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Big Brother 10, First Live Eviction Episode

Here we are again! Tonight I’m fortified with this strange blue fizzy concoction called “Mystiq”, which is made up of vodka, cognac, and fruit juices. And blue dye, I’m assuming. Yummy. Slightly sweet, slightly girly, but very yummy. Now that I have my drink and my laptop, let’s settle in and watch Big Brother, shall we?

Previously, on Big Brother 10 … well, y’all remember what happened last night, right? Ooh, cute dress Julie! And there’s the live audience. I don’t see any signs anywhere though. Rats. I still think Brian’s adorable; too bad he turned out to be not so bright. Who will be evicted, Brian or Renny> And who will become the new HoH? One of those questions has an obvious answer.

Theme music and intro. They should have brought back the old theme for this whole “back to basics” thing.

Fun to watch Julie do her thing in front of the audience. We’re at the veto ceremony in black and white. Dramatic music and … we’re in technicolour. Brian DRs that Jerry sold him down the river, and Dan laments that his alliance went down in flames. Jerry tells us he has to sacrifice Brian to save himself.

Brian sits down with Jerry to get the details, and finds out that Ollie led the charge. Poor Jerry, he’s really taking this all very seriously.

Dan tells Brian he had no clue. Brian says he knows, and they’re both shocked that Ollie flipped. Hee, Dan says he thought Brian would have flipped before Ollie. Dan and Brian confront Ollie, he says that April, Libra, and Keesha backed him into a corner. And then we get the “obviously it’s a game” speech from Ollie. Dan says he wouldn’t sacrifice his word, and Ollie calls him out on it. Yeah, I don’t believe him either Ollie.

Duh. Dan thinks that April and Ollie masterminded the whole thing. That works out well for Libra though, doesn’t it?

Oh great, now we have Ollie and April smooching and telling each other how nice their lips are. Then Ollie DRs that he doesn’t want to be “that guy.” April says that Ollie is a great guy, but she’s a stronger player.

April, Keesha, and Libra solidify their alliance. April says that Brian’s probably thinking that “those girls think they rule the house.” Cut to Brian telling us that he has to get the girls against each other. Heh. Brian also says that he respects Steven for not being amongst the mob that went to Jerry. Which is only because Steven was sitting outside with Brian and Dan at the time and didn’t know what was going on, but whatever. Steve DRs that he wants to help Brian stay in the house because they get along well and have the same sense of humour.

Yay, sock puppet time! I covered this in the feed recap already, but basically Memphis the bartender, Brian, Dan, Steven, and Angie made sock puppets and acted out the live eviction ceremony outside in the backyard. Hilarious. If you missed it, go look it up on YouTube. Seriously.

April and Libra are in the kitchen getting pissed off at Angie. Steven says that it really sucks that Brian has to leave. They all try to figure out if there’s any way to get it to work out, and Brian insists that Memphis the bartender is the vote they need. But good luck with that when he knows you planned to go after her next.

Angie approaches Keesha with “Can I be confidential with you?” Gah. She pitches the “keep Brian” thing, saying that eliminating Renny would eliminate the drama in the house. Libra and April are once again in the kitchen getting pissed off. This evolves into a big fight in the backyard between the blondes, which I have to tell you was heavily edited. Meanwhile, Brian is trying to convince Jerry that he has the votes and Jerry might have to break a tie.

Now Julie is on the big screen as the hamsters are assembled in the living room. She tells them that they’re going back to a tradition from Big Brother 1, and I’m sure Jerry is wondering if they’re going to get chickens. Because he’s the only one who will have any clue what Julie’s talking about. “We will be joined every eviction night right here outside the house by a live audience of Big Brother fanatics.” The audience cheers while I question the whole “fanatic” thing. Was that a requirement? I thought you just had to order tickets online.

Julie asks Jessie if he and Renny have buried the hatchet. This oughtta be good. “Um, in my eyes you’ve gotta give respect to get respect, and she hasn’t shown any.” Oh please. Renny says that he has a lot to learn about life, and hopefully he will learn from this experience. But it’s still a game, and he should learn from what he says. Over to Libra now. “What kind of mother would leave her children to go on Big Brother?” She says that everyone’s life is different, the choice is her own, and her family is supportive. As long as she has them in her corner, she feels as if she can do anything. Good for you, Libra!

Now we talk to Jerry from the HoH room. Julie asks if he regrets being put in this position. Jerry says no, there’s nothing he can do because it’s a game. He’s trying to make the best of it, even though there have been some nightmares along the way. How hard was it to betray Brian? Very difficult, he points out that he wasn’t wearing anything related to the military at the time again. He says that he feels very fortunate because of the angels – the girls look after him. Aw.

Voting time – whee! Renny looks awesome. She says she’s been on the block for eight days now, but she’s taken the initial shock and has earned their respect by toning it down a little. Brian says he’s decided to just let everyone know that these have been some of the most fun days he’s had in a long time, and he appreciates it. He adds that everything here is a game, so let’s not take anything personally. Good advice – let’s see if he takes it himself.

Now we have to sit through ten live votes. Ugh. April votes for Brian, and so does Libra. Julie is counting nails in Brian’s coffin. Michelle votes for … Brian. More votes for Brian: Ollie … oh, we’re going to break for a commercial. Odd. We’re back, and the votes just keep on coming. Dan tells “Mrs. Chen” that she looks “very beautiful” tonight. Ugh. He votes for Renny. Jessie votes to evict Brian. So does Keesha. And Memphis the bartender. And Steven, while rolling his eyes. Angie also votes for Brian. Are we done now? Yep. Brian’s toast. He hugs most of them, says goodbye, and that’s that.

The live audience cheers as Brian walks out of the house. Angie’s tearing up inside and they’re all watching the black and white picture on the memory wall. Dan looks like he just watched his puppy get hit by a truck.

Julie asks Brian what happened? Brian says he was building an army without realizing that there wasn’t anyone on the other side. He adds that it was just too quick, and he got ahead of himself. Julie wants to know if Dan will survive, and Brian hopes so. He points out that Dan was one guy in the house who never faltered, but he feels Dan won’t let himself do what he needs to do to win. Goodbye messages. Keesha says that his arrogance was his downfall. Jerry says it’s a shame that someone Brian tried to include in his own plans put him out the door. Which brings us to Ollie, who says “that’s how the cookie crumbles.” Hee. Steven says that he’ll miss Brian. Dan gets all soppy and says that he looked to Brian as his big brother (oh, how cute), and that he’s never had someone that looked out for him, and he’s sad to see him go. Julie wants to know who the most underestimated player is, and Brian thinks it’s Memphis the bartender. And that’s all for Brian.

HoH comp time, and look, they’re in booths. Go figure. The power is up for grabs. One way to get far in BB is to be with the “in” crowd. Same things goes for this comp. They have to answer questions how they think the majority of the group will respond. Final question will be a tiebreaker. And we’re off.

“Who does the majority think is more likely to commission a life-sized portrait of himself, Brian, or Jessie?” Majority says Jessie, Memphis the bartender is out.

“Who would the majority trust as their fashion consultant, Renny or April?” Majority says April, Renny and Keesha are out. Hee.

“Who would the majority rather see wear nothing but a bikini for the summer, Angie or Keesha?” Majority says Keesha. Michelle, Dan, and April are out.

“Whose life story in 50 years would the majority find more interesting to read, Memphis the bartender or Dan?” Everyone says Memphis the bartender.

“In the “Sweet Dreams Honey” comp, who does the majority think wore the honey best, Jerry or Jessie?” Majority says Jessie, Angie is out.

“Who does the majority think is vain enough to think they will be the majority’s answer for this question, Libra or Steven?” Everyone says Steven.

“Who does the majority think would convert to another religion to satisfy their partner, Dan or Ollie?” Everyone says Ollie.

“Who does the majority think is most likely to never get divorced, Michelle or Memphis the bartender?” Split decision, time for the tie breaker. Libra, Steven, Ollie, and Jessie are still in it.

“At the start of the Sweet Dreams Honey comp, how many total pillows were on the giant bed?”

Libra: 147
Ollie: 550
Jessie: 200
Steven: 124

The answer is 300, so Jessie and his physique are the new HoH. Interesting. He picks up April for some reason, and hugs Libra and Michelle as we go to commercial.

The show’s over, and the live audience really did nothing at all. That’s kind of disappointing. Not altogether unexpected, but still, we had high hopes. Fortunately the cast and the game itself are still enough to keep us watching!

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