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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds, July 18th – Guilty by Association

Topic of the Day: The main topics today are whether the veto should be used, and if Libra is really catching on to what’s happening with the alliance that is in power this week. But we’ll get to those in a bit. First …

Jessie and Memphis the bartender decide that if someone comes down with the veto they’ll put Renny up and vote out the other guy. Jessie wants to cut Angie from the alliance and replace her with Dan. Memphis the bartender says no, because then Angie would go out and tell everyone about their former alliance and their plans. Jessie sees Angie on the spy screen talking to Steven in the kitchen, and can’t believe that she refuses to stay away from him.

Ramping up for Veto: Libra really wants a slop pass. The backyard is set up with a big doorway and a bunch of other props.

The Big Enigma: Seriously, why do these people believe that if you’re not in an alliance with someone, you shouldn’t ever talk to them. Or smile at them. Or help them wash the dishes. It makes no sense.

Keesha tries to explain this concept to Libra and April, saying that she really likes Steven and enjoys hanging out with him, but she’s not stupid and knows that she has to vote him out of the house. She says that’s she’s not stupid quite often actually. Just sayin’. The girls seem to agree with Keesha to her face, but then when she’s gone they turn on her and call her a floater, and complain that she’s only trying to keep all of her bases covered.

Michelle and Her Many Alliances: Speaking of floaters, Keesha thinks Michelle is one and doesn’t trust her. Libra thinks Michelle is solid and a big part of their alliance. Heh. Libra and April tell Michelle what Keesha has said about her, and Libra asks her straight up if she’s running back and telling stuff to Angie. Just Angie? Libra, honey, you’re observant. Who do you think Michelle is spilling to?

Michelle says that she’s not telling Angie anything, because Angie is an idiot who has chosen to isolate herself. This seems to satisfy Libra. For now. They’re all amazed at how Angie really thought she had a chance to save Brian, and now she won’t separate herself from Steven. And we’re back to the whole segregation issue now.

Steven’s Confused – Or is it an Act? Steven goes to Libra and tells her that he did what the house wanted and voted to evict Brian, but he’s still been nominated and he doesn’t understand why. Libra tells him that he voted by his actions, not his words. Obviously he wanted to keep Brian in the house, so that’s why he’s up. Which of course makes no sense, as I’ve been pointing out all along.

Libra tells Steven that he needs to go around and really talk to people and try to make connections in the house. Except, of course, that no one wants to be seen talking to Steven lest they be targeted themselves next week. Hey Jessie, Memphis the bartender, and the rest of you idiots – Libra’s talking to Steven. She must be a floater!

High School Games: Libra tells Dan some story about the people who tried to arrange for Brian’s ouster, which is completely false. She wants to see if Dan tells Angie, and if Angie will tell Keesha. What if Dan tells Keesha? Or what if Dan tells Ollie, who tells Jessie’s physique, who tells Jerry, who tells Keesha? How will Libra ever know? The mind boggles.

Veto Time: We get to watch bubbles while the veto comp is on. These bubbles are worse than the flames. Every season, they come up with lamer things to play when the feeds are cut off. This one looks like some lame-ass screen saver from 1997.

When we come back, it’s clear fairly quickly that Michelle has won the veto. Libra gave up a slop pass, and keeps talking about it.

Veto Aftermath: Keesha is upset and crying to Jessie that one of the girls really upset her during the comp. It’s hard to tell what she’s really upset about. It seems that someone said or did something that implied that Keesha wasn’t part of the team, or that she was really wanting to win the veto for Steven.

Libra is yapping to Steven in the kitchen about hearing Keesha tell him that she was sorry she didn’t win the veto for him. Steven is pissed off, and says no, Keesha told him she was sorry that he didn’t win it himself. Libra thinks that she took one for the team by not going for the slop pass. Apparently Renny started this whole fight, which had to have happened right after the comp.

Keesha tells Jessie that she really wanted to win the veto and keep the nominations the same so that people would stop doubting her. She’s friends with Steven and doesn’t want to just stop talking to him because he’s leaving on Wednesday.

Libra thinks that Keesha was trying to get her to take the slop pass so that she’d be out of the game and Keesha could win it to save Steven. Good grief. Keesha says no, she was cheering for Libra to take the slop pass because she had said that she wanted one so badly.

Eventually Keesha and Libra hash it all out, starting with an argument. Keesha tells Libra she knows that Libra was telling people she was campaigning for Steven to stay. Libra denies it and says that someone is lying to Keesha. They end up confused, as Steven continues to lament the fact that Dan voted for Brian to stay, yet he’s not the target this week. The ghost of Brian is going to be a factor for a while, methinks.

Steven Makes at Attempt to Stay: Steven goes to Michelle after the veto comp and tells her the same thing that he had said to Libra earlier, that he doesn’t understand why he’s on the block when he did exactly what everyone wanted him to do. Michelle tells him that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do with the veto yet, and that he needs to give her some time to think about all of it.

Steven then goes to Jessie and asks him to explain his nominations, since Steven never did anything against Jessie. Jessie says that Steven wasn’t with him, so he must be against him. Steven says no, it’s not a black and white issue like that, but Jessie insists that there’s no gray area. I think he means gamewise, not between his ears, but it’s hard to be certain.

This is quite a long conversation, but it boils down to the fact that Steven was with Brian last week, and he didn’t go up to Jessie’s HoH room or congratulate him, which Jessie perceived as disrespect. So that’s why he’s up. Steven says that he may as well leave the house voluntarily then, rather than spend the next few days ostracized. He doesn’t want to see Keesha screamed at any more for spending time with him either. He tells Jessie that the three girls on his side are spending their days talking shit about everyone else in the house, and he doesn’t want to be involved in that any longer.

Jessie says that he can empathize with everything Steven is saying, because he felt the same way last week. He admits that if he does something that the rest of them think is wrong, that he’ll be out the door as well. Steven wonders if Michelle would be targeted if she uses the veto on him, and Jessie is pretty sure she would. When Steven tells Jessie that he was never on his radar, Jessie replies that he might be doing the others’ dirty work for them.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken: Keesha tells Renny that someone needs to win HoH next week that will change the way things are working in the house.

The Tide Starts to Turn on Libra: Keesha and April have a heart to heart, and they both say they feel badly about the fight that occurred the other night. Keesha says that Libra is turning the two of them against each other, and April agrees. They both say that they don’t trust Libra at all. April throws in that she’s already told Ollie that she’s not taking him to the end of the game. Apropos of nothing.

Jerry and Renny are also starting to figure Libra out, and Jerry swears that he’s going to go after her.

Up in the HoH room, Keesha tells Memphis the bartender and Jessie that she wants Jerry to win HoH again next week and get Libra out, but Memphis the bartender thinks it would be better to have Jerry and Renny on the block next and stick to the plan. Only Steven was never part of the original plan, was he? Nope. Dan was supposed to be next, and now he’s sticking around longer than Jerry or Renny. You see how well plans work in the BB house?

Memphis the bartender believes that the only way they’ll be able to get Libra out is if they backdoor her. And I don’t think the boy understands how to backdoor anyone, because if that’s what he wanted to do, he’s sitting on the perfect opportunity RIGHT NOW. Duh.

There’s a Hole in Your Logic, Dear Libra Dear Libra: Libra tries to convince April and Keesha that they need to take out the boys first, because they’re all plotting to take out the girls first. Brilliant observation, Libra! Brian left first, and now Steven’s the target, and they also want Jerry and Dan gone … oh, wait. Never mind.

And Steven Catches On: Steven wonders if he might be able to swing something against Libra this week, the same way that the others took Brian down last week. Jerry and Angie seem to be game.

Angie floats the idea by Memphis the bartender, who insists that the idea is stupid because Michelle will not use the veto. Steven also makes a play for Memphis the bartender’s vote, but Memphis says in no uncertain terms that his vote will be to evict Steven this week.

Followed by Libra Catching On: Michelle is getting a little too comfortable, and lets a few things slip in a conversation with Libra. Libra figures out that there’s an alliance between Michelle, Jessie, Memphis the bartender, and Angie. She knows that Steven and Dan were targeted because of their affiliation with Brian last week, but keeps pointing out that Angie is being left alone, even though she’s still walking around wearing Brian’s hat.

More Back and Forth Than a Tennis Match: Michelle goes to Memphis the bartender in a bit of a panic, telling him that Libra has caught on and is now all of a sudden asking a lot of questions about Angie. Memphis the bartender (I need to get that moniker in a macro or something) tells Michelle about Steven’s plan to backdoor Libra, and that Angie and Jerry are on board with it. He adds that they can’t do it, because it messes with his three-week plan. Michelle drinks the Kool-Aid and agrees that she won’t use the veto.

Michelle talks to Jessie next. Jessie thinks that Libra is a real problem now, because she knows about the alliance and will come after them. Poor dumb Jessie. He doesn’t quite understand that you can’t just take out all of your threats in one HoH week and guarantee safety throughout the rest of the game. It’s only week two people. Chill out. Michelle is really pissed off though that Jessie wants to change the plan, and she tells him the whole thing is stupid.

Then Michelle goes back to Memphis the bartender and complains that now Jessie is saying that he wants Libra out. She’s all angry and hyper. She doesn’t seem to understand that, if she doesn’t use the veto, the nominations won’t change. She has some control here. Memphis the bartender talks her down and explains that she shouldn’t use the veto and then Steven will be out and his all-important plan can keep rolling along.

Jessie goes to his new BFF Dan and tells him that he needs to target Libra next week because the whole house wants her gone. He says that Dan would become a hero in the house if he could get Libra out.

Finally the Jessie, Michelle, and Memphis the bartender brain trust gathers to hash things out. Jessie tells Michelle that she just got too mad at him and started yelling, and he didn’t know what to think. He came out of the DR earlier, and they asked him about the alliances in the house, and the Libra was all over him asking about Angie and Michelle and stuff, and it all confused him.

Memphis the bartender decides that they’ll just stick with his plan, and he’ll tell Libra that some other people are after her so that she stops focusing on Angie. I love how Angie is part of this alliance, but she never gets invited to the meetings.

Fun Stuff: BB is asking trivia questions and throwing out truly random facts today. Besides the usual number of laps in the pool or laps around the backyard to make a mile, BB has asked what the tallest building west of the Mississippi is. Not sure if these new questions have anything to do with the game or not, but they’re definitely amusing.

Quotes of the Day: “That would be the dumbest move in Big Brother history.” – Michelle, on using the veto to save Steven. Really? I wonder how Marcellas and Dustin feel about that?

“Blondes who wear lipstick are cheap.” – April, who proudly refrains from using lipstick but urges strangers to squeeze her boobs.

My Thoughts: Really, I’m about ready to put my head through the monitor and be done with it. I’m looking forward to a few weeks from now, when a few more people are gone and things are quite so crazy.

Jessie is so easily swayed, and seems to trust anyone who takes the time to talk to him. Except for Steven, who I think might have offended Jessie earlier in the game. I got the distinct impression that Jessie wanted to be part of the Steven/Dan/Brian thing, but wasn’t asked to join in. He’s playing very personally and emotionally, and I’m not sure Memphis the bartender is going to keep him around much after his “plan” to get the next three people out is over with.

Michelle is going to end up in a pickle, since she’s got her main alliance, something with Libra/April/Keesha, another side alliance with Angie, and then she plays up to both Memphis the bartender and Jessie so they’ll think she’s tighter with them than the other.

I would really love to see Renny, Jerry, Angie, Keesha, and Steven band together and get something done. Boot Dan this week, and then try to bust up the bigger alliances. And for the love of all that is holy, stop targeting people just because they like to hang out with someone who happens to be nominated.

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