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The Veto Winner!

While we can’t hear a damn thing going on in the house, the cameramen did us a favor and showed a closeup of the picture wall, revealing that it was HoH Jerry that won the veto.

Just like how the NFL announcers annoyingly tell us when then referees make mistakes judging preseason games that it’s their preseason as well, it’s the first night of Big Brother 10 for the cameramen, not just the houseguests. We have huge mic issues going on, meaning we can hardly hear a thing.

I’m thinking that Jerry is unlikely to change his nominees unless something major has gone on in the house so far that we aren’t privy to. He knows he has the backing of three of the other strong males, so I’m guessing he’ll keep the nominations as is, meaning we’ll lose whichever nominee is the most irritating so far. Or so you would think. My money is riding on the strong male alliance to get rid of Jessie while they have the chance.


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