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Big Brother Live Feeds, July 19th – Golly, Ollie!

First Game Talk of the Day: The talk today continues to be about the veto and if Michelle should use it, and on and with whom. Libra and Keesha get up before everyone else trying to figure out the alliances, and pretty much figure out Jessie’s alliance. Keesha still can’t figure out, though, why Dan and Steven are the targets when Angie was the one that tried to save Brian, and she continues to walk around without a care in the world. Apparently someone hasn’t clued her in that there’s an order of when people are supposed to leave the house, but that order isn’t being followed as people continue to get more paranoid.

Today’s Fight: Jerry and Libra get into an argument over what she said after the food comp. Even though it’s a few days later, he has found out about her talking about losing because of the “two slow and old people,” which gets Renny into it with Libra as well. Libra claims she didn’t say anything like that and for the first time this season suggests they replay the tapes. Yet another person that for some reason thinks that when the feeds are shown they’re edited to support their crazy ideas. Eventually Libra admits to saying this and tries to smooth it over, saying she just wants the teams more balanced.

After Jerry and Renny leave, Libra talks about Jerry’s motives to April and Ollie, saying his role is to play the good guy, but when he can get in there and mix it up, he does. She’s glad it all happened though, as now he knows not to mess with her. Libra also talks about Michelle, mentioning they should be careful about whatever they say around her, as she goes straight upstairs and spills it all to Jessie. April and Libra decide they need to be careful as they’re going to become targeted now because of their relationship. Shortly after, Libra ends up alone and crying, and Jerry comes up, patting her on the back, telling her he will never have a personal bad feeling about her. It’s interesting that he’s basically letting her know he’s a game player.

Renny and Keesha come in to talk to Libra, and somehow she’s painting herself as the victim in all this. Renny mentions her belief that Jerry has been after her since day one. She also notes that he had been talking about a need to stir up the house. Michelle also comes in to comfort the victim.

Later on in the backyard, Libra is blaming the fight on Renny when talking to Jessie, saying it all makes her mad, as she was determined to come in the house and not be the angry black woman. Libra keeps the subject on Renny, saying she started crap with Keesha and is now doing it to her. so now Renny started it instead of Jerry? They spend some time talking about the tier of people to be evicted, and Libra says she thought the original four had somehow changed to now include Angie, so she was confused when she wasn’t nominated.

Keesha, April, Ollie, and Steven talk, and it’s interesting that they realize Libra is doing nothing but planting seeds. They all talk about how much Libra bugs them … sorry, random flashbacks of summer camp for me on that one … Steven can’t understand why everyone is focused on getting him or Dan out when there are people like Libra in the house that no one can stand. Steven knows he’s a really fun guy to be around, and this just happens to be after he went streaking around with pillows covering the same things he covers up first thing in the morning.

Fun Stuff: April spent her 30th birthday on house arrest for a DUI.

Steven notes it’s a fallacy that all the good looking guys are gay. Jerry says everyone always asks him what he things of gay people, and says he just doesn’t. He doesn’t think of Steven as gay, but just Steven. Steven replies that’s all he can ask for, and Jerry quips that’s all he’s getting.

Jerry had bypass surgery when he was 64, and that’s one reason why he keeps in shape. A little later, he’s running in the backyard, and Jessie notes many people Jerry’s age can’t even walk.

Ollie talks about his religion, saying they’re Pentecostal. His mom can’t wear pants or makeup.

Jessie tells Michelle he’s single, even though he’s dating a girl back home. He tells her he doesn’t put girls first. Go get him, Girls! What a catch! This is said while she’s giving him a pedicure.

While Ollie and April are doing … who knows … under a blanket in the spa room, Jerry sits and talks to them from the massage chair. Jerry leaves to go to bed, giving up on them apparently, and they seem to get really down to business. We can hear breathing, kissing, moaning, and see lots of movement under the covers. After, she emerges from the blanket and says it felt really good, while he mentions a need to wash the blanket. They both agree that was something they said they’d never do while on the show. I’m sure his Pentecostal preacher dad loved the show, as well as his mom with no makeup and ever-present skirt/dress. April tells him she wants to do this more and next time wants to get freaky. She also wants to be his girlfriend after the show. He says, “We’ll see.”

Perv of the Day: Jessie asks Michelle and April to demonstrate their favorite sexual positions. I think my favorite position for Jessie would be no f’in way. The guys then discuss Steven running to the bathroom first thing in the morning every day with his hand covering his privates. This leads into a discussion about what he was covering and if the other guys experience it as well. Michelle oddly claims to experience the same phenomenon, leaving me wondering about the physicality about that. A little later we find out why Steven is waking up in this condition. He’s been having dreams about Dolly Patron making out with his friends and a congressman that’s involved in a sex scandal.

101st Reason to Dislike BB After Dark: Much of the evening is spent preparing for a talk show they’re going to put on when AD kicks in. What happened to the good old days of Season 9 with pool porn orgies? Jessie is wearing a green beret from the food comp plus his mustache from the same comp, and his name is Pepe Le Pew. Memphis is wearing a halter top and sunglasses and running around. Dan is hosting the show, and April is another guest. She talks about being in love with … Ollie, who comes in wearing a wig that makes him look like Parker. Libra is the relationship expert on the show, and Angie gets a makeover going from Angie to Angela. All they can talk about afterward is how great it was and how they know it will end up on YouTube. After this, they play a rousing game of Heads Up, 7-Up.

Counting Your Chickens: Jessie and Michelle are sure one of them is going to win the whole show.

My Thoughts:
I’d love to see Michelle use the veto to pull someone off, either one I don’t care, and put up someone that would really shake the house up, just to get stuff moving, as it’s somehow too predictable in just the second week of the show. Putting Libra or Angie up would be a great way to to stir it. It’ll be interesting, too, now that April and Ollie appear to have consummated their relationship to see if they now become targets just as Chelsea and James did.

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