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Big Brother 10, Second Live Eviction

Here we are again, another live eviction episode. Tonight, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we’re saying goodbye to Steven. Damn you people for continuing to vote out the attractive hamsters! So off we go.

Recap of the last couple of episodes. Jessie is HoH, he nominated Dan and Steven, Michelle won the veto, didn’t use it, and that’s all. Hey, did you notice last night that when Jessie and Memphis the bartender had their private conversation in the storage room, they both stood side by side facing the mirror? Go figure.

Here we are with a very orange Julie and the live audience that makes no difference whatsoever. The ghost of Brian continues to linger, apparently. Wow, Renny looks gorgeous tonight. Julie’s outfit is horrible. It doesn’t even match itself. Sorry Julie, usually you dress fairly well, but tonight notsomuch.

Black and white veto ceremony, music, we’re in colour. Dan’s “very elated” that the veto wasn’t used. Steve of course would rather not be on the block. Keesha says she has to keep her word to Libra, Ollie, and April, but she wishes she had never made that alliance. Libra wants to get the floaters out of the house. Steve tells Dan that he really tried to get one of them off the block, and doesn’t want either one of them to leave the house. He adds that he’s going to try to keep himself here, but doesn’t want Dan to go either.

Steven then talks to the Keesha/April/Ollie/Libra group, and they all tell him that they like him and it’s not personal. Ollie thinks it’s all because of Brian, and Steve says that he’s under this cloud but doesn’t understand why. He asks why they think that Dan is better to keep, and they all say that Steve is a better competitor. He says that if that’s true, then wouldn’t he make a better ally? He offers to stay on their side if they keep him. He leaves, and Ollie says that he likes Steven and wants him around. They figure out the Jessie/Memphis the bartender/Angie/Michelle alliance, and Keesha points out that they need to grab one of those floaters to keep their numbers up.

Dan goes up to the HoH room and tells Jessie and Michelle that he’s not going to rally for votes unless they think he needs to. They both give him their word that as far as they’re concerned, he’s staying.

Angie tells Memphis the bartender that it makes her skin crawl to have to be nice to Libra and April. He tries to tell her that she has to keep trying so they don’t catch on. He thinks they can surprise the others with this “secret” alliance they have. She thinks they need to keep Dan close to them for the numbers.

Keesha points out to Libra that Angie and Memphis the bartender are close, and so are Michelle and Jessie. Keesha tries to work Libra and April to get rid of Dan, and thinks that voting to keep Steven would be like “throwing the first stone” to the other alliance. Boy, I’d love to see that happen.

There’s Orange Julie(us), ready to ask questions provided by the live audience. This should be lame. Jerry, do you feel your housemates respect you as a competitor? He’d like to think so, but will leave it up to them. But he feels he earned it and they owe it to them. Libra, does age make a difference? She’s sure they saw some activity regarding that situation, but when you’re competing in the comps they should make the teams even. But she also says that it’s a combination of several variables, not just age.

Now April is asked what it is about Ollie that attracted her to him. She says he’s a great guy, a sweetheart, kind, and easy to talk to. Ollie is looking at his shoes. Ack, she just said it was nice to have someone to conversate with. Now Ollie is asked about the showmance and what he thinks his dad would say. He says that his dad would be in favor of him finding someone to confide in etc, but would be upset if Ollie disrespected any of the women in the house. But as for finding someone, he thinks Dad is giving him a round of applause. Heh.

Oh great, we’re going to talk to Jessie’s parents about the feud he has going with Renny. First we talk to Renny’s family. Wow, the pictures of her are so pretty! We get to see her wigs and hats and stuff. Her son says that no one knew how to take her personality in the house, and he doesn’t think Jessie was brought up to respect his elders, and calls him a punk. Hee.

Jessie’s dad says he was a small kid, a “runt.” Hee. Mom says that people don’t know the goodness in him, and that he’s a lovable guy, it just takes a while to get to know him. Mom thinks Renny exploited him and tried to make him the bad guy. I think Renny’s right, Jessie is a weasel.

Now Orange Julie(us) is talking to Jessie and his physique in the HoH room. She asks him about how he thinks the other hamsters think he’s a body without a brain. He says it’s because of his age, and that people think that anyone who has muscle is a dumbass. He says that he worked out because he didn’t want to start drinking in college. He says his biggest weakness is actually confiding in Michelle, and having the others group the two of them as a pair. He says he showed his maturity level in not nominating Renny. Whatev.

Time for the live vote. Nominees get to make speeches, so let’s return to the living room, shall we? Dan tells Mrs. Chen that she looks beautiful again. Derrr. He adds that he’s had a lot of fun this week and would love to continue on, but if they feel they need to get him out of there he understands and will be going home to a girl who he loves very much. Steven says that when they moved in, he made a choice, and immediately regrets that decision. He throws out some of trivia that BB has been announcing, and ends with, “suck it, bitches.” Awesome.

Time to vote. Michelle votes to evict Steven. Surprise surprise surprise. Memphis the bartender votes for Steven. So do Angie, Jerry, (commercial), Libra, (it’s official, let’s see how the remaining votes fall), April, Ollie (who calls Orange Julius “Julie Mamma”), Renny, and Keesha. Julie reveals the vote, and Steven hugs and handshakes without incident.

Out comes Steve as the audience cheers and the people in house hug each other. Julie asks if riding a bull or the game is more difficult. He says the game, because the bull lasts like eight second. He talks about the stress of the game and how hard it is to be away from his friends and family, and someone special he can’t wait to see. Messages: Keesha says she loves him to death, and it’s hard to see him go. Angie apologizes for being unable to help him stay in the house. Renny tells him he’s a beautiful young man and calls him “magic.” Jessie says something about taking his physique where he wants it after Jessie led him by example. Dan tells him that he opened his eyes to gay people, and he considers him a true friend. Aw, Steven is in tears now.

HoH comp coming up. There’s a little alien out in the backyard. Hee. Must be the ones that were showing up in the mirrors and windows the other day. Julie shows us the clips of that – April blowdrying her hair and screams, and then tells everyone about this huge green alien. Jessie gets freaked out while talking about his muscles in the HoH room. There’s on in front of Renny while she’s washing the dishes, and she makes a face back at him. Hee!! Then she acts freaked out and brings the others over to check it out, but of course it’s not there anymore. Then we see missing items in the house. Hope they’ve been Jedi-drilling!

Here we go. The power is up for grabs. Go Renny! Items have gone missing, and BB is going out of this world with a comp called “Alien Abduction.” They’ll go head to head in pairs to answer questions about the missing stuff. The answers will be kitchen, living room, spa, bathroom, or not missing. Correct answer moves on while the other is eliminated, incorrect answer is eliminated. Winner chooses the next two hamsters to face off. Last person standing wins. Remember, this is the type of comp Baller won last season, so it’s really anyone’s game.

Dan and April are up first. Question: There is not a life form in the universe that can resist this temptation, that’s why this room is missing two plastic cupcakes. Dan gets it right, Renny and Libra are up.

Q: After traveling millions of light years without a hot shower, it’s no wonder hot water is missing from this room. Renny says bathroom, but it’s the kitchen. Libra moves on. Memphis the bartender and Angie are up.

Q: All of the aliens longed for their home galazy after seeing this in the house. Which room is missing a silver star? Memphis gets it right, Ollie and Jerry are up.

Q: For some aliens plant life is like family. In which room do they think they took their grandfather but actually took a potted plant? Jerry says living room, but it’s actually the spa so Ollie moves on. Michelle and Keesha are up.

Q: There are many extra terrestrial fans of BB. But there is one less fan in this room. Michelle says not missing, but it’s the living room. Keesha moves on, Libra and Dan are up.

Q: Aliens have been chased off farms for centuries. It’s no mystery that this room is missing a pitchfork. Libra gets it right, Memphis the bartender and Keesha are up.

Q: Even aliens can find love over a romantic dinner, so it’s no surprise that this room is missing a candlestick. Keesha gets it right, so Ollie and Libra are up.

Q: Aliens are famous for their green thumbs, so it’s no wonder that this room is missing a shovel. Libra is right, she faces off with Keesha.

Q: Even aliens want to know which way the wind blows, that’s why this room is missing a weather vane. Libra says living room, but it’s not missing so Keesha is the new HoH.

Hugs all around, Keesha looks like she’s not quite sure how to react. Julie asks her how it feels, and she says it feels great. More questions from the audience – the audience wants to know what Libra will do if she ends up on slop for a thrid straight week. She says it’s gonna be ugly, she’s on a liquid diet and will probably lose more weight. And apparently that’s the only question we have time for.

Orange Julie(us) tells us about the upcoming week (business as usual) and pimps the feeds and BB:AD. And we eavesdrop on the houseguests … Jessie goes to hug Keesha, and then Libra and April surround her. She’s going to have these two in her HoH room all week.

And that’s it. I think Keesha might just shake things up this week – at least I hope she will. It’s getting too predictable, and we need someone to target someone from the Jessie/Michelle/Angie/Memphis the bartender alliance. Will she have the guts?

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