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BB10 Live Feeds, July 14th – Who Doesn't Like a Good Puppet Show?

The Nominees Are: It’s confirmed that Jessie was taken off the block and our nominees are Brian and Renny.

Topic of the Day: Apparently there’s a pecking order, and the first four people out the door are going to be Brian, Dan, Renny, and Jerry. The rest of the house has agreed to this, but we all know how well this type of plan works out, don’t we? We have some smaller alliances as well though, with the strongest one seeming to be April, Libra, Keesha, and Ollie. We’ll call them “The Four” for now until they come up with their own incredibly lame brilliant alliance name.

The Four decide that they need at least one more person in their alliance. A couple of names are thrown around, but they keep coming back to Michelle. Now, Michelle has close ties already to Angie and Jessie (separately), but she’s been accepted into the four without making any absolute promises. So, even though the “alpha males” in the house have decided that they can’t trust her, Michelle seems to be in a good position in the house so far.

Keesha and Steven hang out together, and Keesha says that Jerry threatened them all that they had to vote for Brian or else they’d be targets next week. She’s uncomfortable with Jerry putting pressure on them, but she gave her word to vote Brian out and plans to keep it. Steven seems to be under the impression that he and Keesha have a strong alliance, but Keesha tells the other girls that she doesn’t trust him and isn’t stupid. April and Michelle are both very strongly voicing their opinions that Steve should be the next one to go. So much for the big plan!

Stirring the Pot with Brian: Brian is trying to get votes, and telling people that he has the six votes he needs to stay in the house, when he clearly doesn’t. He’s also trying to coach Dan on what to do next. He suggests that Dan shouldn’t nominate Renny or Jerry, and to tell Jerry that he’s not going up because the best punishment for him for breaking his word is to let him just live with his shame. Oh please. Brian thinks that Libra and April should go up, and that, if the veto is used, then Michelle could be put up. But he warns Dan not to nominate Michelle right away, because if she doesn’t leave she’ll be out for revenge. Dan wonders who he can trust besides Steve, and Brian tells him to trust Angie.

Hash and Rehash: Brian and Jerry talk about their situation and who broke who’s word first. Not much constructive comes out of this conversation, as they both think the other is to blame. Jerry says that he didn’t have any choice, because he had eight other people telling him that if he didn’t nominate Brian, he’d be the next to go.

Brian and Dan talk to Ollie again about why Ollie told everyone about their alliance. Ollie claims that he had no choice, since the others noticed how much time he was spending with Dan and Brian and called him out on it.

Michelle tells Angie that the others in the house think that she’s aligning with Dan and Steven after Brian leaves. Angie says she’s not, and that she’s absolutely on board with targeting Dan next week.

Jerry and Jessie talk as well, and Jerry explains why he nominated Jessie and what happened afterwards to change his mind. Jerry thinks he didn’t earn HoH this week, but Jessie assures him that he did. They get a good laugh over Brian’s nine alliances in less than a week. Jerry and Renny also talk, and Jerry assures her that if the vote is a tie, Brian will be leaving.

Finally, Steven and Libra hash things out. Steven’s still annoyed at how controlling Libra has been, and calls her out on it. After some blame-shifting on both of their parts, Libra starts to cry and apologizes, saying that she was hungry and PMS’ing, and she freaked out a little. All seems well between them now.

Fame Ho Talk: Steven asks if everyone has their domain names set up, and claims he’ll make money every time he shows his bare ass on camera and it airs on television. Good luck with that, pal. Libra thinks Angie will get lots of modeling work after this, but she says she’s not interested in that and will just go back to her regular life.

Michelle has requested that Dr. Will be at the wrap party, because, you know, he’s apparently at her beck and call. Keesha suggests that she and April could do a “blonde” thing in Playboy. Ollie says Playboy is the same as doing porn, and April is upset over this. Michelle talks about wanting to do Playboy as well, but no one seems to encourage her.

Let the Jedi Drilling Begin: Libra, April, and Keesha have started the fun routine of counting and memorizing things in the house.

Fun Stuff: Steven admits that he loves to take pills. Mostly pain pills. He’s a big fan of Vicodin and Cialis.

Jerry has a discoloured toenail and wears light pink nail polish on it to hide it. Keesha says she saw the nail polish in his HoH bathroom and thought one of the girls left it in there.

Brian tells Ollie that he has a favour to ask him. He wants Ollie to “get April’s tits out” once Brian has left so he can see them on the feeds. Ollie says that he’s been trying to do that before Brian leaves.

Jessie and his physique are afraid that they won’t get far in the game. Why? Because all of the past winners have been women or “small men.” I’d love to hear what Baller and Evel Dick think of that.

As BB:AD is about to begin, the hamsters get booze and are suddenly very animated. They have trouble deciding which game they want to play – suggestions include Red Light Green Light, Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Porno Password, Hide and Seek, and some true or false thing that Jerry came up with that works like a BB comp. They end up playing Charades, with some Broken Telephone thrown in.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Cries: During Charades, Jerry gives Angie “Psycho” to act out for her team and tells everyone quite loudly that this one is “perfect for her.” She does the acting, her team guesses the movie title, and she excuses herself. She ends up hiding under the sheets and blankets in the 50s room, crying. She thinks that Jerry and the other hamsters actually think she’s a psycho, and is worried about it. Brian rushes to comfort her, as does Michelle.

Angie tells Michelle that she just needs a few minutes alone, but then doesn’t kick Brian out. Brian tells her how wonderful and gorgeous and awesome she is, and they hug. Then Michelle is pissed off that Angie talked to Brian but kicked her out of the room. Welcome back to high school, folks.

Dan sits in the hot tub, and I swear he looks like a 10-year-old girl in there.

The Puppet Show: Memphis the bartender, Brian, Steven, Dan, and Angie start making sock puppets of the other hamsters, and they’ve got a Chenbot puppet as well. These are pretty funny. Renny’s puppet has flowers in her hair, lots of makeup, and a dress made out of a dental dam. April’s puppet comes complete with huge boobs and nipples painted on with nail polish. Ollie’s puppet is a plain black sock.

They end up acting out a puppet show behind the big outside couch, and it’s based on the upcoming eviction ceremony. Angie plays the part of sock puppet Julie, and they do a live vote. After April, Ollie, and Libra vote, “Chenbot” says that they have “all the votes that matter” so it’s time to read the results. Hee! It ends with Memphis the bartender’s “grim reaper” puppet executing the evicted hamster, which is Brian.

When the show is over, all five of the puppeteers go inside and run into the diary room, laughing and talking. The rest of the hamsters bitch and complain that they heard them out there and knew they were being made fun of. Why none of them went outside to watch the show is beyond me.

Quotes of the Day: “I’m putting the chicken before the egg.” – Steven, after talking about what pictures will or won’t be in his HoH room

“A bird in the fist is like two eggs in the hand – wait, how does that go?” – Steven, same conversation

“If there were no cameras in here, I would put another hole in April.” – Ollie

“We also don’t kick it with 75-year-old men.” – Brian, after Dan remarks on how differently people act in the house to the way it is “back home”

My Thoughts: I think we need to keep an eye on this alliance with Libra, April, and Keesha. Ollie is almost an outsider here, but he’s promised his loyalty. The three women though are very close, especially Libra and April. Michelle will likely last a while unless she’s backdoored, because no one wants to put her on the block and risk making her angry.

As much as I’d like to see Jerry stick around, his time in the house will be limited. Jessie could be a sleeper and make it far, as long as his physique doesn’t get in the way. And Renny adds so much colour to the house I’d hate to see her leave before the jury begins. She may be the one who no one wants to waste an HoH on by nominating, so she may squeak by for a few weeks yet.

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