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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 21st – Outrage Over a 12 Pound Loss

Topic of the Day: No one is talking about who’s leaving, as it seems apparent it will be Steven. People are looking ahead. Keesha and Renny discuss Memphis, saying they like him, but think he’s with “the other crew,” as they see him coming out of the HoH a lot. Keesha likes Ollie, but knows he’s with April. Renny spends a good deal of time blasting April about butting in all the time and noting that her and Libra think they’re running the place.

Jessie and Michelle decide to put up Jerry and Renny next, because, you know, if Michelle thinks she’ll win the HoH, she will, especially as Jessie won last time and tells her how easy it will be.

Steven tells Angie she’s in danger and needs to win HoH, as it’s going to be “another Dick and Daniele season.” I have no idea what or who that is referring to this season. Perhaps they mean someone running away with it? Not sure. Angie wants the pleasure of handing Libra her bag and telling her not to let the door hit her in the ass on the way out. She moves on to talk to Memphis, and she tells him she wants Libra out before Jerry and Renny. Memphis admits he wouldn’t mind Renny making it to sequester. So much for Jessie and Michelle’s plans, as it seems everyone always follows what Memphis wants.

Libra talks to April about wanting Angie out next, as she has a bad feeling. She asks if Memphis wants Dan and Jerry up next, and it’s confirmed. April thinks they’ll stick to the plan. Again, why are they all letting this one guy decide who goes? Memphis tries to get some of the the other guys in on his plan and tells them that he thinks if Jerry wins HoH he’ll put two of them up as he thinks he’s worried about physical threats. Memphis takes this concern to Jessie later, but Jessie thinks Jerry would stick with the plan of Dan and Renny. They know he wants Libra out, but think Libra would do anything but make a deal with the devil to stay.

Renny and Keesha discuss Libra, and Keesha explains she’s the pickiest eater there is, so if she can eat that shit (slop), so can Libra. Renny also points out that Jessie talks to Keesha differently, and she thinks that’s because he likes her. They hope it will allow them to get a little closer to him.

Libra tells Memphis she thinks if Jerry wins HoH he’ll put up Memphis and Dan, and he agrees. He just can’t stand the thought of being stuck in sequster with Jerry, yet he wouldn’t mind Renny making it to sequester, though. Forget about everyone else. Who’d want to be stuck in sequester with Libra? Apparently he’s not planning on winning.

Fun Stuff:
It was a crazy night for Steven last night. The HGs talk about it today, saying he took an Ambien, got naked and tried to get in the DR, then undid Keesha’s bra in about five seconds. Knowing he’s probably leaving this week, he says he wants to go out funny and thinks he might take another Ambien.

Boredom has set in already at the house. It’s time for this season’s slip ‘n slide. Michelle wears something over her hair to not get it wet or soapy from the detergent. Even perpetual party pooper April eventually tries it. Angie and Michelle have soap werestling to the cheers of the guys.

Despite having the owner of a salon as a HG, Jerry has Michelle cut his hair for him. Keesha is wondering why Jerry has her scissors and is sure that it’s either to trim his nose hair or back hair. Renny cuts Keesha’s hair, and Dan wants in on it too, but Renny tells him she mostly cuts women’s hair. He then asks if she has had any plastic surgery, and when she asks if it looks like she has, he explains she looks flawless.

Angie and Memphis prepare for a Gladiator battle by making aluminum foil hats, masks, and weapons. He announces his name is Thor and he will go pillage. Isn’t Thor the name of the Canadian he gave a ride to? Steven makes a cling wrap mask, which somehow just isn’t the same, and he decides he looks like the KKK in his outfit, although Memphis thinks he looks like an aardvark. He chases Dan around the house who attempts to fend him off with a bottle of 409, which Angie insists is being used as the world isn’t ready for 410.

Michelle has hair on her neck that she shaves.

Renny thinks the people in northern Spain look like aliens. Later, Jessie thinks he sees an alien in a 2-way mirror, and Michelle wonders if it’s a twist, because it keeps coming up.

Getting Real:
Jerry talks to Angie about being abandoned by his parents when he was younger and his relatives not wanting to raise him anymore. He left school in the 10th grade, then his grandmother signed allowing him to join the Marines. He had a decent I.Q. and wanted to go to college after this, but his wife was pregnant by this point and he didn’t know how to accomplish that. His daughter encourged him in 1970 to go back to school and he did, getting a degree. Okay, the more I hear, the more I could never vote this guy out.

Libra Bitching of the Day: She is down to 167 from 179, and she’s pissed, saying it’s too much to lose in just two weeks. But, she’s coming off having newborn twins, so that’s going to happen. Who bitches about losing baby fat? According to Keesha Libra had asked why her tooth was so gray and Keesha then asked why Libra was so fat, but explains to Renny that it cracked just before she came to BB.

Libra finds out she won’t be able to eat real food again until 9 PM on Wednesday and shoots the camera the double bird. The other girls complain that Libra is driving them f’in insane with her constant bitching about the slop.

Newest Showmance?: Jerry crawls into bed with April and spoons her for awhile. She later tells Ollie he’s been replaced.

Quote of the Day: With several people sharing bathroom time, Jerry tells Michelle he bets it’s the first time she ever showered with a 75-year-old man. When she doesn’t respond, Libra tells Jerry she bets it’s the first time he’s showered with a black woman, and he answers, “Nope!” After, Jerry sets to work cleaning his false teeth. He tries to warm up to the women after this, telling them they all look beautiful, and gets a cool response from Libra in return, who later whispers about him to the others.

My Thoughts: Steven’s a goner at this point. There’s no way to save him. I don’t see Jerry or Renny being put up next week. There are bigger fish to fry. Several in the house will be fighting to have Libra put up, and some of the others will be fighting to have Dan or Angie up. Because control switches back and forth a lot here, I don’t think someone from Jessie’s allaince will win PoV. I’m looking at it to be someone from Libra’s alliance.

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