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Big Brother 10 Premiere – Release the Hamsters!

Here we are again! Time for BB10! I’m watching the premiere with my laptop, so let’s begin!

Yay, there’s Julie! And she looks great! It’s officially BB time. Shots of the house, the memory wall, and 13 strangers. Finally. Yeah, yeah, announcer guy, we know how the game works.

Hee, Julie’s pimping the whole strangers thing. That’s how it should have been all along. The competition will begin before they enter the house, and before they ever speak. Ooooh, our first “But first” this season.

Hamsters get their keys. Holy crap April has huge boobs. Yay for Jerry, kick some butt indeed. Libra’s twins are adorable. Damn Renny is loud. Corny videos, all of them. Okay, Renny looks like fun. There’s Memphis the bartender. Oh, Brian’s cute! Hee, Michelle got a cupcake in the nose. Jessie and Dan are already bugging me. Memphis too. Could Keesha sound any more like Daniele Donato? Yay for April’s OCD! Ha – Ollie’s daddy told him not to embarrass them. He must have seen the show before. They’re all crying over leaving their families, and Keesha’s tearing up over her dog. Oh boy.

Time to bring out the houseguests. Take a good look at the people around you, blah blah blah. And … the game begins right now. Time to choose the HoH before anyone moves into the house. Hard to believe Renny is 53, isn’t it? They’re all at voting stations, looking at each other. Funny. Votes are in – where’s Probst to tally them?

Now we’re moving in – Renny, Dan, Angie, Jessie, and April go in first. Lots of OMG! Dan doesn’t like the princess room or the peace and love room. April and Renny are in the peace room. April says she voted for Renny for HoH. Libra, Brian, Keesha, and Memphis the bartender are in now. More OMG!s Memphis the bartender has the Davy Crockett hat on. Renny calls him Daniel Boone. Ha!

Steven, Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie are now in the house. Intros all around. Jerry’s making friends already. Renny’s wearing Chenbot’s Yoko Ono glasses and having fun. April’s now regretting voting for her. Angie’s complaining about Renny being rude already. Ruh roh. Ollie doesn’t drink. Or smoke or go to parties. He’ll be a lot of fun. Actually he’s very smiley and friendly, and I like him so far.

Now we’re gathered in the living room making intros. Keesha DRs that she voted for Jerry as HoH. Steven doesn’t mention that he’s gay, and DRs that he’s very conscious of what he’s revealing. Renny is hilarious. Jessie DRs about how annoying she is. What’s with the disco ball background in the DR, by the way? Did I mention that Brian is really cute? Hee! He’s a telecommunications something something manager – and he admits that it means he sells telephones. I think I love him. Memphis the bartender calls himself a mixologist. Ollie likes April – and says that “the Lord has really blessed her.” Hee. This leads to the “boobs are real” clip that you’ll find a few posts down.

Jerry leads a toast to a “great great bunch of kids.” Aw. Clink.

Julie meets up with the hamsters, who have changed clothes by the way. She won’t reveal who the HoH is … but first! It’s the first competition. The prize will be a “classic.” Two even teams, and one person sits out. Jessie volunteers to sit out, and DRs that he’s doing it so no one thinks his “physique” is a threat. Oh please. Off to the storage room for a costume change.

Teams are red shirts vs white shirts. There are a bunch of cars in the backyard. Someone’s going to win a mint condition classic car. And Jessie’s the dumbass who doesn’t get to try for it. Way to go buddy. Comp is called “Buggin’ Out” – they have to get all of their team members into a VW Bug that’s suspended upside down above the ground, get it across a pulley thing to pick up a gas can, and one person has to get out. Once they exit the car though, they’re out of the comp. When only one person is left, the eliminated team mates can help. The first lone person to reach the finish line wins a car.

But wait, it’s also a food comp! The winning team eats food, the losers get slop. Jessie the dumbass gets food.

And they’re buggin’ out. Everyone is arguing over who’s going to be the last person in the car before they’re even in the bug. And we’re getting sob story DRs about how much everyone needs the car. The red team is off first. Renny drops out. Libra’s out for the white team. Michelle drops for the reds. Keesha’s out for the white team. Angie’s out. April’s out. Dan’s out. Jerry’s out, and he falls. He’s okay though. Steve and Memphis rock paper scissors for the last spot – Steven drops out though, so Memphis is way ahead and getting the car. Bleh. The red team gets food.

The white sloppers are Jerry, April (who is worried for Jerry’s “safety” on slop – derrrr), Libra, Keesha, Brian, and Ollie.

Commercial break, and we’re back. Now we get to find out who the HoH is. We’re back in the living room with Julie on the big screen. Renny got three votes, but finished second. With four votes, the first HoH is Jerry. Woo. Everyone jumps up and cheers. Except Renny. Julie tells him that, in less than 24 hours, he has to make his nominations. Brian looks amused. And cute. Jerry DRs that he has “the pick of the litter” as to who he wants to go to the end with. Dan’s ready to kiss some septuagenarian ass.

Dan DRs that he needs one person who he can trust, and seems to be targeting Brian. No! They’re talking about bringing Ollie into their circle. Gah – I don’t want them working together. Dan and Ollie chat in the bathroom. Ollie’s in. Let’s see how long this lasts. Dan says he saw “the blacks” of Ollie’s eyes. What the hell does that even mean?

Jerry gets his HoH room. The hamsters are yelling “Jerry! Jerry!” Love it. Awesome family pictures, and Jerry is amazed at what BB has done for him and his room. Aw.

Jessie goes to bed really early. Renny, on the other hand, locks herself out of her room and turns the lights on while the others are sleeping, and she’s hollering and shouting. Heh. I like her. She’s freaking out like she’s drunk, and Steve gets up to open the door for her – and it’s not locked. Jessie? Is really pissed off. Awesome. Jessie bitches to her and she tells him to lighten up. Then she DR’s that she’d be embarrassed if that was her son because he’s such a baby.

More guys complaining about Renny. I think we should get used to this. Dan and Brian decide they need to spend time with Jerry. Duh. Brian goes up there. Ah, the fish tank is in the HoH room. Very clever BB. Very clever. Jerry offers a deal with Brian, and starts explaining some kind of hand signals for a strategy, with his whole x-factor thing. Jerry wants to nominate Memphis the bartender and Dan. Brian doesn’t agree with Dan, and Jerry says maybe they can bring him in instead. Brian suggests Jessie and Renny.

Jerry’s at the memory wall now, doing the “considering who to nominate” spiel. Jessie thinks his physique will handicap him. I don’t think anyone cares except him. Brian feels pretty safe, but wonders what Jerry will do, and if he’ll go back on his word.

Time to pull keys. Jerry makes his speech, saying it’s hard to decide who should stay or go. Michelle is safe. So are Angie, Memphis the bartender, Libra, April, Brian, Steven, Keesha, Ollie, and … Dan. Rats. Jessie and his physique, and Renny are nominated. Jerry says it’s because of the tension that happened last night, and he’s decided to leave it up to them to decide what should happen, rather than let it fester. Jessie blames Renny. Renny says Jessie is gonna need all his muscle. Jerry says that he’ll let those two self-destruct.

Brian is glad that he can trust Jerry, but admits that he’s pulling some strings. And … we’re done!

This really looks like it could be a good season. We’ve got a great mix of personalities it seems, and we haven’t really even gotten to know a lot of them yet. It’ll be great fun catching up with them on the feeds! Speaking of which …

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