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BB10 Live Feeds, July 16th – Messy Alliances

Well, after not being able to connect to the Evel Dick Show last night and then finding out it had been canceled due to technical difficulties, followed by watching my eye-candy being evicted on the show, I decided to sleep in this morning and had a tough time getting into the feed recap. Sorry for keeping you waiting!

Before the Live Show: Not really much to report on here. The sound came and went, the hamsters were locked in the HoH room for a while as usual, and Jessie and Michelle spent some time Jedi drilling. That sounds rude, doesn’t it? Jessie brags that he kept Brian up talking late last night so that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to anyone else.

Of course Wednesdays are house cleaning days, and while April is polishing the toaster into oblivion, Ollie is battling with the vacuum cleaner. It seems it only works when being pulled, not pushed, so Ollie has to vacuum in only one direction. It’s the little things that amuse me on days like these.

The pictures on the memory wall are morphing into photos from the first Veto Comp, and the hamsters get a kick out of seeing what they looked like. Someone in the house is explaining that they have to vote for the person they want to evict, not the one they want to keep. Duh. We go to trivia and theme music, so it’s time to get ready for the live eviction show. Bye Brian, it was nice stalking knowing you!

After the Live Show – Topic of the Night: Jessie and his physique have won HoH, and Jerry shakes his hand to congratulate him. It seems most of them were worried that Steven would win it, so that would explain why they all jumped for joy when Jessie won. Of course the topic of the night is going to be who Jessie should nominate.

Jerry wants to see Steven out this week, and suggests that Dan and Angie should go up and then they’ll backdoor Steven. I wish BB would find a way to get rid of the backdoor method. It was fun when it was first thought up (and props to Nakomis for that), but now it’s getting old. It’s only slightly amusing when the hamsters don’t understand how it works, like last season. Anyway, Jessie is sure that he and his “side” have the numbers, and they’ll all be safe for at least three weeks. And, once again, we all know how these things work out, don’t we? Jerry promises to never put Jessie up again. Which isn’t really a smart move.

Jessie, who is starting to let his HoH win go to his head, tells Dan that Brian was way too aggressive and had to go. He adds that Brian wanted to target Memphis the bartender, and Jerry pipes up that maybe he was right about that, since Memphis the bartender did fairly well in the comp. Well, there’s that and the fact that he almost won the veto, and did win a car. Jessie says that he’s surprised that he got the tie-breaker question, and says that he guessed 40 pillows per person. The fact that he didn’t just grab a number out of the air is impressive in and of itself, until you realize that six people played the veto and Jessie’s guess was 200. Ah, math, how you elude us.

Keesha complains to Steve and Angie about Jessie’s gloating, and Steve thinks that he’ll calm down after a day or two. The girls aren’t all that sure. Angie is tired of the house already and says that she just wants to go home. Keesha warns her not to say that too loudly. Steven apparently had prescriptions for “stress medicine” and is pissed off that the DR won’t give him his pills.

Somehow Ollie has involved himself in Jessie’s alliance, which up until now consisted of Jessie, his physique, Michelle, and Memphis the bartender. Ollie is telling Jessie that Keesha shouldn’t be trusted because she hangs out with Angie and Steven too much. These people have a real problem thinking that, if you’ve chosen a side, you aren’t to fraternize with the enemy. Ollie wants Jessie to nominate Dan and Angie.

Jessie feels that Angie should come to him and make some kind of offer for him to keep her safe. She was part of his alliance with Memphis the bartender, Michelle, and Jessie’s physique early in the game, and she’s since fallen out of favour because of all the time she spent with Brian. Jessie and Memphis the bartender are scared that she’s going to reveal the alliance to the other side now. Jessie doesn’t want to put her up, but he really wants her to come begging to him.

After much back and forth, Ollie, April, Memphis the bartender, Libra, Michelle, Jessie, and Jessie’s physique decide that Dan and Steven will go up, and if one of them wins the veto then Angie will be the replacement. Libra is still concerned about Keesha and that she might be flipping, but Memphis the bartender says that would be a stupid move on her part, to go with the group that doesn’t have the numbers. Ollie agrees and thinks that she’s just hanging out with the others because she’s getting to know everybody. Ya think? Memphis the bartender says she’ll be able to prove herself if she wins the veto. There’s a big if – she may not even be able to play for it.

Jerry comes in, and the topic of conversation is changed very quickly, with the group dispersing just as fast. Poor Jerry.

The Core Alliance Within the Alliance: Michelle and Jessie talk quite a bit together, and Jessie even tells her that he’ll just win everything and she can decide what he should do. That’s classic. Jessie thinks they need to add one more person to their alliance, and suggests that Jerry is out there on his own now. Memphis the bartender joins the conversation, and shoots down any suggestions that Jerry should join them, as he thinks Jerry would just go out and tell everyone about the alliance. They discuss what they should do about Angie, and whether or not they can trust her. They also decide that Steven has to be the one to go this week, even though Jessie is afraid that Dan will win HoH next and come after him.

Looking Out for Angie: Michelle goes to Angie and tells her that Jessie is questioning her loyalty to their alliance. Angie makes excuses, saying that she didn’t know anything that was happening and no one would talk to her. She goes to Jessie and asks him if they can talk, so they go upstairs. Angie gives more excuses and claims that every time she tried to talk to him he was unresponsive. Jessie gives it to her straight and tells her that her alliance was trying to keep her safe, while she spent her time trying to save the one guy everyone else wanted out. He asks if she has any deals with Dan or Steven, and she says no. He tells her that one of those two guys will be gone this week.

Angie keeps trying to explain that she didn’t know what was going on, and that she’s been loyal to him even if she was spending time with Brian. When she tells Jessie that she was planning to come up and talk with him tomorrow, he calls her out and says that now she’s just telling him what he wants to hear. She says she feels like a fool, and Jessie tells her not to degrade herself in front of him. Oh please.

Michelle comes up and says that Libra and Keesha sent her up there to try and find out what Jessie and Angie are talking about. This doesn’t go over too well with Jessie. After some more back and forth, Jessie tells Angie that she can stay with them in the alliance, but both he and Michelle agree that she will have to prove herself to them. For some reason Angie agrees to this and promises to stay faithful, rather then telling them to stick it in their ears.

Lover’s Spat: April is still mad at Ollie, because he went to comfort Keesha during the argument the other night and not her. Good grief. Ollie says he’s mad too because no one would tell him what was going on, so he didn’t know what to do. He kisses up to her by saying that he likes it when she gets feisty like that, and she seems to buy it.

Jessie’s HoH Room: Jessie gets his key and everyone traipses upstairs. The big features up there are pictures of Jessie. He’s pointing out the ones where he looks “really shredded,” and all of the girls make appropriate comments and “ooooh” and “ahhhh” noises.

A Little Insight on Memphis the Bartender: Memphis the bartender explains to Libra that his father left him when he was two years old, and then called when he was fifteen and wanted to get to know him again. After becoming friends with Memphis the bartender, his dad passed away three months later. This helps to explain why Memphis is so unemotional. He’s also had his heart broken by a girl who couldn’t accept him because he didn’t fit into her high religious standards.

Fun Stuff: Renny decides to bake a cake, and Dan shows that he has a sweet tooth. He hangs around in the kitchen while the cake is in the oven, asking, “Is it ready yet?” and “How ’bout now?” When he’s finally shooed out of the kitchen, he asks Renny to come and get him when it’s finished.

Keesha, Steven, Dan, and Angie decide to say something nice about everyone in the house. There are the standard, “nice eyes,” “solid guy” comments, and then Angie says that she admires that Libra doesn’t let motherhood define her. Love it. Keesha says that April looks good in heels. Sure she does, but she wears them All. The. Time. Dan, in an odd moment of clarity, says that Steven has changed his views on gay people. See, this can be a positive social experiment after all.

Jessie wanted to nominate Renny for personal reasons, but his alliance makes sure he understands that he has to play strategically instead. It suddenly dawns on him that he and Renny could both end up in the jury house together, and he looks terrified.

Quotes of the Day: “I think it’s just because I’m prettier than her. I’m sorry, god just made me that way.” — April, on why she thinks Angie doesn’t like her

“They perceive me as a dumb stripper because I work at Hooter’s.” — Keesha

My Thoughts: I’m as surprised as anyone that Jessie and his physique pulled off this HoH win. Seriously, he beat three other people in a tie-breaker question. That involved math. And printing. Who knew? I think Jessie is going to end up really pissing people off this week though, since he seems to really be relishing this new power of his.

Unless Steven can win the veto, or Dan does something incredibly stupid, we’re waving goodbye to the gay rodeo cowboy next Wednesday night. Entertainment wise, it’s not a huge loss. He seems like a nice enough guy, but we don’t watch the show and the feeds to see people sit around navel gazing. I’m just glad that Renny seems to be in the clear this week.

Jerry seems to have gone from the guy with the power to the guy that’s almost not even there. He could work himself up a pretty good alliance if he had the gumption to do so – there are enough people who just don’t seem solid with those they’re aligned with to form a new opposition. The problem here seems to be that there aren’t enough intelligent leaders in the house, and too many followers. Maybe Brian was more than just eye candy after all.

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