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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds, August 1st – Major Screaming Matches

The nomination ceremony today took a lot longer than usual, and even the hamsters were annoyed. April has nominated Memphis and Jessie after having a talk with Michelle to explain that her promise was to keep Jessie safe, not to keep him off the block. Michelle agreed that the promise was just to keep Jessie safe, so April went forward with her nominations. She told Ollie afterwards that she was scared to nominate Jessie. Good – maybe that will push her to want to get rid of him this week.

America obviously voted for Dan to get Jessie nominated, so he’s pocketed a little bit of cash. Funny thing is though that, while he was in the DR, Libra went around saying that she knows he’s America’s Player, and she’s mentioned it quite a few times today. She’ll get a kick out of all this when the game is done!

Keesha is in a bit of hot water with her alliance, having spent some time with Memphis today. Y’all know how much this huge alliance doesn’t like any of their members talking to the enemy.

Just a little while ago, they drew names for the veto competition. Jessie, Memphis, and April are obviously playing, along with Libra, Michelle, and Jerry. Renny commented that if the comp was a nose-picking competition, Jerry would kick ass. Oops – seems Father Time heard that one. The comp will actually (probably) have to do with the lacrosse/field hockey set that appeared mysteriously in the backyard once the cleanup from the HoH comp was done. Which is good, because Jessie says that he’s not good at that sort of thing. Maybe his man-boobs make it difficult for him to actually hold a stick with both hands?

April is freaking out, worried that she’s going to have to put up a replacement nominee. Ollie is consoling her and telling her that they have to go in with the attitude that they’re going to win. Libra is sulking because she thinks that no one has faith in her that she can win the veto. And Jessie is telling Michelle and Memphis the bartender that, if they get the chance to pick people off in the comp, that they should keep each other in and take out the others first. That boy is so clever, isn’t he? Someone give him a cookie.

April comes downstairs to talk to Libra and Keesha, and all hell breaks loose. Libra and April argue over Libra feeling like April doubted her abilities to win a comp. Then Keesha is pissed off because April said that someone told her Keesha feels that getting rid of Memphis the bartender is just like when Jessie got rid of Steven. I really don’t know where this came from, but suddenly Keesha is running into the kitchen shouting that she can’t f*cking stand April, that it’s her birthday (happy birthday Keesha) so it’s time to be real. She goes on and on about how April thinks it’s all about her (true) and that no one else in the house acts like this. (Has she met Jessie?)

Renny takes Keesha to the massage/sauna room to try and calm her down. Keesha sits and is quiet for a minute, and then she decides to go and confront April, who hasn’t heard most of this since she’s busy trying to talk Libra down. Keesha storms in, and tells April that she doesn’t like how April has been treating her. Libra agrees. April tries to explain that Jessie has told her a bunch of crap about Keesha and Libra, without actually naming Jessie. Which is stupid, but then again it is April we’re talking about here. Libra tries to mention that Renny has been saying stuff, but Renny won’t have it and stands up for herself. Jerry is in there too, trying to get everyone to calm the hell down and get into the mindset to win the veto.

The screaming goes on for a while, and then finally they’re all apologizing to each other and April mentions that it was Jessie who came to her and told her that Libra and Keesha were saying things about her downstairs. Ollie is back and forth from the room, trying to get everyone to calm down without getting involved in the fight. Keesha tells April that she went off on her in the kitchen, because she doesn’t like people talking shit about her. Libra is still hurt, and April is still dumb clueless confused.

The girls hug as Jerry is still trying to rally the troops against Michelle, Memphis the bartender, and Jessie. You know, I really want to root for a side here, but wow are there a lot of idiots in this house. Can I just root for Renny and wish that the first three evictees could be replaced by Jessie, April, and Memphis the bartender or Michelle? Keesha is seizing this opportunity to point out to April that her real target should be Jessie, since he started all of this and will continue to do so for as long as he’s in the house. Libra agrees and says that she really wants to respect April’s wishes, but Jessie needs to go.

Jerry comes back in saying that Memphis the bartender is laughing at all of them. This riles the girls up some more, but they end up taking it out on Jerry for trying to stir things up. Renny and Jerry have a few words, and poor Jerry says that he’s just trying to help his team. He really doesn’t understand how to deal with a group of emotionally unstable women. Here Jerry, let me help you. RUN. Just get far away, and don’t return unless you’ve got lots of chocolate to share.

For some reason Libra and April decide that confronting Jessie is a good idea. Because we all know that Jessie is a rational and thoughful human being who will set the record straight … aw screw it. I can’t even finish that sentence. He comes in the room and Libra gets all “I’m not fighting about this wichoo!” Then Michelle enters and April starts screaming at her. Seriously, this is the most action we’ve ever seen in the house. And the funny thing is that there’s a birthday cake waiting outside for a big fake happy celebration.

Jessie tries to talk, and Libra just keeps yelling at him. I really don’t even know what either one of them is talking about, but damn this is funny. Libra and Michelle leave, and Jessie and April talk for a minute before Libra comes to get them to gather in the kitchen to sing happy birthday to Keesha. They leave, and as the guys sit in the living room looking a little scared, the women are all screaming at each other in the kitchen. And then it’s time to cut the cake and sing. Wow. One minute they’re all screaming at each other, and the next they’re all singing together. Hee!

Michelle is pacing around trash-talking and telling Jessie that these girls don’t know who they’re dealing with. Oh please. I think Michelle is banking on America loving the underdogs, which only works when the underdogs are actually lovable. Libra apologizes for yelling, and Jessie the Pinhead apologizes for being honest with everyone. He can’t stop laughing about the whole situation.

Jessie walks over and tells the camera that if he leaves this week, at least he’s been honest. Urgh. Libra, Keesha, April, and Michelle start yelling at each other in the kitchen again, and Jessie comes in every few minutes to add another asshole comment. Keesha tells him to STFU and flips him the bird, while Libra apologizes to Keesha for the sad, sad birthday she’s having. Keesha’s still yelling at Jessie, calling him an arrogant prick. Libra claps loudly behind her.

Keesha and Renny leave the room, and Libra follows. Time for some Jessie-bashing, which I’m all for, but they keep bringing up the fact that he takes his dates to Wendy’s for dinner. Yes, it’s lame and cheap, but surely we can find some new material to work with, can’t we ladies? Really. Look at and listen to the boy. He’s providing you with trash-talk gold every single day!

Michelle goes up to the HoH room with April and Ollie, and Jessie tries to follow but gets kicked out. Hee!

Now we’re going to get rehash and more rehash until the veto comp begins, which I sure hope is going to be soon. Otherwise I’m going to run out of booze, and that would be a bad thing.

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