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Big Brother Live Feeds, All Hell's Breaking Loose

Today all hell seems to be breaking loose. There’s an overall tension that would need more than a knife to cut it. I think it would need an axe. At times there’s so much going on, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going down, but I’ll try my best to break it down.

With Keesha winning PoV, it increased tension in the Jessie/Michelle/Angie/Memphis alliance. It was their plan to be in Keesha’s face/ear the whole time before the PoV ceremony, but the only one that seems to be following through is Jessie, as he keeps cornering her again and again.

The calmest one is Angie, who simply went up to Keesha and mentioned her strong dislike for Libra, telling Keesha to take Jessie off the block. It seemed she was suggesting that Libra go up in his place, but Keesha is definitely unwilling to go this route.

Memphis is obvious still about his dislike of Jerry, but tries to get Keesha to put Libra up as well. Michelle is talking nonstop to Angie about everyone else. She actually gets in an altercation with Jerry, with him being upset that she was calling him a liar. It ended with him flipping her the bird and walking away.

But the worst one causing trouble today is Jessie. He has been assured by nearly everyone that he isn’t the target this week and that Angie is. Yet, he just can’t get over it that he’s on the block and didn’t win PoV. Jerry and Jessie even got into it as Jerry again is thinking he’s being called a liar, and he keeps trying to explain to Jessie he isn’t even the target. But Jessie fires back telling Jerry he lied to Keesha, and Jerry then screams at Jessie, telling him he’s vain, a pain in the ass, an idiot, and a jerk. Yep, that about covers it.

In the midst of all the tension, a banner plane goes up and we lose our feeds for about twenty to thirty minutes. No one seems to have gotten a clear look at what the banner plane says, except Memphis, who claims it says, “Keesha, Libra a liar. Love, Steven.” Now, this could be taken several ways, it could be someone claiming to be Steven is calling out Keesha and Libra for lying, or he is letting Keesha know that Libra is a liar. Regardless, whoever sent that up got his money’s worth out if it.

While the feeds were down, it seems that Jerry now got into it with Memphis. Jerry called him a womanizer. Renny defended Memphis, saying she knows a womanizer, and he isn’t one. She wouldn’t call hm that. Dan claims he wouldn’t call anyone in the house a womanizer, and that’s probably a sound decision. Michelle complains to April that Jerry is out of line, but April says she thinks Memphis is out of line, as he was making threats against Jerry.

Jessie then corners Libra and Keesha in the kitchen and tries to force their issues. He had corned April earlier about the same thing. He is saying Libra, April, and Ollie told him to put up Steven, and if he did, they promised to keep him safe this week . He followed through, but now they didn’t keep their end of the bargain. April had told him she isn’t the HoH, so couldn’t help that. Libra denies having any part of Steven being on the block. She in no way wants Keesha to know she was behind that. Jessie won’t let any of it go, though, as he keeps digging himself a deeper hole while trying to dig Libra’s. Regardles, when he’s done, Libra tells him she still isn’t going to vote him out.

In the end, Memphis tells Angie he’s not sure what the banner said and he made it up about calling Libra a liar. He thinks it really said “We love Libra.”

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