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Interview With 'Mojo' Hunter of Joe Millionaire

by aurora 23/11/03

Remember Mojo? She was one of the highlights of the first ‘Joe Millionaire’! While the other ladies were planning and plotting, Mojo was giving Evan poetry and a homemade puzzle, leaving an impression on him and on the viewing audience. She has a great website now, and is making the most of her appearance on the show. Mojo graciously agreed to answer a few of our questions, and here’s what she said!

[b]What made you decide to do the Joe Millionaire show?[/b]

I actually have a great story how I got on the show! My girlfriend sent me a casting call e-mail that stated they (Rocket Science Labs-the casting company) were looking for females ages 24-32 who are open to the idea of finding love in a romantic foreign location and that they have found a great guy who is searching for the love of his life! The casting call e-mail stated that I must be able to travel internationally in October 2002. The submission deadline was August 16, 2002. HOWEVER… I did not receive the e-mail until August 20, 2002. I COULD HAVE EASILY DELETED IT! But instead…being the person that I am…I said, “What the heck” and went ahead and submitted my information and some photos to be considered. Little did I know…the VERY NEXT MORNING I would receive a phone call from RSL saying they WERE very interested in me and they wanted to send me an application! IT WAS FATE! I WAS DESTINED TO BE ON THIS SHOW! (I know this may sound funny…but for years beforehand…I had premonitions of some big event in my life taking place in a carriage like Cinderella…I thought one day I might get married in one…but I guess it just was a huge event in my life that has lead me on a different path to success!)

[b]Do you still keep in contact with any of the ladies from the show, or with Evan?[/b]

I do still keep in contact with a few ladies from the show. I was closest to Zora because we were roommates for most of our stay in the castle (needless to say some of the other girls weren’t so nice). I have not talked to or seen Evan since he booted me off! LOL!

[b]What was your first impression of Evan? Did that change as you got to know him a bit more?[/b]

My first impression of Evan was “Hubba, Hubba”! LOL. He was tall, dark and handsome…riding up on a horse…I almost thought he could be my Prince! I was all caught up in the fairytale! After I got to know him…I really liked how genuine he seemed. He was attractive, a gentleman and seemed pretty honest (I guess as much as he could be in that situation…lol). I just think our paths were in two different directions relating to business goals…I am always striving for more!

The puzzle and poem that you presented to Evan were such heartfelt gifts – did you feel that he didn’t show enough interest in your efforts? The viewers were left with the feeling that he was a bit shallow in not appreciating your gesture enough.

I believe Evan appreciated my gift to him (the puzzle and poem)…I don’t think he would have given me that sweet kiss afterwards if he didn’t! I don’t think anyone (Evan or the viewers) really understood the whole meaning behind it. I am different! I knew I would probably be the only one or few who gave someone I didn’t even know a gift. That is just how I am. I made that gift a month before I even met “Joe Millionaire” just trying to put into words my feelings about going overseas to possibly meet the man of my dreams…I had butterflies of passion, excitement and fun…I wanted him to know that. I guess some would say I am still a hopeless romantic!

[b]Do you feel that you were edited fairly in the context of the show? Did anything happen during filming that wasn’t aired, but you wish had been?[/b]

I do feel that I was edited fairly in the context of the show. While being taped I always kept in the back of my mind that my nine nieces and nephews would be watching…so I tried my best to be myself but not do anything I would regret on national television. I wouldn’t change a thing! I was always myself and if Evan didn’t like me for who I am…I know somebody out there will (I hope J). There was an event that was filmed that did not make the show but I wish had been. It was at the Moulin Rouge in Paris on my date with Evan. I was actually pulled up onstage in front of everyone (over a thousand people) and a performer had me do a ventriloquist act with him. It was hilarious! I was so embarrassed! But it was so much fun!

[b]What was your reaction when you found out that Evan was actually not a wealthy man? Were you surprised at all, or had you been suspicious?[/b]

I had my suspicions about Evan possibly not having as much money as they were letting on. Some things just weren’t adding up. He was suppose to have inherited this money over 2 years ago…but he still didn’t know how he was going to invest it or create new businesses. Honestly, I didn’t ask him a lot about the money. I could care less because I am going to make my own. But for instance in the beginning I remember rumors between us girls that the castle belonged to Evan and he didn’t know where all the bathrooms were, etc. I was pretty surprised though that the WHOLE SHOW was about him not having the money! When I seen the commercials for the show on TV. I WAS ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING! I thought oh my gosh…this is great…because I knew I wasn’t there for the money…I was there for love. I was just praying that FOX would portray me that way.

[b]What do you think of Evan’s final choice? Do you think he picked Zora with his heart, or was he urged to do so?[/b]

I think Evan and Zora had a “spark” and he made a great choice. I don’t know if he picked with his heart seeing how they split as soon as the show was over. I don’t know if he was urged to pick Zora, but things happen for a reason. I was truly happy for her!

[b]You’ve done a lot of modelling and acting work, as well as public speaking – what else would you like to get involved in, career-wise? What has been your favorite job so far?[/b]

I am smart enough to understand that I have been handed a huge opportunity from the exposure I gained on Joe Millionaire. Other girls may have let it slide through their fingertips, but I have worked very hard since the show to ride the wave as long and as high as I can! I HAVE KEPT MY MOJO WORKIN’! I love just traveling, making money and being myself! In fact I have not had a regular job since the show! I have been capitalizing on publicity tours, autograph sessions, Mojo Merchandise on www.mojomodel.com, commercials, spokes model positions, and so forth. I have done a plethora of charity events raising money for special causes and spent time speaking with children to help them realize they can achieve their dreams. One of the best encounters with a fan was in a shopping center with my mom and a little girl came up to me teary eyed and said, “Oh…are you MOJO? You were my favorite on the show! Was that a real castle?” I replied, “Yes…and hopefully you’ll visit yours one day too!”

[b]Will we be seeing you on television again soon?[/b]

Viewers will be seeing me on television again real soon! I am working on guest appearances on a number of different shows and I even have my own show, “The Got Your MOJO Show” coming out soon.

[b]Would you ever consider doing another reality tv show?[/b]

I would consider doing another reality TV show as long as it was MOJO MILLIONAIRE or me doing the choosing…lol.

[b]Have you been watching “The Next Joe Millioniare”? What do you think of it? Why do you think it’s tanking so badly in the ratings?[/b]

I have watched a few episodes of the new Joe Millionaire. I think it is pretty funny. Too bad I didn’t get that cowboy! We might have had more in common? I’m a city girl with a country heart! I don’t think people are as interested in the New Joe Millionaire because it’s lost its MOJO…of course I’m joking!

[b]People have drawn comparisons to you with Alessia, the spunky Italian girl on the current show. She has the same zest for life and inherent sweetness that you brought to the first show. How do you feel about that?[/b]

If people were comparing me with Alessia…I would take that as a complement!

[b]Is Paul Hogan, the butler, as interesting in person as he seems to be on television?[/b]

PAUL HOGAN IS AMAZING! He truly has the best personality, very wise and extremely interesting! I can’t believe he has not got his own show yet, like “The Butler Babes” or something…hee…hee. I really miss my castle alarm clock of him knocking on the door and in his handsome, Australian accented voice saying, “Melissa Jo…time to wake up.” He is such a great person!

[b]If it’s not too personal, have you found your soul-mate yet, or are you still searching?[/b]

I AM STILL SINGLE AND SEARCHING! Interested candidates can apply by sending an e-mail to mojofans@yahoo.com LOL.

[b]You have such a positive attitude! Your website is brimming with warm and encouraging messages. What is the most important thing that you’d like our readers to know about you and your outlook on life?[/b]

The most important thing that I would like the readers to know about myself and my outlook on life is: Write down your goals…write down action steps on how to achieve those goals…then DO IT! You CAN steer your life in the direction you want and once you know what you want in life…like a magnet you will attract the resources necessary to manifest the world you desire! It’s true…on my 101-goal list I had a goal to get to Paris, France by the age of 25. I was 25 when I was flown to Paris by FOX to be on the Joe Millionaire show! Since the show I have checked off even more goals…and yes one day…I will cash that check!

Believe in your dreams!

[b]Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Mojo, and for confirming for us that you are indeed the same friendly, outgoing, and driven person that we saw on television! Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

To keep up with what Mojo is doing, visit her website at MojoModel.com.[/b]


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