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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds, July 15th – Keesha and the Little Barbie Bitch

Keesha’s Emotional Status: Keesha spends the early part of the day crying because she’s bloated and can’t go to the bathroom since she was on the slop. She’s asked for some fiber. April apparently has or had similar problems as she says she had surgery to help her “go.” Keesha also complains about a rash on her arms and is told by many to go to the DR and ask for some Benadryl. She’s also worried that she didn’t set her MySpace profile to private before she left. Anyone with a MySpace, head there and deluge her. Why would you even mention it on the feeds if you were worried about it? April has similar concerns and thinks her friends will give out her phone number.

Topic of the Day: Angie tells Brian if there was any way to save him, she would. He understands everyone has to do what they have to do right now, but he points out if it had been any later in the game, and she, Steven, or Dan had turned on him, he’d be really upset. In other words, Angie, he’s still pissed that you’re not doing more to help him, but he doesn’t want to come right out and say it.

Over a chess game, Brian talks to Dan about possibly getting Jerry to break the tie in his favor, then concentrates on next week, assuming he’ll be gone. He tells Dan if he wins HoH, he needs to put up Libra, April, or Ollie to break them up. That’s exactly what I thought would happen. No one going to bother with the “targeted 4,” as they’re going to start picking each other off first.

Angie and Steven also discuss the possibilities of keeping Brian. She thinks if they can get Memphis and Keesha, they’re as good as gold. Memphis has already told Steven “no way” though. Angie will try to talk to him and Steven will try to talk to Keesha. They’re working on putting together a new alliance, not happy with their old one. This is too much in the first week, people! Later, she tells Michelle she wants Libra to be voted out over something that happened with the HoH camera. Michelle implores her to stick to the plan of getting “the 4” out.

Memphis and Jessie talk, and while Memphis wants Dan to be the next out of the four, Jessie says he’s like to see Jerry stay in preference of Steven. They finally agree Dan will be next, followed by Renny, and that they should start working the girls in the house. Neither cares if Angie stays or leaves.

Angie works on Keesha by first bonding on their dislike of April and the way she struts around the place in her heels, and then Angie mentions possibly keeping Brian, and after they go into the DR to discuss it, Libra and April get very upset. When they come back out of the DR, Angie goes up to Steven and tells him she’s “got Keesha.”

Keesha talks about the plan to April and Libra, and when she mentions using the HoH bathroom to use an enema, April thinks she wants to talk to Jerry about changing the vote, and she attacks Keesha. April runs inside, and Jerry just wants everyone to settle down. Keesha calls April the “little Barbie Bitch,” and wants Ollie to play messenger between the two, but he refuses. April is inside with Libra and Renny crying, telling them that Keesha has turned, which isn’t happy news to Renny. April is afraid she’ll be thrown out of the game for the attack. Libra attempts to be the peacemaker, going to talk Keesha, and almost seems like she might be switching sides.

The guys get into it as well, as Brian tells Jerry to be prepared, and Jessie asks Steven if he’s turned. Steven doesn’t want to answer, calling it a private vote, and Ollie points out that they’re adults and shouldn’t be talking behind each other’s backs, and that’s what all this comes down to.

Michelle seems to be worried it will come down to a tie, so to be sure Jerry is still on the side of getting rid of Brian, she talks to him telling him that this fight is all Brian’s fault, as he’s getting everyone paranoid. Jessie joins in, and he wants to blame it all on Angie for starting this. They apparently have their own list of people to get out, and want to target Steven, Renny, and Dan. Jerry thinks Steven should go first, as he’s the biggest flip flopper.

After Keesha takes care of business with an enema, Jerry gets her and April to hug and patch things up. Angie talks to Steven, wanting him to get HoH and put Libra and April on the block. I guess that’s how we settle things on BB. Keesha talks to Libra and Renny, telling them they should watch out for Michelle. Michelle and Jessie talk and think Dan, Steven, and Angie need to be the next ones to leave.

Best at Taking a Joke: Angie does the puppet show from last night for Ollie, although sans socks on her hands. Ollie, one of those featured, thinks it’s hysterical and wants to participate the next time they do a show. Although, admittedly, she was showing him the eviction ceremony of Brian and Renny, and it didn’t seem like she was showing him the parts with him and April. Although, it was hard for me to give it my complete undivided attention as Carrie and I were on the air with our radio show at the time. They want to work in some stuff next time about Jerry, who obviously isn’t on their list of favorite HGs at the moment.

Fun Stuff:
Angie shows Steven how to play leap frog in the kitchen, and once she stands behind him while he’s bent over, he suddenly recognizes the position and the game. They fall on the floor laughing and doing a few full turns of this, then Steven starts pulling tape off the bottom of the dining room table. They laugh again and in a Big Brother voice say, “Please stop pulling random pieces of tape off the table.”

Michelle talks of her mother being extremely superstitious, and as they all eat watermelon, she says a popular Portuguese superstition is that you can’t eat watermelon and drink wine at the same time, or else you will die. Meanwhile, Steven, Brian, and Memphis sit outside telling racist jokes.

This group doesn’t seem to be nearly as exhibitionist as the last. Steven gets upset about the camera crew following him around when he gets out of the shower, and calls them perverts. We also get a quick peak at Little Steven.

The ever-present BB kitchen ants have moved to the backyard. Apparently they’re loving the honey from the PoV.

Apparently to keep his great physique, Jessie eats every two hours.

Instead of a puppet show, tonight we have relay races. There’s something going on with holding a ball and spinning, and garbage bags are brought out for sack races. Michelle cheated by trying to run instead of hop and ripped her bag. Honestly, games are the smartest thing for them to do early on in the season. How they play these other games is how they’ll play the big game. If they were all paying attention, Michelle just exposed a lot. After Libra is declared the winner, they line up for a 3-legged race, followed by a wheelbarrow race.

Still Too Early:
Just to keep the trend going of the HGs utilizing strategy and doing things in this game way too early, they’re already arguing about dishes. Michelle doesn’t think Jessie or Steven do them enough. This is right after some of the other girls were talking about how lucky they were to have their own personal trainer there in Jessie. Maybe everyone has a thing to do in the house, and everyone don’t always have to everything. Just a thought. She resolves it by saying it’s getting too close to her “girl time,” prompting Steven to suggest they lock all the girls in the SR when their cycles streamline and happen at the same time.

IMDB Check: Michelle claims to have been an extra in a film called Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Matthew McConaughay and Jennifer Garner. Keesha claims she was in 3000 Miles to Graceland and will be in a new movie called The Fear Chamber.

TMI: Keesha, before her enema, gets suppository insertion advice from Jerry.

Shot at Fleeting Fame: Keesha wants to be a soap opera star when she gets out of the house. S
ure, not a problem. Ask Amber and Natalie how their dreams panned out.

Quote of the Day: Jessie to Brian about Julie Chen, “She’s maried to some producer or somebody. I think a director; hes a nobody though. Thats why she kept her last name.” I’m sure the President and CEO of CBS will be very happy to hear this.

My Thoughts: It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out tonight. I can’t see them flipping the vote after all that went down with the fight. I think Brian will leave tonight, and the direction the house takes will depend on who wins HoH, since we have so many breakdowns in alliances at this point. Either way, no matter which alliance faction wins HoH, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the super-charged energy around here. After all, these people that are “opposites” were placed here for a reason.

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