender gone, but the rest of the group really wants Jessie out. April says that if Jessie says anything to her or makes remarks about her family, then he’s out. Jerry is concocting an elaborate plan the threaten Memphis the bartender and to tell him that Jerry controls whether he stays or goes this week. The rest of them tell Jerry no way. April is feeling sorry for herself, saying that she’s been carrying the group so far and there’s only so much she can do to continue keeping them safe. Uh, what?

Meanwhile, Michelle is yelling and going off about how Libra is a horrible mother and will leave her kids to do BB and again to take the vacation she won, and Jessie is trying to calm her down. Apparently the comp is the same as or similar to the one last season where Ryan took the $10,000 from Sheila. Libra left Michelle with the unitard, and took the vacation away from her. Hee. Jessie actually thinks that he can tell Jerry to use the veto to get him off the block. How is it even possible that he can be this dumb?

Michelle gets called to the DR while bitching about having to wear the unitard on live TV. Jessie goes to ask the others to help him calm her down because she wants to quit the game. I say let her. She comes out and puts on the unitard, and then complains loudly for a very long time. She keeps saying that she’s done, she has nerve damage in her hands from the HoH comp, and she didn’t even get to win a nice prize like the other side did.

April and Ollie have sex again in the HoH room, while Keesha and Libra are downstairs in bed (not together) whispering and figuring out that April and Ollie have some kind of deal with Michelle and Jessie. Well duh – did you two not hear April and Michelle wheeling and dealing at the end of the HoH comp? They’re trying to figure out how to get April to want Jessie out this week (just bait him girls, he’ll go off on April and your work is done), and realize that Ollie is working hard to convince them to boot Memphis the bartender. And that’s how they discover that April/Ollie and Michelle/Jessie have a deal. Oh brother.

There’s a little more chatter, and finally the hamsters are out for the night. I’d imagine BB will let them sleep in this morning, after keeping them up so late for the veto comp.

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