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LCS – Wild Card Winner Announced

Despite some mediocre performances and a bit of Ryan Seacrest-style grandstanding and delaying tactics, Last Comic Standing got around to announcing its winner of the Wild Card show.

The teaser for the Apprentice 2 was sooooooooo fascinating. Really!

The show started with the five comics already in the finale discussing how great everyone else was. Can you say Bull S**t? I know you can. When Tammy Pescatelli gushed about Bonnie McFarlane’s talent, I almost vomited. Puh-lease. I expect more honesty from my comics.

Bonnie came in 4th. She said in her final bye-bye segment that her comedy is intelligent and not easy for people to get on board with. Yeah, sure and I don’t understand Pearl Jam’s lyrics either. Give me a break. Girl, you just aren’t funny. Face it.

Corey Holcomb finished 3rd. He said that the show was a blessing and well, he was cool in defeat. Kudos, Corey and good luck in the future. I’d definitely take a comp ticket to see you. And, I’d buy a drink or ten…

Ant was the 2nd place runner-up. I thought his set tonight was funnier than his performance on Tuesday. Ant’s gonna be around for a long time, so it’s really not a big deal for him to lose. As he said, “a year from now, no one’s gonna remember the winner, but they’ll sure remember me.” Yup! I think it’s called Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, but I digress.

The first runner-up and winner if the chosen one can not perform his duties properly (just kidding…I was also watching a beauty pageant on Telemundo at the same time!) was Todd “I’m Funnier When I’m Not OnStage” Glass.

In his act, Todd made reference to internet pundits like me who pick apart his every move. I’m not going to stoop to his level. Nope, not me.

Congratulations to the winner, Mr. Jay London. You were sweet and funny and just still completely in shock by your success. It’s refreshing to see someone so genuinely ego-less.

Good luck to the Final Six: Tammy Pescatelli, Gary Gulman, Kathleen Madigan, John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden and Jay London. Y’all are gonna need it.


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