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Big Brother Live Feeds, PoV Ceremony Goes as Expected

Basically, there was more drama and more fights yesterday surrounding the banner than there was today surrounding the PoV ceremony.

Fairly early in the day the PoV ceremony was held, and as expected, Keesha kept the nominations the same. Angie talked to Keesha and played it the absolute right way, while Jessie continues to not have a clue. The thing is, for him it wasn’t a matter of trying to save himself, but just keep himself safe. He just seems to keep digging his grave, and while it seems like the other side of the house plans to follow through and eliminate Angie, I don’t see how they can.

Angie and Keesha have peace with each other and find a comfortable place in their relationship, both saying they don’t have anything against the other. Angie assures her that she was not on her short list of people to put on the block, and Keesha appreciates that. Regardless, Angie still seems like she’s on her way out the door.

Jessie talks to Keesha and continues to beg to save himself, this time promising her safety next week. There is no plan, and never was, to vote him out this week. However, he now promises to keep her safe, making it seem like he’s worried about it. He tires saying that he has no friends in the house other than Keesha, and even Memphis is distancing himself from him.

I’m not sure who would ever believe that. It’s so contradictory. Number one, anyone with eyes and ears can tell he’s still close with the rest of his alliance. Aside from that, he was throwing everything at Keesha’s alliance yesterday, but now wants to crawl over and say he has no friends but her? That doesn’t even make sense.

Jessie then talks to Michelle, telling her that he was working Keesha over. He notes she isn’t even thinking for herself. As if when Jessie things for himself it somehow makes it better. It didn’t work any of the times Jessie begged Keesha to get what he wanted the past few days, but for some reason he thinks this is going to work. Shortly after, his conversation dissolves into asking Michelle if he looks any smaller, as he’s worried about losing some of his muscles apparently. If they were in his head, I’d say they were long gone.

If I were a houseguest, I’d be seriously considering keeping Angie around, as she is seeming to be much more stable. I think the Keesha’s alliance would have an easier time getting Angie to vote their way than Jessie.

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