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Big Brother 10 Live Feeds – Sunday Night, July 13th

Special Note to BB Techs: Your sound quality sucked ass tonight. When we’re all sitting around waiting for our first glimpses of this season’s feeds, to finally get the feeds and only have a garbled mess wasn’t very helpful.

PoV: Through the garbled mess the camera crew does seem to have a clue what we’re waiting to see. They zoom in on the memory wall to show us that Jerry has the veto.

Topic of the Day:
Because it’s assumably well after the fact, we don’t find out what the PoV comp was, but it seems Brian got a little ahead of himself. He formed that early alliance with Dan and Ollie, then asked Jerry to put his choice of nominees on the block. That all went swimmingly, until Jerry found out about the other alliance. That didn’t go over well as he found that he can’t trust this guy just because he was also in the service. Brian now talks to Dan about being on the block, so Jerry must have taken one of his nominees down and replaced him/her with Brian.

Dan tries to make a case for Brian, telling Jerry Brian could have really helped them in the game. Jerry tells him he knows that, but Brian proved himself unloyal. He explains that he only told him that Dan and Ollie were his “gophers.” He was hiding the fact that he had an alliance with him. Apparently these guys don’t realize that Jerry is a longtime viewer of this show and isn’t going to be easily fooled. I think they really thought he would believe their load of crap.

Later, Jerry tells the others that Brian tried to gain his trust by relating to him about the military, and listening in on the conversation, Brian says Jerry is lying and mentions Jerry better hope he doesn’t stay. Well, I wouldn’t call Jerry a liar at this point, as it pretty much seemed that way to me, too. Brian didn’t bring it up intentionally, but he certainly didn’t back away from the connection, either. Brian tells Steven that Ollie had backstabbed him, so why he’s mad at Jerry instead of Ollie is beyond me.

Food Comp News: The slop restriction apparently happened much earlier in the week. At midnight, the restriction is lifted and everyone can partake. I’m guessing BB just wanted us to watch the HGs on their first night and wanted them to be loosened up with a little alcohol. Finding beer in in the SR before 12, Libra demands it stay in there until exactly midnight, and tells Steven not to tell the others there is beer in there. He tells Keesha he’s irritated with Libra, and she agrees.

Lines Being Drawn:
Brian and Steven talk about some of the others thinking they are controlling the house. Steve narrows it down to Ollie, Libra, and April, but Brian, in an all male alliance, calls out the girls, saying he thinks they’re all on their high horse. He then cautions Steven to be on the lookout for a Jessie/Memphis alliance, and tells him to vote with the house on Wednesday. His only saving grace if he leaves will be that he gets to see “Gretchen’s fine ass.” Steven, on the other hand, thinks Gretchen already has the hots for him, and he wonders if she knew he was gay. Man, I hope they play that clip on House Calls.

Michelle likes to spread the love apparently. She tells Angie that Jessie thinks she’s a threat, and says Renny is annoying her.

Steven is greatly annoyed when discussing being gay and Keesha mentions she heard about it from Libra. This pisses off Steven, as Libra had promised she wouldn’t tell anyone. Dan asks some questions of Steven about coming out and how he knew. Steven had always dated girls, but had a “situation” when he was 21. He continued to date girls for awhile, wishing it would go away. He was always unhappy, though, until he came out.

Fun Stuff:
Carrie, steer clear from Memphis. He claims he could whoop anybody’s ass from Canada. Doesn’t that go figure? CBS doesn’t like Canada enough to give them working videos, and now Memphis believes he could kick all their asses. He uses this as a reason for why he accepted a ride from a Canadian stranger named Thor. Later, he changes it, as he doesn’t want to offend, so he says they’re all just so nice there.

I’ve been to New Orleans, and know they have a lot of fun down there, but I seriously wonder about Renny’s sense of fun. When everyone was talking about running around nutty when the feeds came on, she wanted to “run gay.” Apparently she thinks that’s nutty, so I’m wondering if she really has seen the whole length of Bourbon Street. When the HGs are talking about her later on, they mention Foghorn Leghorn, and I don’t think it was coincidental.

Everyone is extremely amused that 75-year-old Jerry waltzes through the kitchen after a workout, as it’s. … 2 AM!

The CD Jerry got in his HoH is Glen Miller. If you’re asking who’s that, you’re probably under 40. I wonder if it gets Jerry “In the Mood.”

Shout Out of the Day: “Mama, I’m sorry I’ve been smoking. I’m a little stressed.” – Brian

Dumb BB Move of the Day: When the SR is restocked, they’re given microwave popcorn, but there’s no microwave in this retro kitchen.

Budding Showmance: April and Ollie lay in bed together kissing and telling each other “I like you.” There’s some odd pillow talk, though, as she mentions Angie being prettier than Keesha, because Keesha has “bad teeth.”

No Worries of a Showmance: In his huge HoH bed, Jerry sleeps on only one side, and has a mound of pillows on the other side. It seems like he’s simulating his wife lying next to him. After 54 years of married life, it must be hard for him to sleep alone.

Mystery of the Day Solved: April does not wear panties. She told us so.

Quote of the Day:
While everyone talks about Jen Johnson eating while on slop last year, Jerry says, “I guess she just had enough of Dick.” After that everyone talks about Jen, calling her unattractive. Now I think I need a rebuttal from Jen. Talks moves to Daniele Donato, and it’s said that she was pretty and looks and talks just like Keesha. Libra jokes that could be the twist, Keesha being Daniele’s sister.

“I’m so hot, the sun melts when I look at i.” — Memphis.

Steven refers to Libra as “that colored girl.” Yeah, I know we’re doing the whole retro 1950s kitchen thing, but I don’t think that means we have to go back to that older vernacular.

My Thoughts: I’m a little surprised Jerry called Brian out so early. Usually it’s the most annoying person that leaves in the first week, meaning Jessie or Renny. This is a power play very early in the game, and it could go a few ways for him. Others might begin to take Jerry’s game more seriously, realizing he’s not just an old guy, but a crafty guy that knows the show well, or they might just figure it’s all caused by his extreme integrity. Either way, it’ll be an interesting one to watch play out.

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  1. Yeah, I heard Memphis the bartender say that he could kick anyone’s ass from Canada too. I wish I could take over the BB PA system just for a few minutes, so I could say “Memphis the bartender, stop being such a dumbass.”

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