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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds, July 17th – More Definable Alliances

Food Comp News: April, Libra, Jerry, Memphis, Keesha, and Jessie are the losing team of the food comp. For Jessie it doesn’t matter, as he gets to eat anyway, since he’s HoH, but the other five are on slop. The comp was something that died their comp clothes red, which didn’t matter to April anyway, as the sports bra they gave her was too big. Now there’s an embarrassment I’m sure she didn’t need. Being on slop, though, makes her happy, as she’s hoping to get “cut.” Memphis is upset with the other team for gloating, saying he won a car and didn’t even act like that. Libra mentions that Jerry wasn’t very helpful, since he couldn’t read the cards. Yet, she just looks at it this way, that she’d rather be on slop than go home. Yeah, three kids 4 and under would do that to me, too.

Later on, Libra is bitching about the comp again, and Keesha wishes she had her diet pills, as she could go all day without eating. Right. Because that would be so healthy.

Topic of the Day:
Steven knows they don’t want him here and talks to Angie about it. He’s very tired of hearing “it’s what the house wants.” He was even mean to production yesterday, as it’s just getting to him. He wants some time off to himself. He doesn’t think it’ll be him on the block, though. He seems to think it will be Angie and Renny or Renny and Dan.

Dan goes up to the HoH and checks out the spy screen. When he sees Jessie and Ollie coming up the stairs, he hightails it into the bathroom to hide. Jessie walks in and asks who’s in there, and Dan comes out, saying Jessie knew he was in there, as he told him he was going up there. It was so long ago, though, Jessie forgot. Well, that’s not going to get you on anyone’s good side to not have them put you up. Jessie tells him to help himself to whatever he wants to eat, and Dan wants to know if the Batman toy was still in the cereal box, or if BB took it out. One of the fish in the tank is dead, and Ollie blames Jessie for killing it. Maybe that’s why the Batman toy is missing.

After the nominations, it goes as planned with Dan and Steven on the block. Jessie talks to Dan up in the HoH and tells him that Steven is the target. Dan tries to make a deal with Jessie, offering to keep him safe along with a person of his choosing. Surprisingly enough, Jessie chooses to keep Ollie safe, not Michelle. That’s not who Dan would choose, because of what he did to Brian, but if that’s who Jessie wants, he’ll go along with it.

April is not happy that Angie is not on the block. Of course. It’s something her OCD can’t control. Memphis and Libra think it sucks they have to go off the plan and nominate Steven and Dan, as Jerry and Renny aren’t helpful in comps. Keesha had been saying earlier, though, that Renny did really well. Memphis had to help Jerry, because he couldn’t see well without his glasses. Memphis talks about Angie freaking out about Steven going on the block. It’s hard to keep up, but didn’t she already know from Jessie? Angie feels badly for Dan and Steven, yet relieved for herself at the same time.

Angie tells Steven she’d be totally fine going up if he came down and she went up in his place. He thinks she’s the only one that will save him with a PoV, although the thought ccurs to him that maybe Memphis would because of the car thing. Angie then talks to Michelle and tells her she’s sorry about trying to keep Brian in, and says she wants to win the veto to show her alliance. I don’t think anyone knows where Angie stands, along with Angie. Is she this year’s Natalie, playing all sides?

Steve asks Renny if she’d use the PoV on him if she won it, but she misunderstands how a PoV is used and leaves without committing to anything.

Jerry, Angie, and Steven sit outside in the wee hours of the morning, and Jerry gets serious with Angie telling her to not take things so personally and to stop worrying about being so nice all the time. Obviously he missed the puppet show. He feels the only reason the other girls are mean to her is because they are jealous. He thinks Libra is overplaying it and too bossy.

The threesome discuss the two main groups, Libra’s group and Jessie’s group, and Jerry thinks the problem with them is that they’re not thinking of who they want to go when. He also thinks they’re forgetting that they can only be in power for one week at a time.

Keesha is having a hard time with Steven being on the block, and she tells Libra she’s confused as to why he is. She mentions that she’s never really talked to him that much, and when she has, it’s been about her. Well, that’s not really an indictment on Dan now, is it?

Fun Stuff: Keesha’s parents’ cat uses the toilet … for its intended use. The others in the house encourage her to get a video of it and put it on youtube.

April finally admits to being OCD, and to her surprise Libra admits the same thing. It seems April’s condition has been clinically confirmed, though, whereas Libra’s is just confirmed by her hubby, as he tells her she’s crazy (I’m sure my husband would say the same thing!).

To liven things up, Keesha wishes they had a Monopoly game, as it always takes so long to play. She also wishes they’d get a band to come in and surprise them and play. Angie wishes for Michael Buble and Memphis wishes for The Eagles or Garth Brooks.

Helping the Canadians: Libra asks Memphis a lot of questions about his modeling career, and he claims he made $50 to $150 an hour, but he prefers now not to leave it up to someone else if he’s going to eat or not. He loves the business he’s in now. Would that be mixology or bartending, Bobby? Later he tells Angie he got his name when he left Memphis to model, and everyone called him Memphis. His agent liked it, and now it feels weird when anyone calls him Robert. Hear that Carrie?

Bible Study:
Steven reads the Bible and explains he hasn’t done so in 20 years and never has finished any book really. Dan is asked for, then explains, the differences between Catholic and Protestant Bibles. Steven brought a Bible, but had it taken away by BB, so he stole the Gideon’s from the hotel room, as he believes that’s why they’re there. Renny tells him they’re for people that are traveling alone and in despair. She wonders why the Bibles appeared all of a sudden, and believes that one of them is hers. Keesha and Libra suggest Brian wouldn’t have allowed his sheep to read the Bible when he was here.

Meanwhile, Mr. Holy Roller, Ollie, was once kicked out of a theater watching the movie Radio, for making fun of Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character’s disability.

Getting Real:
Jerry talks about his wife’s illness and says he would never want to put her in a nursing home. This is why he stays strong, so he can take care of her. Steven tells him he was worried about coming out in the house, especially in front of him, since older people tend to have tougher views on homosexuality. Jerry tells him he really doesn’t care how other people live their lives. He thinks some people in his generation live in the past, because they realize they have no future. He tells his wife every day that they have less and less time together, so he wants to enjoy each other while they can.

New Showmance: Jerry keeps talking about Michelle being his girl, then he leaps on top of her and starts kissing her.

Odd Counting: Libra calls the food comp their first comp, since she didn’t get to do the PoV, then realizes it’s the first since the car luxury comp. Keesha decides it’s just the first comp in awhile.

Fatal Attraction Moment: Keesha tells Renny that April showed her something that said “I love you” and explained Libra gave it to her. Later, Keesha asks Libra about it, and it turns out it’s something for her husband.

Quote of the Day: When everyone is sitting around waiting for the food comp to start, a discussion is started about King Henry the 8th and the start of t
he protestant church. Jerry quips, “What a man won’t do for a piece of ass.”

My Thoughts: After all those tiny little inner alliances of the big alliance of 9 and the people left out, it seems we’re not breaking down to two major alliances, Libra’s crowd and Jessie’s crowd, yet sometimes it’s still too hard to tell who’s in which allinaces, as there seems to be a lot of crossover. Renny and Jerry don’t seem to be in any solid alliance, but they seem to be more accepted as the days go by, and the opposite seems to be happening to Angie. It seems the people being targeted are still from what happened the first week with Brian. Ollie’s very lucky he ended up the right side of it, and if he’s smart, he’ll stick like glue to April. Even thought she isn’t well-liked by everyone, at least she isn’t on the outs.

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