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Big Brother Live Feeds, New Sheriff In Town!

With the HoH last night, it turns out there’s a new sheriff in town. No longer does Memphis get to control the game and everyone run around and do as he tells them.

Everyone had suggestions for Keesha on who to put up, and everyone from Memphis’ alliance wanted her to put up Libra and either Jerry or Dan. Let’s get real, though. Keesha’s not that stupid. Would that be benefiting her? True, she was irritated with Libra last week, but is it really going to be in her best interests to put one of her closest allies on the block? And she gave Jerry her word to not nominate him.

All Keesha knew was that she wanted to put up Angie. She was only unsure of who else to put up, the reason being that she wants to ensure that Angie does leave. She had put put someone up that wouldn’t hold it against her and that the others wouldn’t vote for and kick out over Angie.

Memphis tried to work his magic on Keesha, and she just wasn’t buying it. Jessie then came up right after trying to make her think he was on her side, and saying that if she keeps Libra, Ollie, and April together, she knows they’d eventually boot her out. Memphis came back in and she suggested she put up Libra and Dan, making him very happy, but then she changed her mind, saying she couldn’t do that.

Jerry came up to talk to Keesha, and she decided maybe they could get Jerry in their alliance. He promised that with safety and working together with them, he would drop everything with Libra and let it all go. While he seemed for awhile to have a soft spot for Angie, he definitely didn’t anymore. He told them he could get Dan on their side, then went out and told Dan that he thought he could get him in the other alliance.

Once they put everything together and realized that Memphis, Jessie, Michelle, and Angie were a pretty tight alliance, Keesha knew what she had to do. The first order of business was to call in all the floaters and mak them part of the alliance if they promised to get rid of Angie. Dan and Jerry readily agreed, and of course Renny was definitely on Keesha’s side. It’s decided that it will be Angie and Jessie on the block, as many of the floaters and the Libra alliance aren’t happy with him. Dan asks if he can have his key not be pulled last, as so far in the game he’s never gotten to pull a key.

After the nomination ceremony, Angie apparently figures she’s a goner unless she wins PoV, as she declares she’s going to start working out. Then again, she also says if there’s luxuries in the comp, she’s going for those, instead of the win. She’s also planning on making her own puppet and resurrecting Brian and Steven.

It was Michelle’s key that was last in the box while Dan’s was first, so he got his wish and also got to stay off the block. He’s a happy guy, to say the least, yet he’s noticing that of both people that left, they sat in the same nomination chair.

Jessie asksk Jerry if he has his vote to stay. Jerry says he’ll think about it, but he’s not happy that Jessie has been talking crap about him. Jessie asks what he has supposedly said, and Jerry tells him he means the way he has talked about him being old and not really playing, saying he’s going to put him up. Jessie denies it, of course, and says he wanted Libra on the block.

Apparently there was a comment made in the nomination ceremony about a comment made by Jessie that disgraced the whole house. Jerry claims to not know and instead is more worried about the stuff being said about him. He has found out about Memphis making fun of him last night talking about his back hair. There was supposedly a hair that got stuck on something, and everyone was laughing about it with Memphis calling it one of Jerry’s back hairs. He calls Memphis a rude prick and says he doesn’t hold grudges, but he won’t forget that. Jessie makes it known that if it will get him further in the game, he’ll start keeping his distance from Memphis.

Jessie goes to talk to Michelle, telling her that if he wins PoV and takes himself off the block to not be surprised if she goes up in his place. He tells her it’s all Keesha, April, Ollie, and Libra. He doesn’t mention Renny, Dan, and Jerry, so must not realize they formed an ultra alliance. Memphis joins the conversation and for some reason thinks the others still don’t know that they’re in an alliance. There’s a real brain trust here, isn’t there? They think that if Jessie wins PoV, they can get Keesha to put someone else up to back door them.

Apparently there is some brain activity going on in that alliance as Michelle comments that perhaps she should have used the PoV to get Libra put up like they all begged her to do. Yep. Look how much better off she’d be right now. She’d be the darling of everyone instead of worrying about going up on the block.

Jessie starts blaming Memphis for Michelle and himself being on the block, and adding that even Jerry hates him now. Memphis replies he doesn’t give a shit. Even though he told Michelle she’ll probably go up in his place, he’s now telling Memphis to not be surprised if he goes up.

This one is going to be one charged PoV competition. Memphis and Michelle are going to be dying to play with the hopes of winning and keeping themselves off the block. Yet here’s the burning question, if the survivors of Memphis’ alliance win HoH next week, do the floaters switch to that alliance?

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