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Big Brother 10, July 25th – Veto Winner and Green Unitards

The live feeds went to bubbles for over three hours this afternoon, and when they came back things got pretty interesting! Keesha has won the veto, and both Libra and Jessie are sporting green unitards. It’s hard to tell what exactly the comp was all about, but Jessie is amazed that Keesha did so much better than he did. Keesha is saying something about not having to stay in there for too long, wearing flower hats, and having worms and dirt dumped on them. Sounds fun!

From what I can tell, the unitards were actually part of the comp. I guess they had to actually be flowers and stand in fertilizer or something.

Libra is upset, of course, because she came in second again. She wants to win something badly. Especially food, I would imagine. She can’t be enjoying the food options they have this week. Libra, April, and Keesha are talking about Memphis and why he was so angry he didn’t win, and Keesha says that he was planning to use it on Jessie, because she only made him promise not to use it on Angie.

Jessie and Michelle talk and decide that they have to be the last people in Keesha’s ear before the Veto Ceremony, so that she doesn’t decide to take Angie off the block and replace her with Michelle. Which is an option that she’s toying with. Everyone is planning on spending some quality time with Keesha in the HoH room as a matter of fact, and you just know that it’s going to drive her nuts.

Jessie the genius decides that they need to start some rumours so keep attention off of themselves. He wants to tell Jerry that the house wants him gone (well, that’s not really a rumour there, is it?) and he wants to tell Dan that Libra is the one who convinced Jessie to put Dan on the block.

Angie tells Memphis that she’s going to ask Keesha to take Jessie off the block. Why? I really don’t know. Meanwhile, Jessie tells Michelle that one of them has to win HoH next and put up April and Ollie. Neither of which has been a challenge or strategical threat in the game. But at least Renny seems to be in the clear for a while, so I’m good with that plan.

Keesha promises April to stick with her until final two, and April gives the same promise. They want to target Libra soon because neither one of them likes her very much, but they seem to understand that they need her now for the numbers. April swears that she never said anything at all about Keesha’s relationship with Steven. Can you see this as a clip on one of the shows next week? This is where we cut to April pointing out that Keesha is a floater because of all the time she spends with Steven.

Renny’s birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so I sure hope BB does something nice for her!

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