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BB10: Last Spoiler and Live Feed Info

CornerOfficeX is still at it over at Reality BBQ! He’s (I just assume he’s a “he” – I really have no idea) posted his last spoiler before the feeds kick in tomorrow night. Wanna know what’s going on? Click on “show” to find out!

[spoiler]The veto has been won, and used. Alliances seem to be forming, with Jerry and Brian working together, as well as Jessie and Memphis, and Keesha and Libra. April and Ollie are also pretty tight, and the other hamsters are catching on to this. We’ve got our alliance names – “The 9” and “The Brawny Boys.” (At least I’m assuming those are alliances – I could be wrong. But those names have been mentioned at any rate.)

Apparently this is a smart cast, and they’re planning their games long-term. They’ve caught on to the fact that the easiest target isn’t always the person you should get out of the house. [/spoiler]

Huge props to CornerOfficeX and Reality BBQ for the great updates on what’s happening in the hamster cage while we can’t see anything on the feeds yet.

Speaking of the feeds, if you’re signed up and ready to go, here are the links you’ll need to access them:

Feed 1: rtsp://start.real.com/rd?pid=bb10_live&url=c1_h.rm
Feed 2: rtsp://start.real.com/rd?pid=bb10_live&url=c2_h.rm
Feed 3: rtsp://start.real.com/rd?pid=bb10_live&url=c3_h.rm
Feed 4: rtsp://start.real.com/rd?pid=bb10_live&url=c4_h.rm
Quad : rtsp://start.real.com/rd?pid=bb10_live&url=q_h.rm

The feeds will kick in right after the premiere (sometimes they wait until the premiere has aired on the east coast, but they haven’t for the past few seasons), so if you want to be ready, here’s where you can sign up. Just click one of these links for all the details: Big Brother Quarterly (save 10%!). Canadian users click here, Mac Users click here.

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