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Big Brother Live Feeds – End of HoH Comp

This was the most boring endurance competition I’ve ever watched. There were long stretches of no one saying anything. There wasn’t any deals going on until the very end. In addition, once people were out, they didn’t get extremely mad and fly off the handle. What’s up with that? No one was even eating in front of the others, rubbing it in that they could. The people that were out just sat there on the park benches staring blankly. Exciting stuff!

Dan was the only one that was running his mouth. He was doing Karate Kid trivia and football motivational speeches to everyone. It was riding a fine line between being entertaining and extremely interesting.

Jerry was the first out, falling after 26 minutes, saying his arms gave out. Libra dropped purposely after that, making it obvious that she isn’t worried at all, but with three people that are still up there begging last week for her to be on the block, she should be worried.

Michelle worries that she’s giving everyone a free show, as she’s going commando, something I definitely didn’t need to know. April’s worried about her choice of clothing as well, thinking this is going to get her on the cover of Maxim. Dan continues to have diarrhea of the mouth and finally drops out at 44 minutes, and Ollie drops out ten minutes later.

Once Ollie’s out, he says into his mic that Jessie is cheating, because he has his arms wrapped around the bar, and that’s against the rules. Keesha starts complaining about the same thing, forcing us to lose our feeds to trivia. When we come back, Jessie is out, having been disqualified.

Memphis starts to struggle and starts talking a little about making a deal, but nothing really comes of it. If I were him, it would be pretty apparent at this point they want him o-u-t. He final drops after an hour and 12 minutes on the wall. It turns out he was bleeding a little, so he stayed up at long as he could most likely.

With April, Renny, and Michelle still on the wall, Dan is giving more motivational speeches, by Michelle just wants some Southern Comfort when she comes down. Renny is finally down after 1 hour and 53 minutes after trying to turn around backwards.

After a long stretch of silence, and I mean L-O-N-G, Michelle starts really complaining and seems ready to make a deal, but it almost seems like she’s making her time up there seem worse that it is trying to make April feel sorry for her. April doesn’t budge and is sweet as pie. Michelle mentions a deal, then cries and says she just wants to see a picture of her mom. April basically just acts like, “Gee, that’s too bad.”

Michelle goes back to complaining about how tough it is, but it doesn’t seem to have an impact on April at all. She does offer to share her HoH wine with Michelle, who says “Fuck that. I want the whole thing!” She then offers to not just keep Michelle safe, but Jessie as well. Michelle wonders then who she would put up, but April refuses to answer, saying everyone’s watching right now.

After shaking, crying, breathing really hard, and saying that she hates being tall, Michelle asks April to promises not to put her or Jessie up, then drops to the ground. Apparently she learned nothing from Natalie’s mistakes last season. April decides to stay up one more minute for the cameras. With both on the ground, Jessie gives them tips on how to help their sore muscles.

With Michelle crying inside after the comp, April heads in to take a shower, and Libra tells her the HoH comps aren’t shown on the live feeds so her family won’t even know that she’s won until the Sunday show. Okay, a few things wrong with this logic. First of all, we get he HoH comps, unless it’s final 3, and sometimes even then, we just don’t get food comp and PoV. Secondly, we can always tell who has won because everyone talks about it. Like we could watch the live feeds until Sunday, with everyone begging April on who to put up as she sits in the HoH, and we’d have no idea who won!

For some reason Jerry talking to Julie Chen keeps coming up again and again during everyone’s conversations. They seem to think he didn’t understand what she was talking about. If they only knew the best conversation with Julie was with Dan calling her Mrs. Chen and being corrected, saying she is married, but Mrs. Chen is her mom. Perhaps everyone should start referring to her as Mrs. Moonves. There’s also quite a discussion about the earthquake the other day as the HGs try to decide if it was real or not.

April gets her HoH room filled with pictures of her family and best friends. As everyone looks at a picture of someone that she calls her baby and I assume is her nephew, there is a two or three minute session of every girl saying, “Awww.” Of her food choices, she gets Rice-A-Roni. Someone after my own heart. I bet she likes Hamburger Helper too. She has a very odd CD choice with Air Supply. I’m 44 and even I don’t listen to that. Her OCD kicks in a little as she touches everything perfectly. Looking at the pic of “her baby,” she runs her hand around the outside of it in a perfect square, and refolds the clothes she gets perfectly. Everyone leaves her alone when she starts crying reading her letter.

So Carrie wins with this week’s pool on who would win PoV. I guessed Libra, and she guessed April. Kudos!

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