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Big Brother Live Feeds, Yum! Pigs Feet and Raisins

The food comp happened relatively quickly this morning, which wasn’t good news for the people that were up all night getting absolutely toasted in the HoH room. It wasn’t good news for Jerry, either, who thought he ate bad pork last night. He saved himself “finding” a Pepcid AC. Was it under his pillow like a mint?

The houseguests were woken up this morning with just thirty minutes to to get ready for the comp. Once we lost the feeds for the comp, they were only out for a little over an hour. When they come back, it appears that it was one of those food comps where they play for different types of food.

In the houseguests winnings are beer, orange juice, pigs feet, pumpernickel, raisins, chicken, broccoli, sourdough bread, bananas, turkey, and eggs. There are assumably other things, but these are the only things they are mentioning.

Once again Libra has to bich about the food comp, although this time it’s not the slow old people that were irritating her. Paired with someone younger and faster, after her complaint of no balance between teams, she was paired with Dan. She complains that while she was saying one thing during the comp, he thought she was saying another. She smartly buttons her lip when he walks in the room, so as to not have more confrontations, especially since Jerry is pissed all over again at her after what she told Julie Chen during the live show.

Michelle isn’t happy either, and she and Jessie can’t figure out why raisins are considered a dessert. Not surprisingly, Libra is upset about the pigs feet. If she’s not going to eat slop, she’s certainly not going to eat pigs feet.

Memphis is pissed about Jerry, saying he sucks at comps and nearly fell about six times. He couldn’t hear them when they were yelling. Is it me or are these all stereotypes of old people, making it possibly just excuses to try and convince Keesha to put Jerry up? He continues, saying he wants him and Renny out, because they suck at comps. Let’s see if this one gets back to Jerry.

I would have thought with no slop we didn’t have to listen to Libra bitching, but apparently that isn’t the case. I’m beginning to think she’ll find things to bitch about no matter what.

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